Large Trunk, Diamond Challenges and Item Spotlight #5

Hello Jammers, Mldriver posting for you today.

Today's new item is located in Royal Ridge for 650 gems.

I hope Animal Jam doesn't make a collection of these chests. I don't need a 100 of these trunks in my home. Plus, they are in Royal Ridge, so if you don't have an eagle you can't get to it. 

Also, the Daily Explorer has been hosting a Diamond Challenge. 

They hosted a contest for whoever found the best nature fact, that they would win a diamond. And I guess it was a big hit! It would be neat if we got a badge AND a diamond. I find that it's to difficult to send AJHQ something, for an odd reason. 

Last but not least we have the Item Spotlight #5

I noticed that we haven't talked about den items yet, so why not?

Zios Wall Thing!

Yea, sorry I don't know what this is called. Anyways this was from the beta. It only had one color, which was the light bronze. 

picture here:

This is a better picture of one. Does it look a bit freaky to you? 

Did you know that Zios was inspired by Incan Mythology? You probably think I am talking gibberish. Read the post here.

Comment Call:
Would you care if all rares returned? Why or Why not?

Okay that's it for today Jammers! Sorry this post is kinda short.

See You in Jamaa!
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Rare Cone Collar and RIM Outfits

Hello Jammers! Today is Monday- has it really been a whole week? Wow. Anywho, since it's Monday, a new rare has been released and is sold in a very interesting place...

Today's rare is the rare cone collar- sold in the medical shop for 950 gems. What?! 950?! That's a lot! The colors though, are not bad. Purple and black are typically used together during Halloween, most commonly with witches!

Mldriver has suggested that I try making an outfit for every rare item Monday! I am not the best at making outfits- den designing is more my thing, but I will nonetheless try my best!

And here is what I've come up with! My apologies, as it is not a very good outfit. To make this outfit I used: The darkest gray for the main body, light red for the ears, the grey-purple for the eyes, scary bat wings, rare tiara, and today's rare cone collar! Sorry again, it is a very bad outfit!

And now it is time for our Fact of the Day!

The cheetah is the big cat that is unable to roar.

Wow, that's new! I thought cheetahs could roar up until now!

Adventure Awaits!

Anything to say? You can reach me at

Rake and Leaf Pile and Jammer Sundae #6

Hello! What day is it? Sunday! What does that mean? Jammer Sundaes! But as you all know, we have an item to talk about first!

In the beautiful land of Jamaa today, we have a new item that ties in perfectly with Animal Jam's fall theme!

Quite nice! Remember last year when the leaf pile without the rake came out? Both items look amazing, but my favourite part is that it is non-member! And it also looks nice! Get yours today for 400 gems in Jam Mart Furniture!

And now its time for:

Yay! Time for my favourite time of the posting week!

This Jammer Sundae is completely dedicated to animals making silly faces. I found all these images on a particular website, I will give you the link at the end of the post! Note that some of these are a bit on the creepy side XD

Ah, animals. Which animal made the silliest face? Tell me in the comments!

Finally, our animal fact of the day!

Male lions sleep for 20 hours a day.

Woah! Talk about beauty sleep! Well that's all for today folks!

Adventure Awaits!

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As promised here is the link to the site:

I have a question. Am I too enthusiastic in my posts? Are they becoming annoying because of all the exclamation points I'm putting in? Should I make my posts less, exciting? Tell me please.

Chest of Gems and Outfit Tips!

Hello Jammers! Mldriver here.

The new item is at Jam Mart Furniture for 600 gems.

This is actually a decent item. It's similar to the Pot Of Gems. And when you click on it, it opens up.
I have a question for you, what item would you like to see in Jam-Mart Furniture?

For this part of the post, I would like to show you some tips on making an outfit.

When making one, you want to start with the head items:

While doing this, try to find an item that isn't awkward, Mighty will be my model. 



Try to go with a head item that doesn't cover much of the eyes. 
Next, go to the neck.

Just because an item is rare or "hip" item as those youngsters say, it doesn't mean it looks good.

Now I get it, some of you might like this type of look. However, don't try to flash your rares by putting spiked collars on all your animals. 

Once you have your neck item, click on the back. 
Backs are difficult, they don't show up well on your animal. So I guess they aren't that important. 

Finally, go to legs. 
A common leg item are Elf Cuffs, located at the Horse Party.  They look good on almost any animal. 

Last but not least, there is the color of your animal. This is important that an animal has a good color combination. For example look at the color wheel:

If you look at green the color across from it is red. Red and green go great together. Plus they are Christmas colors! If you look at orange and blue, they also go good together. You get the point right?

Also, look at little details of the items you have on. The flower crown has little yellow and white flowers. So, for that to be more noticeable, put your animal as that color!

Okay... well scratch that. Play around a bit with the colors, you might find a great look! 

But what do I know, I am not a fashion designer. 

That's it for today Jammers!
See you in Jamaa!
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Stone Vanity and Racoon Glitches

Hello Jammers! Arcticstar here, and today is a new day- and a new post!

Adding to the stone item collection, we have the stone vanity!

Hey! This looks just like the regular vanity, but with stone! The cool thing about this guy is that when you click the color change button, more things are added onto it! You can get hair dryers, more vases, straitening irons, and more! Get yours at Kimbara Outback today!

I discovered a little glitch with my raccoon and a camouflage jacket! When you dance it gets very small and misfigured...

