Scorpion Tail Armor & Cheetahs Sleeping

Today in Epic Wonders, a new item has been released, the Scorpion Tail Armor.

That should complete the Scorpion Armor Set, all found in Epic Wonders.

By the way, have you noticed when Cheetahs sleep? They keep their eyes open!

That is what all the animals did when AJ was in Beta Testing... I wonder if the Animal Jam artists didn't notice, or if it's on purpose. What do you think?


Rare Scary Elf Bracelets

   Hey Jammers! Sorry for not posting yesterday, I accidentally overslept. Someone messed up ALL the clocks in out house, so we all got an extra 30 minutes of sleep. Funny! ^.^  Anyway, today is Monday, the beginning of the week, but also its the day AJHQ releases their limited Monday Rare! This particular Monday Rare is actually quite spooky! Here it is!
  I purchased these when I got the picture, since I have an outfit that uses Orange and Black. Thank you, AJHQ for this Rare! Lastly, AJHQ made a post on TDE! Check it out - 
  Thats all that is new in the world of Jamaa! I have to get to school, so to you Jammers staying home today, See you in Jamaa! 


Pumaa/Slidoo, I may not be able to post much this week. I have personal things to care to. Sorry!

Scorpion Claws

   Hey Jammers! Zach94 here, with todays Daily Update! It seems that everyone is going to their Halloween Parties today, as am I, so I'll make this post snappy! To get on with the post, todays NEW item is....
That should show up as a slideshow... ^.^
This item will probably help you in Adventures, so you can safely move Phantoms out of your way!

   I believe that is all from Jamaa today! See you tomorrow, and have fun at your Parties if you have them today! ^.^


Scorpion Horns!

   Hey Jammers!

   Zach94 here with todays Daily Update! Sorry there was no post yesterday, by the way, since AJ wouldn't load for any of us. To get on with todays post, the yesterdays item was released in Epic Wonders. Here it is, the Scorpion Helmet!
   Interesting Shape, and there are many different colors to choose from! I'm not sure if it is supposed to be like this, but those White Circles look like eyes to me! Bahari Bargains has a popular item that returned today! Horns!
   Here's some Daily Explorer posts from Today and Yesterday...
   Thats all the updates I have for today! If there is anything I missed, Pumaa or Slidoo, feel free to edit this post! 


Antlers, Pumpkin Heads and Capes

Today, we apparently have three new items, (is that normal?) all resold from last year. First of all, in Jam Mart Furniture the popular Scary Antlers.

Also, as usual, the pumpkin masks are being sold in the Shiveer Shoppe. Today the less popular Pumpkin Head has been released.

And finally, in Bahari Bargains, we have one of the few ocean Phantom items, the Superhero Cape. These are the colors from 2012, it is the 2011 colors that are very rare and have the Rare Badge.

That's all for items today. I hope to post an Extra post (read about that here) later today. And if you happen to be reading this post, could you please comment? We would like to know how many of you exist. :]


Coral Tombstone

   Hey Jammers! Zach94 here again, with today's Daily Update post! So to get started, todays newest undersea item! Its the Coral Tombstone!


   I like that you can change the colors of the Tombstone, and also the shape! You can make the top rounded! Unfortunately, I cannot get a picture of it.

   AJHQ also made a post to the Daily Explorer! Check out their post about Rare Item Monday!
  Thats all I could find knew for you Jammers today! See ya in Jamaa!


Posting Starts Now

Hello Jammers,
You probably remember me as Geckoguy. I have been an author here at Animal Jam Community For a little under two years. A while ago I changed my username to Pumaa (I will be accepting buddy requests until I have no more room). Now that I have stopped posting on my own blog (Jammer Central), I hope to be able to devote all my blogging time to Animal Jam Community. I know that we need to have a posting system here, so that everyone knows what will be posted and when. Here is the system I will be working with, I will try to work out a schedule with the other author(s):

-New Item Post every morning (The only subject in this post will be the new item, no side topics) I hope to get this post on the blog by 7:00 AM EST

-Extra Post whenever possible (At any time after the Item Post I can post an Extra, it may be a glitch, a guide, or anything worth posting)

-On Update Days, I will follow Slidoo's system of posting everything in it's own post (For example, a new animal would be in one post, while a new land would be in another)

So, does this sound like a good system? I hope to start posting tomorrow. I will get a Membership soon, so that I can post all the news.


PS: Zach94, would you mind commenting if this systems works for you? We have to cooperate if we are co-authors.

Phantom Mask

   Hey Jammers! I'm Zach94, and I was recently hired to be an author an Animal Jam Community! Just to let you know a little bit about me, I own my own blog, as well, and I post very early! So I am excited to be up and posting this today!
   Todays new item is the Phantom Mask! It is a returning item from October 6, 2012. Check it out!
   It costs a lot of gems, and is sold in the Epic Wonders clothing orb, but still, its a Paw-some Halloween costume idea! A little info on what it looks like when you wear it - it's absolutely HUGE! You'll be sure to scare all the bunnies and koalas! 

   Thats all for today! See you in Jamaa!

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