Raccoon Tail

Hi jammers!
Today's new item is the Raccoon Tail item, which can be found in the Summer Carnival.
Not sure why this is in the Carnival? Anyways, what do you think?


Rare Pirate Bandana

Hey Jammers!!

Me and Gecko are back from vacation, so we will be posting again.
Today's rare-item-monday is a sea item! It is the Rare Pirate Bandana, and is sold in Bahari Bargains.
This item is so similar to one of the normal colors; maybe this is the way AJ is going to do the RIMs now.


Seaweed Boa and More

Hi jammers!
I hope you're enjoying our all-new blog design. The goal in the new design was to create a more user-friendly and organized website, while also bringing an Animal Jam-ish feel to the blog. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments!

Anyways, over the past few days when I've been working on the design, I haven't really posted, so there are a lot of new items!

First, let's go to Bahari Bargains and look at the Seaweed Boa:
Now, we travel to Sunken Treasures, to find both the Kelp Tree and the Sandy Seashells.
In Jam Mart Furniture, there is a... Fridge? Very bland name for a very odd item...
Shouldn't it be the Wooden Fridge, or the Log Fridge, or something? Not just Fridge?

And finally, in case you haven't had enough gold, there is a Golden Tiara in Epic Wonders.
What is your favourite new item?


Giant Fox Plushie

Hi jammers!
To go along with yesterday's Fox Topiary, there is a new Giant Fox Plushie in the Conservation Museum.
Also, I'm working on a new, more user-friendly yet also more Animal Jam ish blog design... So stay tuned!


Knight Armour

Hi jammers!
Today a new item has been released to Jam Mart Clothing - the Knight Armour.
I'm so sick of the constant new items, sorry for all the late posts! I really wish AJ would switch to their old Thursday updates.


Fox Topiary

Hi jammers!
There's a new animal in Jamaa, which means... a new topiary! The Fox Topiary item can be purchased in the Conservation Museum.
What do you think?


Golden Wings

Hi jammers!
Today there is another new item in Jamaa's Epic Wonders - the Golden Wings!
Okay, really, what is up with all the gold, silver, and bronze? There MUST be some sort of party or something coming in the future, that will use all of it... It just seems so random, all of this gold/silver/bronze stuff popping up lately. What do you think?


I'm Back!

Hi jammers!
I'm back - but from where, you may ask? Well, for the past 16 days or so, I've been in Disney World, in Orlando, Florida!
Also, Geckoguy and Mysteryhorse - the AJC authors who happen to be siblings - are also on vacation. I did not know this until a few days ago, which explains the absence of recent updates!

I'm not going to post everything that us 3 missed from the past 16 days but starting tomorrow, any updates that come out will be posted here, again. Sorry about the post absence, but we really had no way of posting.

I hope everyone is having a great summer!


Notice (important)

All authors of AJC are currently unavailable to post. Please check back soon. Posting will begin once again on June 22

Fancy Vanity

Hey Jammers!
The new item today is in Epic Wonders.
I find it hilarious when I find the in boy Jammer's dens. >.< Expensive, and not very good if you are a boy. And I was wondering, as an author there is no comment moderation for me, but what about you guys? I haven't seen any new comments...

Jam On!


Camouflage Boots

Hey Jammers!
There is a very... uh... unique item in Jam Mart Clothing today.
These are army boots... :/ I don't know why Animal Jam keeps making weird shoes and hats when they could be making awesome items like the ones sold in beta. Pretty soon the will be selling jeans and a t-shirt. I guess it doesn't matter.

Jam On!


Giant Crystal

Hey Jammers!
Today there is an awesome expensive new item in Jam Mart Furniture.
Looks kind of like a Spirit Stone, right? Hmmm... And they are huge, and come in some awesome colors, worth the 600 gems.

Jam On!


Party Review

Hi jammers!
Today I had my 200k/Voting Achievement party! It was much better than I expected a Thursday party to be!
To start, I accidentally went to Appondale, instead of Mt Shiveer, so I thought nobody was there... Whoops!
Here are some pictures from Mt Shiveer:

..Then we met a jammer named "missslidoo," with her panda, "Miss Loopymoon..." I have to admit, this person is awesome.
Next, we went to Epic Wonders...

We played some Tic Tac Toe, and 4 In A Row (hey, that rhymed!)... And then we ended the party in the Flag Shop.
My computer then glitched (or I messed up, I still get confused by my new Mac,) and I don't seem to have any pictures from the Flag Shop.

Finally, we had a party contest, and Jumping Scary Monkey and Geckoguy both won floating advertisements for a few weeks! Here's how it will work:

Jumping Scary Monkey will have their advertisement put up this evening. It will be taken down on the 25th.
Gecko's will go up on the 25th and will be taken down on August 14th.