Strange, very strange... Moving on!

Time for the fact of the day! 

A venomous snake can kill itself with its own bite.

Scary stuff! Maybe this is why it is game over when you play ssssnake on animal jam and bite yourself... Hmm...

Adventure Awaits!

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Halloween Updates and Diamonds

Halloween Is now here is Jamaa! Let's take a look

First we have Mira Statue replaced with the Phantom Statue

You don't realize how scary it is to be alone in Jamaa Township at night.  Next where you spawn in has also changed.

I love all the pumpkins just hanging out. 
Last, but not least we have the water-fountain...

I have a fear of creepy people near water fountains. It was a foggy Halloween Night, Mldriver was out for her fair share of candy. Her mom, wanted to take a picture next to a creepy scarecrow (behind the water-fountain). When I sat next to it, he moved and I flipped out! Just to let you know I was only 7. I got so upset with my mom, but looking back at it, it's pretty hilarious. 

Okay! Now let's move onto the Item of the Day!

Aw, I wished a bought this one instead of the other one.

Mldriver: Hey dude, can I get a refund?
Diamond Worker: Um... no.
(Mldriver's dreams are crushed) 

If that made any sense...sorry won't do it again. 

For this part of the post, I would like to talk about...

A lot of Jammers have been asking me, "How do I get more diamonds?" 

Well there are a lot of different ways.

One way is that there is a code for 1 diamond, ONLY ONE. A lot of Jammers like to scam others by saying, "Gift me rares and you will get a diamond code!" Here is the code:

The next thing is that, you can get these in the Daily Spin. Your chances are pretty small, but it never hurts to try right? It might take awhile too. 

The last thing to do is, Buy a membership or a Diamond Certificate. Note that some of those Diamond Certificates do not include membership. You just need to look at the small print. 

I hope that helped some of you, if you have any other questions, let me know!

That's it for today guys!

Contact me at:

p.s. I need something to say after each post, have any ideas? 

Stone Sink and Storytime!

Hello Jammers! I had an extreme game of hide and seek with the item today, but I found it!

Today in the beautiful land of Jamaa we have a new item- the stone sink!

Hey nice! It bears a striking resemblance to one of my favourite items- the wood sink

I wish I had one >.< It really captures the essence of animal jam- as does the stone sink! I think I may buy one and add it to the kitchen of my den! The price is almost double that of the tree stump sink- but I still like the item! Very rustic!

 I know that some of you may be itching to write stories (cough cough krazy cough cough) so today I want you to write a short story for me! Here is the topic: Where do all these new animals come from? Where are the animals that come to Jamaa from originally? Tell me in the comments! Even a few sentences explaining is great!

Finally we have the fact of the day:

Sharks are immune to all known diseases.

Aww lucky! That means they can never get sick, never get cancer, and are always healthy! 

Well that is all for today folks!

Adventure Awaits!

Wanna talk? Contact me at!

Due to a request by a Jammer- I have brought back my old signature from my old posting days! Oh the nostalgia! You like it?

Trapped Phantom, Bridge, Item Spotlight #4

Hey Jammers! I am sorry for the late post! My alarm clock didn't go off. :(

Anyways, let's start the post:

As many Jammers were upset yesterday, it seems like AJHQ is just bringing back Night Of The Phantom items. 

I wonder how much Jammers will be upset today. I actually like this item, and I always wanted one so, YAY! For the people that already had this item, I am sorry for your loss.

Next I want to talk about something. The "rare" bridge in Aldan.

Yea it seems as if you can only sit there if you look like every other Arctic Wolf with a spike, gazelles, and elf cuffs. 
It just bothers me that people would be so mean to flash their rares like that. 

If I were to be my otter with no rares on it, nobody would pay attention. So then I have to switch to my Arctic Wolf. 
Like seriously the two aren't talking! They are just sitting there. What do you think they are thinking about? Probably getting more rares. I sound pretty judge mental but, when you go there all the time and see THAT happening, it starts to grow on you.

OKAY, after I had my daily rant. Let's do Item Spotlight!

So this week's Item Spotlight is the...

Panda Hat!
Easily confused with the Monkey Hat. This item recently became popular with the Rare Committee. For some reason, I just saw it appearing in people's trade list. There are 9 different colors of this item. (including the freedom panda hat). It has to ears, buttons for eyes and a tongue sticking out of it. In a way.. It looks like Miley Cyrus. 

That's it for today!
Bye Jammers!
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Rare beard and My Fall Den

Hello my friends! Let's get going with the post for today shall we?

As you know, today is Rare Item Monday- that spectacular day of the week in which new and exciting items come to Jamaa for one day only! And what do we have today? Well let's see!

Oh. My. Stars. That tiger is really getting down and funky! Enough about the dance moves- today we have rare beards- whaaaaaaaaaaatt??? Yes you heard me- these wonderful pieces of facial hair are only here for ONE day- so buy one now! 

I have now fall-ified my den, to match Animal Jams' new fall theme! Tell me what you think!


Also, anyone is welcome into my den anytime! I almost never lock my den X3 If I am online, feel free to stop by for a little chat- I am almost always able to talk!

Finally, our fact of the day!

A newborn kangaroo is small enough to fit in a teaspoon.

Really? Such a large animal? I am quite surprised! Well, that's all for today folks!
Adventure Awaits

If you have something to say, go on and take it away! You can contact me at    

See you in Jamaa!
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