Get the Free 'Trolls Rock' Animal Jam T-Shirt NOW!

Hi jammers!
I received an exclusive email from the Animal Jam HQ asking me if I'd like to be the blogger to advertise the new Trolls Rock T-Shirt on Animal Jam!

The email read:
Hello TheSlidoo,
Here at Animal Jam we are always looking for ways to make Jamaa the most exciting and entertaining game on the Internet. We've noticed that there are some popular websites, like your own 'Animal Jam Community', which post updates for the jammers in Jamaa! We think it's great that people like you take the time to support our game and help others! We're rolling out a new line of clothing in Jamaa, which will only be able to be redeemed through special websites like the one you own. We're going to test out this idea starting with your blog. The line of 'designer' clothes will be meme-themed. The first accessory in this line is the Trolls Rock T-Shirt! It is a blank white T-Shirt with the Internet's popular 'troll' face on it. On the bottom, it has the word, 'Problem?' which is a popular phrase to go along with the 'troll' face. 
You might be wondering how you get this accessory. All you need to do is use the special link provided at the bottom of this email. It will take you to a special page on, where you will asked to be enter a unique code. The code is also at the bottom of this email message. You will also need to answer a simple question relating to your blog, Animal Jam Community. 
We hope that you share this with your blog's readers so more jammers can get the Trolls Rock T-Shirt. If this project is a success, we will be bringing out even more meme-themed accessories to Jamaa!
Happy jamming!
(The link and code were here.)
 I was absolutely amazed when I read the email! AJHQ wants me to test out this new idea! Awesome!

So, you might be wondering how you get the Trolls Rock T-Shirt! All you have to do is follow the steps below. Remember to read all the steps before clicking any links.

1. Go to Animal Jam and log in. Then, instead of logging off, just close the window. Make sure to select "Keep me logged in" when you log in.
2. Click the link at the bottom of this post to be taken to the special page to redeem your item.
3. In the box that says "Unique Code", type the code "TROLLALERT".
4. It will ask you one of two questions. I have provided the answers in this post.

Question 1: What colour is the current main colour on Animal Jam Community?
Answer: Blue
Question 2: What is the middle animal at the top of Animal Jam Community?
Answer: Tiger

5. Type the answer to the question it asks.
6. Click "Redeem" and you should have your Trolls Rock T-Shirt! Yay!

So what do you think? Do you like this idea that Animal Jam has? I do!

Click here to be taken to the link where you can redeem your T-Shirt!


April Fools' Party

Hey Jammers!
I finally got back into the party, so I'll post it now. This is by far my favorite party so far. Its CRAZY! First of all, AJHQ never said anything about it in the latest Jamaa Journal. Second, its in an upside-down castle den!
Here are some screen-shots of the inside of the castle- it's so confusing I can't tell which screen-shot goes where!

Click the food- a completely different food that you wouldn't expect will appear beside you! Also, when you click a certain game a completely different random game will pop up. For example, try clicking the Fruit Slinger game- Eat 'Em Up should come up!

Now here are some screen-shots of the yard and "sky".
Haha, an upside-down waterfall!

The sky, of coarse is at the bottom of the room. There are invisible walls and pathways in the sky, that lead you to a floating shop! There you can buy previously sold items, only upside-down!

This party is awesome! Everything is mixed up. Tell me what you think about it in the comments! Remember this party will probably only be available until April 3rd or something.

Jam On!

~Geckoguy, Animal Jam Community Author

Work Around the Glitch

Some of you are saying you're getting messages talking about Animal Jam's website down when you try using Internet Explorer.
I personally hate Internet Explorer, as it causes too many problems, it's slow, and it has too many toolbars. I find it interesting that this problem is only happening to Internet Explorer users.

A way around this is to upgrade (for free) to Google Chrome. Google Chrome is Google's internet browser, which is much faster and better than Internet Explorer!

Click here to upgrade to Google Chrome and let me know if Animal Jam starts working better!


Jamaa Journal Vol. 057

Hey Jammers!
For some reason no one posted the new issue of the Jamaa Journal yesterday so I'll post it today. Okay...

Page 1:
So... on the front page we see that Octopuses, (or Octopi :P) are now sold. Also you can now vote for a new T-Shirt design that will be sold in Animal Jam Outfitters. We also see that April's Monthly Member Gift will be a Hot Cocoa Machine for your den! I can't wait!

