Jamaa Journal Vol. 202 1,000 pet slots for nms and memebers?!


Spikes... Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
AJ, just stop with the spikes......... PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
 Welp at least one is non member... I guess...

AJ, I don't really think you should promote people staying in the dark like that.. 

Awesome! :D I can't wait to see what the new pet is! 
Say pie if Graham looks kinda cute on that picture XD Usually he looks VERY CREEPY (Take the AJ comic book covers.. *shivers*)
Cool! :D  
I saved the best for last:)  
Anyways all for now Jammers! Sya later!

Swirlshine Tag. Part 2 of the worst book in the world

Ahlo Peoples, hows woulds yous likes tos sees mes dos a tags froms Swirlshines froms Lostfairys? 
You Guys: Why are you putting a S ats thes ends ofs everythings? Akk! it's catchings! 
Me: Hehes 
You Guys: Jas stops its rights nows ands gets us backs tos normals!
Me: Nopes! 
Me: Yous shalls bes stucks likes thats forevers!
Ok I'll stop it now lol.
Ok it's get on with the tag from Swirl from Lost Fairy!

1. If you could write one book that was guaranteed to be a success, what would you write about?
I have already written a book, named Animal Friends (Yes I know that's a pretty bad name) and it's about some kids and animals. lol
I'll tell you about it maybe is some other post XD.

2. If you had the chance to invent something to help the earth, what would you make?
Darn not to help myself then I would make the blogger portal! XD Uhhh lemme think bout it while I do the other questions lol.
:Wednesday:  Ok, I have thought that it'd be nice if farmers didn't have to plow and water the fields and things like that. So I would make a robot that does all of that for them! :D  

3. What's your favorite element out of these: Water, Fire, Wind, or Earth?
Earth, but my fav element is lightning. XD 

4. What's the funniest thing you did or said when you were little?
Ok when me and Sarah were little we had little we got some doll strollers from our cousins, and we were going to go into our parents room, which was pitch black because it was night, anyway we went in there with the light off first. And my mom said when we :sigh: started screaming right after we closed the door. 
I kinda laugh at that know lol.

5. What animal are you most afraid of?
(If you look that up, I dare you not to go OMG or scream. O,O) 

6. What would you do first if someone hacked you on Animal and deleted everything? (By everything, I mean all items, JAGs, AND buddies.)
I would try to get all my buddies back first, and for the ones I know the users, I would ask them to help me with my buddies who have a bunch of numbers at the end lol. 

7. What's your all-time favorite band and why?
I don't have a all time favorite really but. 
For King and Country
Owl City

8. What are you known for doing?
Loving dogs and horses, and constantly asking for a dog and going horse back riding. lol

9. If you could be any animal or mythical creature, what would you choose to be and why?
DRAGON, because they are amazing, and can fly.

10. What is the most random thing you can think of?
At the moment I just thought of a banana squished of my computer speakers. Hehe 

11. If you had to change your username on AJ, what would you change it to?

Dat was fun Swirl Ty! 
But I Don't know if I'll make any questions, I'm to lazy to do it right now, because, I just spent like 2 hours swimming lol. 
Maybe I'll do it next week. lol

Now for the last part of, The Cat. 
And I will tell you who it is by lol. 
Alright. here is the rest of the so called book. 

Chapter 8 setting up the hotel

So Georgie started to set up her hotel room. She set up her bed she did her chores (because it was Saturday). She did her chores, then she took a walk, after her walk, she made dinner, and after dinner, Georgie went to bed.

Chapter 9 finding a home

The next day Georgie left the hotel and started to look for a home for herself, she wanted to find a home that had a bedroom and a bathroom and a kitchen. Georgie wanted all of this. And Georgie found a house with a bedroom a bathroom and a kitchen and Georgie like it and she got it

Chapter 10 setting up the house

So Georgie got the house and she love it And she started to set up the house fist she washed the windows and then she scrub the floor then she cleaned the snack bar. Then she got out her bags and got out food, water, her cat treats, and all of her other stuff and she dusted the entire house then she went to bed.

Chapter 11 a strange cat

The next day Georgie went for a walk she it was a beautiful day and she loved it. She thought it was very nice she was walking though the park but then a dog started to chase her Georgie was,” so scared that her tale puffed up and she ran and ran but the dog kept chasseing her but then a cat jumped up from the fence. The cat stood between her and the dog! The cat puffed up his tale and hissed to chase the dog away and it work the dog ran away. Georgie was so surprised. She did not know who he was. She said who you are? The cat said my name is Tim. Tim? Said Georgie yes said the cat. Now who are you? My name is Georgie. Georgie hmm said Tim how did you scared that dog away. Ask Georgie I puffed up my tail didn’t you see? Said Tim Oh, I see said Georgie. Do you want to go to lunch? Ask Tim yes I would love to said Georgie.

