What I've Learned From Being A Blogger For Almost 2 Years, And 'Fame' Chapter 4!

Me: Hola atascos de atasco ¿Que pasa? ¿Estas teniendo un buen dia? Si es así, comente abajo. Sneaky manera de obtener comentarios, ¿eh ?!
You guys: What language is that even? 😳
Me: Español por supuesto.
You guys: Gracie!! In English!! Please!! Are you out of your mind?? We can't speak a foreign language!
Me: ¿Oh enserio? No sabía que el niño promedio no podía hablar idiomas extranjeros. Jaja juega ¡Estoy usando el traductor de Google!
You guys: Oh oh! Google!
Me: Si.
You guys: Oh well. We might as well go. Won't be able to read her post since it's in another language.
Me: ¡No no! ¡Por- I mean.. No no! Please stay! 😇

Well, that got interesting.

You probably got that, but that was Spanish 😜. Oh the power of Google Translate!

Well, today's post may get a bit long, because the main topic will be a bit long, and the 'Fame' chapter I wrote, this quite long this week. So let's get this 'show' on the road! HAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!!!

You guys: ...

Uh, well anyways.. Today's post is going to be about, what I've learned from being a blogger for almost two whole years.

I can't believe it's been that long, since I started using blogger.


I started using Blogger, June 15th of 2015. I remember it was night-time, when my Mom helped me start my blog, The Animal Jam Friendship Community

I really wanted to call it "The Friendship Community", because I wanted my friends to be authors on there.

I've learned a lot from blogging, and I thought it would be cool to share some advice/what I've learned from this experience. 

The first tip I want to share, is this.

Your posts don't have to be perfect.

They don't have to be perfect, because if your a tween/teen, blogging is a learning experience, to prepare us for whats to come in our future. If you want to be a writer, having a blog is just a way to get writing skills, and work on your grammar.

Don't let anyone tell you your posts have to be perfect, because really, blogs are forever a work-in-progress, thats preparing us for the future.

Accept constructive criticism.

Like I said, your posts don't have to be perfect, but, the only way to work on your grammar/writing skills, you have to accept constructive criticism. Such as,

You misspelled... (Excited, strange, weird, etc.)
You need to add a... (Period, exclamation point, comma, etc.)
You should add a... (Link, paragraph, etc.)

This is very important, if you ever want to improve your writing.

Keep it AJ-related.

Posting real-life posts are good, and a lot of times your friends are interested in seeing your real life. But for the most part, if your blog is Animal Jam related, keep it Animal Jam related for the most part. I would suggest possibly posting about your real-life, every other week, or just have a special day for posting real-life stuff. But of course, never include personal information.

Why it's important to keep posts Animal Jam related, is because if a 'random person' wanders upon your blog, and are drawn to the Animal Jam name, they'll want to see Animal Jam posts. Here's some evidence.

These are the comments/stats of two un-AJ related posts I did. I did get a lot of comments and views, and on one of them I mentioned I was changing the time of a party I had. But if you look here..

My friend Sarahkey8 did a completely AJ-related post, and the views skyrocketed, compared to the two un-AJ related posts. 

A-a-and topics people know about don't go over too well either..

Expect the bullies.

A lot of times, people won't agree with some things you post. Such as, your thoughts on Julian2 vs. Aparri, item rarity, etc. 

Sometimes people are very passionate about these kind of topics, that they may start getting very serious about it, and start pretty much bullying. But those bullies seem to come around to most blogs, and the best way to handle it, is to talk to a parent about it, and do not approve their comments. 

From experience, I know that they won't go away in an instance, but talking to a parent about the situation does help, and they can give you advice on what to do next.

Back in I believe, August 2015, I got bullied on blogs, but they did end up going away, and talking with your best friend about it helped too, because best friends are always by your side 😊.

Have a variety of topics.

Having a variety of different topics on your blog, is very important. Again, it helps improve your writing sometimes, because posting about the same exact thing over and over again, gets repetitive, and not everyone is drawn to that. Some things that are good to post about, is things that interest Jammers. Such as, posting about unreleased items, art, crazy Animal Jam happenings, and things like that.