Page 2:
Great! Now we can write custom letters to people in Jam-a-Grams! Just type in a message and send! Sadly this is for Members only... And we have the first ever Pet Game in Jamaa! You must be a Member with a Pet Puppy to play this.

Page 3:
A new party! You must be a Horse to enter. That's interesting, because you must be a Member to have a Horse so this is the first ever Member only party. There is also a new awesome Journey Book page for Seriepia Forrest! The Journey Book is one of my favorite things in Animal Jam. I think the next page will be for Appondale, what about you?

Page 4:
Congrats to the 3 contest winners! The Nametag Badges are great! Also there is the annual Easter Egg Hunt! Find all 8 eggs and you get a prize! Click here to read my walk-through for it.

Page 5:
This page was on the last issue of the Jamaa Journal. Basically, you will only be able to buy Monkeys as animals for a limited time because they are "endangered" in Jamaa. Buy one while you can!

Tell me all your opinions in the comments! I want to hear them!

Jam On!

~Geckoguy, Animal Jam Community Author

Easter Egg Hunt Cheats

Hey Jammers!
Today is the first day of the second annual Easter Egg Hunt in Jamaa! Last year you could win an Easter Egg Basket. What's wierd is that the Eggs are in all the same places as last year... well anyway, here they are:

1. Jamaa Township:
This egg is found at the top of Jamaa Township near the Mira Statue.

2. Mt. Shiveer:
This egg is found near the bottom of the end of the slide.

3. Appondale:
This egg can be found near the Pest Control game and Claws 'n Paws pet store.

4. Lost Temple of Zios:
This egg can be found to the right of the river.

5. Crystal Sands:
This egg can be found right below the entrance to Dr. Tierney Thys Aquarium.

6. Seriepia Forrest:
This egg can be found to the left of the top of the slide.

7. Coral Canyons:
This egg can be found in the old tree half way up the trail up the canyon on the right.

8. Canyons Pathway:
This egg can be found near the Crystal Sands exit on the bottom-left.

Your Prize:
You will get one of the following "Egg on Pedestals"

How many of you were around last April to get the Easter Basket? Tell me in the comments! Happy Egg Hunting!

Jam On!

~Geckoguy, Animal Jam Community Author

New Items 3/29/12

Hey Jammers!
Animal Jam updated today. I'll start the update posts with the new items.

Jam Mart Clothing (Jamaa Township):
RESOLD: Fall 2011?
Jam Mart Furniture (Jamaa Township):

Sunken Treasures (Kani Cove) *Ocean:

That's it for now... the snow machine actually came out a couple days ago but no one posted it. Keep checking for more update posts!

Jam On!

~Geckoguy, Animal Jam Community Author

New March 2012 Author Application Form

Hi jammers!
My authors don't seem to be very active anymore and I too am rather busy, so I'll need 1-3 more authors to help out with the posting. If you'd like to apply, fill out this form.
Fill out my online form.


Rare Monday: Rare Tie

Hi jammers!
It's Monday and that means that it's time for a new rare item to be released! This week's rare item is the new Rare Tie, which is a remake of the old Tie, but in a new colour!
This item will only be available today, so make sure to buy it quickly! It is available on the second page of the Jam Mart Furniture catalog.


Snowy Paw Prints

Hi jammers!
Today, just like usual, another item was released in Jamaa. The item is the Snowy Paw Prints and is available in Jam Mart Furniture.
Sadly, this item is available for members only. It does look great in snowy dens, though! What do you think?


Fissure and More

Hi jammers!
Today in Jamaa's underwater den shop, Sunken Treasures, a new item was released - the Fissue!
It basically looks like a crack in the floor! I think it looks very cool. Remember, it can only be placed in underwater dens.

Also, in the Wolves Only party, a new item was released. I'll post about it when I can get in to the party.


New Column

Hi jammers!
Today Animal Jam released a new item for underwater dens only - the Column!
The Column is 300 coins and for members only, and can only be placed in underwater dens. I think it would look great in the new Lost Ruins den! What do you think?


New Items 3/22/12

Hey Jammers!
Today there are two new items.

Sunken Treasures (Kani Cove) *Ocean

So... those are the only two new items today. These would look great in the new Lost Ruins ocean den!

Jam On!

~Geckoguy, Animal Jam Community Author

Jamaa Journal Volume 56.5- Wait, What?

