Rocker Hair and Daily Explorer update

Hello once again, my fellow people that play this game and view the Animal Jam Community blog and I know this is a long sentence because I'm weird but who cares anyway, right? I care- that was really bad grammar.
It's Penguin, and today's new item is found in the Diamond Shop!
Also, here is the latest version of the Daily Explorer.
 This is helpful because days ago, nobody knew where the Rocker armor was.
I hope you enjoyed this post, and I'm sorry it is so short- there's literally nothing new but these two things in Jamaa today. However, once tonight comes, I'll be posting much more because of a Post Marathon I'm hosting on the AJ Spring this weekend. I will see you guys soon!

Last Day

Hello Jammers and welcome back to another Grace2092 post!

I have had so much fun working for Animal Jam Community Blog for the past year and I love all of you guys so much and have grown very fond of my co-workers, but I am sad to say after 5 years of playing Animal Jam I quit and I will not be working for Animal Jam Community Blog. I am very sorry and I love you all, I will probably be giving away my stuff.

Yours truly,

Spring Cottage

Hello Jammers! General here with some Thursday news! General bought the new Spring Cottage, and even though he thinks it's a little late to release a spring-themed den, he likes it very much.

It's available in the Diamond Shop for seven diamonds! AJHQ is even throwing a Spring Cottage-themed Jammer Central contest. The prize is the new Den Plaque - General might enter, but he's not sure.

There are also a few signs for the Summer Carnival, which should arrive sometime in May! However, it hasn't been too long since the last Summer Carnival - it was brought back for a bit in February for the Carnival celebration, which General reported on in one of his earlier AJC posts.

Now General has to cut this post short. He has to say his goodbyes to his former co-author Grace2092, who has quit AJ...

General always looked forward to reading your posts. When he read your post last week, he was shocked. It's hard to imagine how hard it must be to quit AJ. With that being said, General wishes you the best of luck! Thank you so much for being an author here and a buddy to General!

My Words to Grace

Arctic, I'm sorry for not posting on my schedule, but I'd like to say a few things to Grace right now.
You've been here for quite a while, and although I didn't know you that long, you seemed like an amazing person! You were one of those few people that wasn't obsessed with rares, could carry on a conversation, and post as much as possible. I know it's hard to post sometimes, but everyone here is happy that you made it this far. Even me! I just recently went through the same problem with my exams. However, now that they are over, I've been much more active and I can post more on the Animal Jam Spring and here. One of the causes for my shorter posts and missed posts on this blog was due to studying/homework. My suggestion is that you should take a break off AJ, and come back only if you want to.
I hope you see this, Grace! Thanks for being a part of the Animal Jam Community.

Dear Authors and Bloggers...

         Recently, Grace2092 has announced she is going to be quitting. A while before that, on her own blog, Meloetta385 has announced that she has to quit for she is being hacked. Also, before the author contest, Ferretlove3606 had announced she was quitting. In recent years, we have lost so many brilliant blog authors. The ones that are posting frequently with good content now are among few.
        It has been sad to see how many blogs are now "dead" and the few that do survive are not well recognized by AJHQ as AJyoutube is. Recently, they have released a new plaque called the "Youtube Plaque" which is basically a plaque for "famous" Jammers. I love Animal Jam and Youtube of course and AJYoutube. I am not hating on them. Yet, I feel like AJHQ is not giving as much support to the bloggers. The way to make them see this is to make a splash. I want everyone of you who has even thought about blogging about AJ to try. You may be new to it but there may be something in you that will give others joy and make them laugh, to cry, to enjoy AJ again. Who knows? Maybe one day, there will be someone in this community of Jammers who makes a big enough splash. I just want you to know, go out there and be your own kind of Jammer. Maybe in your own little way, you will find joy in a kid's game.
          And the ones who are already posting, continue to do so. You are the inspirations to us newer bloggers and the role models to us. I bet you that a lot of bloggers have been inspired by another one. You may never know what happiness you may bring to others. The veterans, please try your hardest to keep doing what you are doing. Do not think that your posts are in vain. There will be at least one reader who loves your content and your work. So, dear future, present and past bloggers of AJ, aspire to inspire someone else to start an AJ blog. Yet, what do I know? I am merely an amateur blogger.