I hope these tips help improve your blog, and skills! 

Now for the bi-weekly chapter of 'Fame'! Hope you enjoy, and don't forget to leave a comment on how you liked it, or what I could improve on it.


Chapter 4

"So let me get this straight. Your going to Boston, with a bunch of other people you've never met, for a few days, in a hotel you've never stayed at, without any members of your family?" My Mom asked, in a confused voice. I gulped, and stared at her nervously. I so badly wanted to go to JamCon, but would I be able to? "Yes, but, the people I'm going with are uh- YouTube sensations and um, I think an AJHQ member will be going so.." I said, trying to find the words to say. Mom sighed, as we walked into the dining room, and sat down. "Gracie, your too young to go by yourself." She explained, in a calm voice. "But, me and Wisteria were talking, and she said that Snowyclaw, whose in her 20's, and works for AJHQ, will be taking me to the Airport." I said, trying harder and harder to talk my Mom into letting me go. "Well," Mom started, hesitating slightly as she spoke. "I guess if she works for AJHQ, an actual company, it would be alright." She decided. Excitement bubbled up in me. "Really? Thank you so much!" I exclaimed as I stood up and threw my arms around her in a hug. "Your welcome, sweetie." Mom said with a smile.

A few days later, I found myself staring at the calendar. "It's July 30th..?" I said to myself, in shock. I looked at my watch, and my heartbeat quickened. "6:00 AM, and our plane leaves at 10:00 AM!" I said, almost screaming in shock. I was freaking out. I had nothing packed, and Snowyclaw would be picking me up in an hour, to get to the Airport early. I quickly ran out of my room, and sprinted across the hallway to the restroom. I quickly tied my hair back in pigtail like braids, and ran back into my room. "Okay, I have at least an hour or so to pack.." I said thoughtfully, as I grabbed my green and black suitcase from my closet. "Oh gosh what am I even going to wear to JamCon.." I said, in a thoughtful voice. I flipped through my clothes, and decided to wear my light green shirt, that had a drawing of a Animal Jam avatar hyena, in a tree. I sighed. "This will have to do, even though it was drawn by my old friend." I said as I rolled my eyes and carefully put the garment in my suitcase. I loved the hyena drawing, but I didn't like how it was a drawing made by my old friend, Karalee. I wished it was drawn by Snowyclaw, or one of the Famous Jammers. I quickly put as many clothes as I could in my suitcase, not even folding them. As I got to the last garment of clothing, I sighed with relief, realizing it was just now 7:00 AM. I heard a car honk from outside, and noticed it was Snowyclaw, waiting for me, in her white Toyota car. I ran out of my room, and into the living room, to say goodbye to my parents. "I'll be back in 3 days." I promised with a smile. Mom nodded, and Dad smiled back. "Be safe, and don't forget to obey Snowyclaw and the others." My Mom warned. I laughed. "Of course I will, Mom." I said as I slowly headed towards the door. "Love 'o-o-o'." Dad said happily. "Love 'o-o-o' too." I said. I was a bit sad I was leaving my parents, but at the same time, I was so happy I would be able to go to JamCon. I heard Snowyclaw's car honk again, and I reluctantly opened the front door, and waved goodbye to my parents. As I stepped onto the paved pathway, and closed the door, I closed my eyes, and silently prayed. "Lord, please somehow let me be a witness to these Jammers. I love you, and I pray me and Snowy get to Boston safely. Amen." I said as I opened my eyes again, and headed down the driveway to get into Snowyclaw's car. I smiled at her. "Ready?" She asked me with excitement in her voice. "Yep." I said, looking at her with happiness. As we slowly drove away from my house, I suddenly got scared. Scared that I may see my friends at JamCon.. I remembered Coolcat telling me about a month ago, that she was going to try and come to JamCon. And I knew it was Fox's dream to go, and Kara wanted to go with her. What if they all came at the same time? Only time would tell, and I wanted that time to come sooner, so I wouldn't have to worry.


Also, please note that my Mom would not let me go to Boston with a bunch of people of whom we have never met. 😜

Heres this weeks Bible verse!

