Sunken Spring

Do you think today's new item, the sunken Sir Gilbert tiki statue, is smiling in contrast to the other statues, or is it just his lip?
I say smile.

And spring has been in the air for a few weeks now, and it's finally expressed on the Daily Explorer through awesome Jammer art.
Mine is riding my bike.

And yours?




Get 'yer Costmo statues while they still have the typo!
Underwater artifact at a click of 'yer mouse.

Watch how an Orca is groomed in th latest Sarepia Theater movie.
National Geographic never fails to amaze me.

And lionfish are this week's creature feature.
Do they bite?


Rare Egyptian Asset

Have you ever heard of those legendary heroes who has lost a limb in a heroic battle or something? Well, you can role-play as those heroes with today's rare item, the platinum glove!
It was foretold to come back for a few weeks now.

Gloves were first worn by pharaohs in Ancient Egypt.
Glad to know one of my favorite times in history took credit for such a huge discovery.

And if you only have four gems or less, play some rounds of Eat 'Em Up and buy that glove!


Tour de Tiki Statue

What's a stable enough bike to tour all of Jamaa in an epic race?
A dirt bike! For all that rough terrain over in Kimbara and Coral Canyons.

Do whales migrate?
If they do...

....they've probably met the sunken tiki Liza statue.
She looks like a mix between overjoyed and furious. I have a feeling a totem pole statue series is next after this one.

And read your Jammer Tips to grow into a strong and healthy player.
Word from your sky mother Mira.


Phantom Of The Modern Sea


A modern den just wouldn't be the same without modern furniture, which is why today's new item is the modern glass shelf, to hold all your modern achievements and accolades.
The shadow beneath the item looks like a pixelated baby phantom.

Collect the pieces of phantom armor from The Search For Greely, in hard mode!
And when you're done, turn to the good side and have an alpha fashion show, trying to look like the alpha said in the theme.

And a mysterious message had the nerve to show up in my Jam-a-Grams and not load, haha.
If at first you don't load, log off and log on later.

Or you can learn about sea turtles and then download and print the coloring page.


Taking To The Skies


Do you think eagles have competition with today's new item, the winged shoes?
This footwear reminds me of Hermes, the messenger of the Greed gods. Between him, an eagle, and a Jammer wearing these shows, who do you think would win a race in the sky?

And don't leave out the bats!
Find out in Brady Barr's Laboratory theater.

And find the answer to this week's AJHQ+A below this sentence.


Spotted Prongs


Harness the power of a three-pronged item, the trident!
Even the mighty Poseidon wielded this weapon.

The signs were foreshadowing it anyways.
Not as skinny as it is, though.

Go on a hunt to see bottlenose dolphins on the sandy sea shore.

And when you're done with the ocean, go visit Appondale and learn about giraffes.
Or you can read this news crew article. Congratulations Jumping Shiverstar! :)


Five Horns & A Glass Shelf

Jambo, I apologize for the unusually timed post. Today's second-in-line-in-an-item-line is the glass shelf!
Good for birthstones, eh?

And giraffe art is featured on the Daily Explorer.
I see two horns, where are the other three?


Leafy Ants & Magazines


Earth Day is finally among everybody, and right now billions of people around the world are celebrating it. It is an important day when people realized the outcome of their inhumane activities toward the planet. To encourage less wood furniture, AJHQ released offset glass shelves!
Less wood production equals more homes for animals like leafcutter ants!

And if you're looking for an activity to do today, finish the remains of your cereal and make a magazine holder out of the box.
You can even hold the NG Kids' magazine issue Pumaa got a code from last post.

And there will be a party in the conservation museum, and I hope you all can come.
Happy Earth Day!


Seagulls and Code

Hey Jammers! Today's Rare Item is the Rare Pirate Beard on the 8th page of Jam Mart Clothing.

Sort of a strange item, but if you want to be known as Purple Beard the Pirate, then this is the item for you.

Also, in the most recent National Geographic Kids magazine I noticed a quiz with a question about Animal Jam:

The interesting thing here is that three of the four answers are animals already in Animal Jam. But the fourth option is a seagull... do you think they are hinting that seagulls will soon be added to AJ? It wouldn't be too strange, after all we only have one flying animal so far. It would be especially awesome if Seagulls were for nonmembers too, right? ;)

Last but not least, a new code! This code is another server name, Kama.

As you can see, this code was also in the NG Kids magazine. By the way, I know I need to update the codes page. The last time I did was in February, so it's obviously outdated. :P Jam on!


Jamaacoveries #1 - Jamaa Township

1. The tulips in the spring look like shields.

2.There's a plant growing in Jam Mart Clothing. Maybe there's a window?

3. The floor of the Diamond Shop looks like a giant clover.

4. There's a darkened sign in Sol Arcade.

5. The center of Sol Arcade is in the shape of a diamond.

6. The stand of clothes outside of Jam Mart Clothing never changes.

7. Jamaa Township may have been a field of grass, as a patch can be seen under the fountain.

8. A lily-pad is shaped like a heart.

9. Two Mira statues can be found in Jam Mart Clothing and Jam Mart Furniture.

10. The bricks that make up Jam Mart Clothing may be made of plastic.

11. The stair handle in Club Geoz is out of place.

12. Spider Zapper and Phantom Fighter are the only games in the lands that are hosted through a machine, and an old one in fact.

Found any more in Jamaa Township?

Bare Settings


Cherry trees are a wonderful sight to behold.
But touch it and you'll be carrying home just plain wood.
It must be kept in the most safest place for expensive items, which is why it's only available in the blue orb in Epic Wonders.

I was in my parent dashboard when I noticed a few options that could affect my game-play.
Apparently you can now block gifting and trading from any players on your dashboard. I tested it out, and it's pretty serious.
Power to the parents, huh?

And our gaming tip of today talks about Earth Day.
Why not do something to help your environment today and stick to it? Even if you don't really care, it helps our ecosystems and overall the world.

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