Hey Jammers!
AJHQ updated the newspaper with two extra pages- it's very weird, I know. It's kind of like half an update half way between updates. :S
Notice it is volume 56.5- like I said, very weird. Nothing like this has ever happened before... Anyway, as you see, there is a new den. It is called "Lost Ruins", and it is 3,500 Gems.
Tech66 has an awesome Lost Ruins den right now- check it out! It's open to everyone with sea animals. Page 2:
What? I've always wished there were rare animals! But this is a sad way for them to become rare... So the Monkeys in Jamaa are going on the Endangered List and Jammers won't be able to buy them! Get them quick- nonmembers can buy them too!

So those are the two new pages of the Jamaa Journal. What do you think of this odd update?

Jam On!

~Geckoguy, Animal Jam Community Author

New Website Design

Hi jammers!
Welcome to Animal Jam Community, with an all-new design! I put up a poll asking you to choose which design you'd prefer to see on our website. In the end, 51% of the viewers wanted this theme, while 48% wanted the old design. Much closer than I thought it would be! So I've decided that every month or so, I will switch the design, so everybody is happy!
I hope you enjoy the new design!


Hanging Lantern and Best Dressed

Hi jammers!
Yesterday a brand new item was released in Sunken Treasures, which is Animal Jam's underwater den item shop. It can be located in Kani Cove. The item is the Hanging Lantern!
Also, today another new item came out. In the Sol Arcade, you can now purchase Best Dressed, for your den!
Best Dressed is a great game if you want to earn gems, fast! I'm glad it's now available in dens! What are your thoughts on these 2 new items?


Rare Monday: Rare Gazelle Horns

Hi jammers!
It's Monday again and you know what that means... Rare Monday! Is this the first time that they've successfully remembered three Rare Mondays in a row? I believe so! The item this week is the new Rare Gazelle Horns, and can be found on a random page of the catalog at Jam Mart Furniture.
This item only comes in one colour, a different colour than the normal Gazelle Horns are, that were released in the New Years party. It seems like Animal Jam is doing what I hoped, by releasing old rares, in new colours! In fact, I sent them an email suggesting that a few weeks ago... Well, I'm glad that they're doing this, what about you? What has been your favourite Rare Monday so far?


I'm Back and Phantom In Ice Item

Hi jammers!
I, Slidoo, am back from Chile in South America! It was really fun there, and there were lots of friendly stray dogs running around with the people! Anyways, I'm back to posting and I'd like to thank Geckoguy for doing all the posting while I was gone.
Today after checking my ridiculous amount of mail from when I was away, I found an item which didn't seem to have been posted, so I'm assuming it came out today. The item is the Phantom In Ice, and can be purchased in Jam Mart Furniture.
This certainly is a unique item for any icy den, especially if you have a phantom theme in your den! What are your thoughts?


PS: I'll have a poll up for you to vote for a new website design later today or tomorrow!

Wolves Only Party

Hey Jammers!
Along with yesterday's update, a new party came! It is called the Wolves Only Party, and, (obviously), only wolves are allowed in. It is a remodel of the Volcano Den, which conveniently came durring the last Luck Day in March 2011.
The top of this room is slightly different then in a Volcano Den:
You can turn red if you stand next to the lava on right:
You can turn a solid red color if you cover yourself with mud in Appondale or chocolate in a Gingerbread House Den, and then stand beside the lava.

You can also have a mini-moon next to you if you click on the big moon at the top:
There is also a version of The Claw on the right of the bottom floor where you win 100% Wolf Plushies:
And, in my opinion, the best part of this party is the awesome shop!
Here are the items that are currently sold there:

I really like this party! It is unique, and has some pretty awesome den items in the store! Tell me what you think in the comments!

Jam On!

~Geckoguy, Animal Jam Community Author

New Items 3/17/12

Hey Jammers!
Happy Lucky Day! Today there are a few new items.

Epic Wonders Clothes (Coral Canyons):
Wow- 10,000 gems? That makes the Gold Bar the most expensive item ever sold in Jamaa! Second would be Gloves when they were first resold.

Bahari Bargains (Bahari Bay) *Ocean:
Another Luck Day item. :)

Sunken Treasures (Kani Cove) *Ocean

Pick up the Lucky Day items fast before they go rare soon! That includes the Lucky Party!

Jam On!

~Gckoguy, Animal Jam Community Author
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