Micah 6:8

.. this is what he requires of you: to do what is right, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God.

Remember, God made YOU!

Stay positive, be yourself, and spread God's word everyday!

Rare Item Monday! Jam-Mart Clothing Count: 2

Hey, Jammer's! CoolCat here with another post! It feels like I just did the RIM post, this week went by fast! But I hope everyone had a great week! I also wanted to say happy spring! Who's excited? I know I am! Does anybody have any spring plans? Comment down below if you do! But anyways, lets get onto todays Rare Item Monday!

Todays Rare Item Monday is the Rare Glove Hat! It is yet again located in Jam-Mart Clothing, making this weeks Jam-Mart Clothing Count 2. I will be continuing this each week, or as long as AJHQ put the weekly RIM there.. But here is more about this weeks RIM.

It can be found on the ninth page in Jam-Mart Clothing. It is for sale for 900 gems and it is members only. The color of the glove is yellow.

Thoughts: I don't know why but I think this glove is a hilarious item! Like who doesn't want to walk around with a giant glove on their head? The glove is a nice color which is great as well! But I do think this was over priced. It should have been 600 gems at the most in my opinion. But this one RIM I did buy!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks post! Make sure you comment down below if you like this weeks RIM!

As always, bye Jammer's! And ~Jam On!~

Jammer Sundae #75

Greetings Jammers! It's Arctic, back again with another post!

Having had a busy week, I haven't found any single spectacular Jammer in particular (try saying that five times fast!) to feature this week. However, I did find some excellent art pieces I want to share with all of you. So without further ado, an art feature?

First, this mind-blowing wolf masterpiece by camerupts:

Second, this amazingly detailed rose by happy98864:

And finally, this amaaaaaazing work of art by Galoot!

Gah! What I would do to be able to draw like this... Or even have a copy of this masterpiece! It's crazy how mega-talented these AJ Artists are!

Today in Jamaa we have a returning item: The Barber Shop Pole!

I'm not entirely sure as to what this has to do with Lucky Day or anything, but it's pretty great. You guys should definitely buy one if you're looking to make a salon den! Be sure to get it in Jam Mart Furniture for 750 gems today!

Alrighty, and now it is time for this week's:

Agh this week? No clue... How about monkeys (and gorillas)?

It's okay, just one more week 'til spring break!!

Pinterest somewhere?
Hmmm... Someone might be having a bit too much to eat:

Aahahahaha! Okay okay, I know this isn't a monkey, but:

And finally, no list is complete without this guy:

Taken from a youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5bt-i4QFoo
That's all for this week's Sundae, folks!
Let's move on to the factual part of this post, shall we?

Our word of the day:

Floccinaucinihilipilification: The act of estimating something as worthless

Never assume! Also, how does one even say this? Or even put it in a sentence? Do you think AJ Chat would let you use the word?

Our fact of the day:

A long time ago, in Animal Jam, Sarepia Forest used to just be "Sarepia" !

Aw man, it would've been great to see what AJ was like back then!

That's all for this week! See you soon!

Feel free to contact me at arcticstarjamaa@gmail.com !

Cougar Update and Returning Basketball Explained

Hey guys! It's Penguin here and I'm back again for Saturday's update post.
My week has been horrible to be honest. I am gaining a lot of hate for math and its a=927(skj+3x=y+b)sd3 equation types. And yes, if you're wondering some of mine do look like that.
But let's get into the AJ part of this post. Thursday was update day, and here's what we got:

I really just think Cougars look like a bigger version of Lynxes. That was basically all for this update, because there wasn't much of anything else.
Now, yesterday, one specific item was released into stores that is now causing a lot of controversy.
It can be found in Jam mart Furniture.
Everybody believes that the Basketball is Beta, but it's not. It was released in 2011 and was not around during the Beta Testing. However, it does have a decent rarity, and it's worth real den betas. That's why people call it one. This was obviously released because of March Madness, a College Basketball tournament that it held every year this month (my team already lost lol). The basketball coming back has caused a lot of controversy, and famous Jammers are posting about it. What do you think about the Basketball returning to stores?
Anyways, that's all I've got for today's post! I'll see you all next time.
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