Make Up Post

Hello, it's your boy Penguin here! Umm... No, I'm not going to use that Aparri intro ever again.
I am very sorry that  didn't post yesterday, but to be honest I just completely forgot! I'll be making this post that I should've made yesterday.
First of all, here was yesterday's new item.
Also, yesterday AJHQ posted a Diamond Challenge on the Daily Explorer. Make sure to enter it soon because it's due today!
 There's nothing else that went on yesterday, though here's one of my favorite quotes: "Heroes get remembered, but Legends never die."


Hello Jammers and welcome back to another Grace2092 post every Friday for your entertainment.

So I think a lot of you know that I have not been posting that well lately nor fluently. I have been needing to catch up in school, I have S=back testing, soon to be finals, studying, grades to keep up, friends and family, chores/house work, and my baby brother was just born a week ago. I have been playing Animal Jam for about 5 years and it was since about 2-3rd grade. Animal Jam has always been there for me like a friend. But im afraid that I have to move on. 

I have not found that time to manage being on the computer, waking up early to post. And it is very depressing for me to say that I am quitting Animal Jam. Now, I do not know if it is for certain. But I am most likely going to give my things away. I will probably do a contest next week. I will be posting next week too.

Animal Jam Community Blog is like family, I love all you guys and my co-workers. This is an amazing place. But it hurts to say that I am not working here. I am very sorry and I love you all.

Contact me at
Post every Friday for your entertainment.

General Reviews a Gecko Collection

Hello Jammers! General here with a different kind of post. Earlier this week, General's buddy Captain asked him to review their gecko collection, so that's what he will be doing today!

As you can see, Captain has an impressive collection here...but will these items pass General's AJ item test?

Just kidding, General doesn't have an official AJ item test. He's just going to say what he thinks about the gecko collection! To start, General loves the pet gecko's outfit. That rainbow hair certainly compliments those black-and-white scales! General also likes how Captain arranged the collection in a little corner. Good job, Captain!

That's about it for today, Jammers! Instead of ending with his normal signature, General has Photoshopped the image below to change things up...

...very frightening indeed!

Spring Den

         Today, I will be looking at a den that has a strong nature vibe to it. It has lots of plants and is like one of those dens that look like a gardening jammer lives in. I think this one is really cool and springy and doesn't overdo with the plants. It is April already (can you believe it!) and the flowers have started to bloom both in real life and in Animal Jam. Here are my favorite parts of this den.
A nice and cozy place by the fireplace
A lot of flowers that are perfectly in bloom
Resting by the beautiful pink flowering trees
             Overall, this is a lovely, relaxing den. Nature dens are a great theme to go with and they look amazing.  I am not able to give out the username if this person but I will tell you, if you somehow find this den, you will be amazed... Have a Happy Hump Day!

Posting Complications

Greetings, Arcticstar here, delivering some rather unfortunate news!

Just last week, my laptop broke down! The keyboard no longer works, and I am not allowed to buy a new computer until the new school year starts in September! Because of this, I have to borrow one of my family members' computers during the day, and I am left with no computers during the evening. This makes it very difficult to produce a constant stream of writing, and it is why I missed all of last week's posts!

I am currently posting from a computer that is not mine, and I am not certain that I will have access to it at all reasonable times. Not only that, I cannot be downloading multiple images for my posts all the time because this isn't my computer! Because of these issues, my posting schedule will be a bit off until I can figure out a way to get posting to you guys again.

Unfortunately, this too will have an affect on how much I can plan an AJC Celebration - as if I am not already late enough on this!

I am terribly sorry for the inconvenience, and I will definitely try to figure something out within the next week or so!

Have a great day jammers!

Feel free to contact me at !

Golden Egyptian Scarab

Hello there fellow people! Since I am so late to post today I don't home lots of time, but I'll post the new item.
I am very sorry for such a short post but today I don't really have the choice. I promise next Saturday it'll be much better. Until next time,


Hello! It's General with some very good news - falcons are here!

They are available in the Diamond Shop and, well, they're awesome! However, some Jammers are saying that the falcons are too similar to eagles.

They are pretty similar. Do you think they look too much alike? General isn't sure...

In other news, AJHQ has put up Earth Day signs all over Jamaa. In case you didn't know, Earth Day is on the 22nd!

That's about it for today! Bye from General!

Hey, I'm Back

     This is cerisewolf2014 and there is a newsflash... I am back! Thank you for PenguinBoss for filling in for me. I missed this community during my break. Ok, enough of that stuff. There is no new item and so here is a special adventure feature. This is my adventure in the Spring Festival!
Bumblebee is looking for someone to talk to.
No one here
She looks for help.
No one would help her. :'(
Then, a penguin comes to help.