Thank you everyone who came, and also a big thanks to everybody who has helped make AJC one of the biggest AJ blogs in the world.

Happy jamming!

Fancy Fireplace

Hey Jammers!
There is one new item which can be found in Jam Mart Furniture.
This Item may be made for the fantasy castle, I'm not sure. How are you enjoying the update so far? The new game, Falling Phantoms, is a great way to earn gems!

Jam On!


Jamaa Journal Vol. 064

Hey Jammers!
Yesterday Animal Jam updated and nobody posted the latest issue of the Jamaa Journal, so here it is...

Page 1:
 A Fantasy Castle? Awesome! It looks amazing, and seems to be something boys and girls would like! Here is a picture of the inside:
So cool!

Page 2:
First of all, there are new buttons on the map:
All the Stores
All the Places to watch Movies
All the places to buy pets
 And, a new Phantom Game... And it's REALLY fun! Here is the billboard:
And here is what the game screen:
It is an extremely fun multiplayer game where you dodge the falling phantoms - the last survivor wins! And what do we see in the top-left corner? The return of Zios! The first mention of him for almost a year! Maybe Snowyclaw's Jamaasian Movement is working... I certainly hope so!

Page 3:
And they didn't get around to finishing the pet contest... again! It should have been here 4 weeks ago. And a reminder that there is a Journey Book page for Crystal Sands now. Click here for cheats.

Page 4:
It looks like AJ took my advice to be a little more like Club Penguin! So now the Costume corner will tell you style Advice for your animals! This time it is to be a Samurai Penguin!

Page 5:
Wait wait wait, they just told us they couldn't decide, and then on the same issue they tell us they have? Must be a mistake... :/ and, just like I predicted, Foxes are soon to come to Jamaa! Hopefully next update - they look so small and fluffy... XD

Page 6:
More Freedom Day items... and surprises? I know one! The Freedom Day Party is on RIGHT NOW and I'm about to post the cheats! Also, my favorite den item is this month's MMG: the Nature Archway! Read about it here.

So what do you think about this update? More posts coming ASAP!

Jam On!


New Freedom Party Items

Hi jammers!
There are two new items in the Freedom Party, which I honestly thought started today, until I saw on Gecko's blog that it started a few days ago... Whoops!
I'll post the items once I can get in.


Samurai Helmet & More

Hey Jammers!
First of all, I know I haven't been posting enough, I will try to post more now...

There are lots of new items today! Let's start with the Summer Carnival.
Here we find a... Hat with Dreadlocks? Okay, this is just getting corny. This has GOT to be a joke. No animal wants dreadlocks!!! :/

There are also two new items in Jam Mart Clothing:
The new Samurai Helmet we saw in the Costume Corner! I'm surprised this isn't in Epic Wonders. Also, there is a Rare Item Monday item for sale...
It has the Rare badge which is only used in stores for RIMs. It's Thursday! I'm hoping this isn't a mistake...

There is also an item in Jam Mart Furniture:
Another useful Member den item.

Tell me what you think of the new items! TheSlidoo should post the new Jamaa Journal issue soon.

Jam On!


Member Archways and Council Banners

Hi jammers!
Today there's a new item in Jam Mart Furniture - the Council Day Banner!
Also, the member item for July is a Nature Waterfall thing.. I don't know the exact name. There are four different types including lava and (I think?) ice! Which gift did you get?


200k/Voting Achievement Party Details

UPDATE: We have just hit 200k at 12:15 PM! Thank you for your support!

Hi jammers!
So, in the past 2 weeks or so, I have been asking you guys to vote for my dog in a contest... I said that if she made the top 25, we'd have a party! She ended up making the top 15 or so, before she glitched out and somehow got removed... But anyways, you guys managed to get her where I was aiming for, so that deserves a party!
Also, we haven't quite hit 200k yet, but we will have hit it by the end of today, for sure! So that's two reasons to... Party!

YES I'll actually come to this party ;)

Here are the details:

Server: Congo
Land: Mt. Shiveer
Date: Thursday, July 5th
Time: 3:00 EST

I would have the party on Saturday, except I won't be around for a few weeks, after Thursday, so it's really our last chance unless we postpone it for like, 2 weeks, which I don't want to do!

Here are some random facts:
-Over 21% of our blog's hits have been hits on one post! It gets hundreds of hits every day... It's all the way back in 2010!
-More than 72% of the hits on this blog come from the USA.
-About 80% of our hits come from people using Windows powered computers.
-We have nearly 200 hits that have came from Nintendo DSIs!

I hope you guys can come, I also hope that I remember to come! :P Thank you, everyone, for coming here and supporting this blog... It is truly an honour to own a blog that is growing to be so successful. I wouldn't be here without you guys, so thank you :)

ps: If you'd like to continue to vote for my dog, a new contest started today and she's been entered :) Click here to vote!
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