Jamaaliday Gifts 15, 16 & Rare Jamaaliday Wings & More

Sorry for no post yesterday! I guess all of the authors were busy. Yesterday, for the 15th day of the Jamaalidays, we received Holiday Bells! Today, for the 16th, we received a Decorative Bow!

I especially like the Holiday Bells, but they are both very similar! The looks threw me off - I thought they were clothing items! I'm glad that they are for dens, though.

Today is Rare Item Monday! The all new Rare is available on the 3rd page of Jam Mart Furniture.

These Rare Jamaaliday Wings look great!They fit perfectly with last week's Rare, the Rare Jamaaliday Top Hat. Here is an outfit idea on a Fox using the two Rares, a red Leaf Necklace and a Red Glove:

Also, the Hat & Beard was released yesterday in Jam Mart Clothing, on the first page!

I love that item. ;-) Also, it seems we didn't notice the resold Lit Ornamental Cedar in Treetop Gardens!

Wow, the first item to be sold in Treetop Gardens in over a year! This is perfect if you would like a smaller, more exotic tree in your den than the Epic Jamaaliday Tree.

Lastly, AJHQ posted about Enchanted Hollow Dens on The Daily Explorer! Click the image for a larger size:

That's about all! Thanks for reading, and I hope you all start using Animal Jam Community for daily updates!



  1. Nice!Although i missed the Holiday Bells and no one is helping me...at all...worse of all i missed the 600 bells on day 11...well not missed i tried accepting it but never got them...

  2. I seriously thought that they were clothing items 2 Pumaa! I'm like, "O that would look so cute on my animals!" And then wen I got them I'm like, "Ooooooohhhh......."


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