They find an owl to talk to.
However, the penguin has disappeared. Dun, dun, dun!

I know. Its not the best. But anyways, happy Hump day!


April Fool's Party Guide and Achievement Theory

Why hello there my good sirs! Or should I say... never mind.
On Wednesday I didn't post due to LOADS of homework, and I woke up late in the morning. I am very sorry for this, and I'll make sure it won't happen again.
Anyways, here is the new item that was released today!
This is a perfect spring item- for girls. Sadly, I'm a boy.
Nextly, I haven't been to the April Fool's party yet, but here are a few screenshots I took while I was there.

Now, the moment you've been waiting for: the coolest part of this post! So, recently Aparri posted a video about a possible new game after seeing an achievement on Beemabel's player card. However, I came up with a different theory. Look here.
As you can see, there's a Trapdoor. That Trapdoor was released not too long ago as the Basement of Secrets. This leads me to think that all of these other rooms could open up, too, and AJHQ is just hinting it. What do you think?
I hope you enjoyed this post, and keep reading for more updates. You can read my posts daily on The Animal Jam Spring and read this blog daily for updates from every author. I hope you have a great night and...
Umm... yeah, I guess that's a good enough way to end this post.
Hello Jammers and welcome back to another Grace2092 post every Friday for your entertainment!

So... Whats new!
To catch you up on whats new in stores...
Jam Mart Clothing:
 New Samurai Helmet going for 500 gems! And new Cheese Hat going for 400 gems! Make sure to buy these silly fun items today, someday they might be worth something. But some things are leaving stores, Make sure to buy all leper-con items and the football helmet!
Jam Mart Furnishing: It does not say that anything is new but there are some things leaving stores like the Shamrock Vines, and Rake and Leaf Pile.

So, do you like the April Fools party? I have not gone to it yet. But I love going to them every year. My mom is nine months pregnant, so when my grandma, mom, and I were walking in the park, me and my mom pulled a prank that her water broke... My grandma was like, "Lets go, lets go, get to the hospital!" It was funny, then we told her that it was a joke and she was like, "Oh! My heart was beating so fast!" And starts laughing.

QUESTION: What April Fool Jokes did you pull?

Well thank you for reading Animal Jam Community Blog and I hope you have a wonderfully fantastic Friday! Be safe!

Contact me at
Post every Fridays for your entertainment!


As you may have been able to guess by reading the post title, General has nothing to post about! AJHQ hasn't made any new updates this week, probably because they are preparing for falcons to be released. Fortunately for General, the lack of Jamaa news isn't a problem, since he already posted on Monday (it was Square Root Day, and General had to write about it).

General while trying to think of something to post about...
And that's all for this Thursday's post! Hopefully, next week will bring exciting updates that General can report on...maybe falcons will be released! Bye!

Returning Items!

Greetings, my friends, Arctic here! How are you doing?

I am really unsure of which items are new and which have been here for a few days, so I suppose I'll just mention all of them!

Today in Jamaa we have a returning Jamaa, which I think has already been here for a couple of days -introducing the Cactus Fence! This has always been a very nice item, and is excellent for designing dens. If I remember correctly, it is quite tall, and makes a great divider outdoors, or even can serve as an interesting decoration! You get an option for a regular cactus and a cactus with flowers on it too! Be sure to buy one of these for 300 gems in Treetop Gardens

Also returning is the Epic Wonders Orb, though I think they may have made a few edits to the item. I remember the orb would get quite dark as it span before, but it seems to generally stay the same colour now! This is a great item for giving a mystical feeling for your den, and is quite often seen in dens found on the Epic Dens List! Be sure to buy one in Epic Wonders for 2500 gems!

Other returning items, which are sold in Bahari Bargains, are the Scuba Tank and Fruit Hat! Both items are handy for making an interesting look on your animal! Personally, the Fruit Hat is one of my favourite underwater clothing items. Speaking of underwater, I never seem to see the Atlantis Party on the Party List anymore. Is it just me or did they remove the party? It's probably just me not noticing!

And now, a comic:

*2 hours later*


Don't ask.

And now, it is time for the factual part of this post:

Our word of the day:

Taradiddle: Nonsense

How is it that even the word sounds nonsensical?!

Our fact of the day:

If you met every person in the world for one second each it would take 32 years to meet everyone!

That's crazy!!

Have a great day, my friends! See you next week!

Feel free to contact me at !
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