Chapter 12 a nice lunch
So Tim and Georgie went to lunch together so Tim what do you do for a livening and where do you work? Well I own a little store said Tim that is great said Georgie so Georgie what do you do for a livening? I am just a homeowner well that is great to do you have a job? yes said Georgie I work at jimmy’s Diner I like Jimmy’s said Tim good said Georgie so we are good than right? Said Georgie Yes said Tim well bye Tim bye Georgie.

Chapter 13 Tim’s store

One day Georgie was taking a walk though her garden that Tim help her plant. And thought that she should go for a walk and find out where Tim lived. For she did not know where, he lived and wanted to find out. So she went out to find it. So Georgie was walking and suddenly she saw a small store it was small and it was call Tim’s STORE in big black letters. Georgie thought it was the most beautiful store in all the land. She went in the small little store and in the store, it was beautiful And behind the counter, sat Tim. Tim looked up and saw Georgie hi said Tim hi said Georgie it looks like you have a great store here said Georgie Yes I do have a great store said Tim. So do you want to come to my house for dinner? Ask Tim I would love to said Georgie. Ok great said Tim come at 6:10 will you be there? I will be there Said Georgie ok said Tim.

Chapter 14 Dinner
So Tim and Georgie had dinner this is good said Tim what is it? Is my famous meatloaf its good said Tim I love meatloaf good said Georgie I was wounding how far is Jimmy’s? About 10 to s15 minutes said Georgie so what did you want to tell me. I want to tell you that I love you said Tim. Tim I am so stunned said Georgie will you marry me Said Tim Yes! I will marry you and I love you too said Georgie. And so Georgie and Tim where married, and they were so happy. They went on a honeymoon they went to a restaurant and had a very nice time and they lived in Georgie’s house. Georgie


It is so hard to read 'chapter' 11 argh 
 and why is there such a weird time for dinner? 
They get married in like 2 days! LIKE A 'PRINCESS MOVIE' LOL WHY DID I DO THAT. 
Also, why does Tim propose over home made meatloaf lol. 
Yes you saw it guys. I wrote this book! 
It was my first one. :face palm: I MAKE FUN OF IT MYSELF. That is how bad it is. If I make fun of my own book. you guys can too! LOL 
So, tell me what you think of my awful first book! LOL

Hope you guys enjoy this post!
Tell me in the comments what else is super bad in this book! :D
Bye for now peoples! 

Hebrews 13:2
Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by this some have entertained angels without knowing it.

That would be so cool to entertain an angel! :O 

*King Tough Bunny 

Does anyone else know the song The Color Green by Rich Mullins? Gosh I just love the piano flute part! :O Reminds me of Hobbiton :)

Does anyone know how to get it unhighlight stuff? Idk why it does that! D: 

Safety On Animal Jam - It's More Important Than You May Think, And 'Follow Your Dreams' Chapter 2!


You guys: ...Gracie? What are you doing with that ninja mask?

You guys: Gracie! Why are you hiding?!

You guys: You're ignoring us, and planning some secret mission? Oh brother. I think we've lost her.

You guys: Uhm, this doesn't sound serious, but it's concerning us.. O.o
Me: Go away, guys. I'm planning something important..
You guys: o.O *backs up a bit*

You guys: What on earth...

You guys: *attempts to take off her ninja mask:
Me: Nooo! My hai-

You guys: Does this mean you're a mad scientist in blogging..?
Me: No. I just haven't straightened my hair today..
You guys: Uhm, okay.. And why were you acting like you were under some top secret mission?
Me: Because I'm weird. *throws bananas and pineapples around*
You guys: o.o...


A very all over the place intro, if I do say so myself. Hehe!

Any who, without any further ado, let's get right to todays post!


Todays post, is about the importance of safety on Animal Jam. When someone says 'safety on Animal Jam', you probably immediately think they're talking about keeping your password safe, and prevention from getting scammed. Which are all very good topics, and an article about keeping your password safe was written by AJHQ in 2014, which you can view by clicking here

But the kind of safety I'm talking about, is very serious, and may even be the most important safety factor when playing a game.

The kind of safety we will always need when playing online, is keeping your state, city, home address, phone number, email, and Skype, private. This is all because you really, truly, don't know who's behind that screen. They might portray themselves as a young girl or boy playing Animal Jam, but the truth is, they could be an adult for all we know.

You might think "I can trust them, it will be alright.", but really, this is very unsafe, especially if it's something your parents don't know about, and don't allow.

If you share your home address, there is always a chance of getting hurt, due to the fact, like I said above, you don't know who's behind the screen. 

How do you prevent from getting hurt, or endangered? Here are five easy tips to follow!

Click to enlarge. 
Also, never feel like you have to give someone your information, because honestly, you don't. The only 'information' you should share, are things that are not personal, such as your favorite color, favorite Animal Jam item, etc.. 

Sharing personal information might be more serious than you may think, so it's important we all keep our personal information private, even if you think you can trust the person who's asking for it.

I hope these tips help you stay safe on Animal Jam! ^.^


And now, for this weeks chapter of 'Follow Your Dreams'!


Chapter 2

That night, I sat on my bed, making phone calls to every blogger on The Animal Jam Friendship Community. "Hello?" Coolcat answered in a happy tone. "Hey. Can you chat?" I asked, tapping my fingers on my bed. "Yeah! What's up?" She asked, still sounding cheery. "It's about the blog. Have you been on there recently?" I questioned, as anxiety about all this filled up within me. "No, why?" She asked in a curious tone. "You might wanna check it out.." I said. "Okay, just a second, I'll look at it." She said, as she walked over to her laptop, and flipped open the cover. There was silence for a few seconds, as Coolcat typed in the URL of the blog. "Whoa." She said in a hoarse whisper. "Did you-" I began, but suddenly Coolcat let out a low shriek. "What's wrong?" I asked, beginning to get a bit shaky, worrying about what could be going on. "Oh my gosh.." She stuttered. "There's a new blog post made by 'DestroyTB', whoever that is, and it says this, 'Hello everyone. I am DestroyTB, the new blog owner of The Animal Jam Friendship Community. I hacked all the authors on here, and deleted their accounts. Why am I releasing such information? Because I know these old authors on here are too young and unintelligent to know how to stop me. My next goal is to hack them on Animal Jam, and destroy the blogger's once and for all.' Then at the very bottom at the post, it has some weird, Hebrew looking writing." She said quickly, waiting for a response. It felt like heavy bricks were placed on my shoulders, and there was no way I'd be able to get them off. I sighed deeply, and tried to focus more on the mystery of the Hebrew looking writing. "Did you try copying and pasting the letters into a translator website?" I asked her, trying to avoid getting on the subject of DestroyTB hacking us. "No, but I'll try." She said, pulling up a new tab on her browser. "That's weird, it says no results found." She said, confused at her finding, "Really? Huh." I said, my voice trailing off, as I looked at the note I had found with Hebrew looking writing. "I have to go, But I can talk more about this tomorrow." She told me, her voice getting a bit happier. I nodded. "Okay, talk to you then! Bye." I said with a smile. "Bye!" Coolcat said, as we hung up. I decided to take a break from calling for the night, and go to bed. It was 11 PM, and my parents were already asleep. I went out of my bedroom, and slowly shut the door. I went across the hall to the bathroom, and brushed my teeth. Before I walked out, I noticed another mysterious note. "Another note?" I wondered aloud, as I picked it up. This note read, 'DestroyTB might be trying to hack you, but God is greater then DestroyTB, and will bring you the peace that passes all understanding.' Again, the signature had that Hebrew looking writing. "Who's putting notes in the house?" I said, confused about all this. I examined the note, and carefully carried it into my bedroom.


What do you think is going to happen next? Be sure to comment your ideas of what might happen, down in the comment section below!


Here's this weeks Bible verse!

Hebrews 11:6

And it is impossible to please God without faith. Anyone who wants to come to him must believe that God exists and that he rewards those who sincerely seek him.

Remember, God made YOU!

Stay positive, be yourself, and spread God's Word everyday!

Rare Item Monday!

Hey, Jammer's! CoolCat here with another post! I'm sorry for missing last weeks post, things were kind of hectic and I just forgot. But I'm back to posting this week! But anyways, lets get onto this weeks Rare Item Monday!

Todays Rare Item Monday is the Rare Firefly Necklace! It is located in Coral Canyons Epic Wonders. It can be found on the seventh page. It is for sale for 2,750 gems and it is for members only. The color scheme is blue, green, and yellow.

Thoughts: I really like this item! This is the first RIM that has not been in Jam-Mart Clothing in such a long time! Its actually quite exciting for a RIM to be in a different place. I think AJHQ should move the RIM around more often! It can be boring having it in the same place week after week, so this is a very nice change! I think this is a cute item perfect for summer! The colors are nice, and its just a great item! I don't think its that pricy, its epic wonders after all. Overall I give this item a 9!

Comment down below what you think about this item!!

As always, bye Jammer's! And ~Jam On!~
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