Theory - Peck Is Indeed, Missing, And Explanation!

Me: Hey guys! How's a bout' we start this post off by-
You guys: *Plugs ears* La la la la la we can't he-e-e-e-ear yo-o-o-o-ou!
Me: What are you doing?
You guys: *Take fingers off ears* Not listening to you because your late making a post.
You guys: Uh
You guys: Drama queen..
You guys: Mhmm

It's true, I was extremely busy today.. Thats why this post is so late. Please forgive me, for this will not happen again 😓.

I may seem less enthusiastic, because I'm just so tired.. I sealed the grout in a bathroom in our new house, helped move the garage stuff..

I learned a lot about sealing grout.

You need to wipe up what you get on the tile immediately, and seal quickly :D


Uh, yeah.. Sorry 😆

In today's post, I will be talking about a little theory I made up, that Peck is indeed, missing. Let me explain.


These three photos above, are of the new Animal Jam Books, that will be out in June.

But I noticed something funny about them..

Notice Peck? I circled her in the photos.

She seems to be trying to get away.. Why? Look at book #2. She's pointing to the same path, the Phantom Fortress leads to. She's seeming to care more about it then the other Alphas, and is seeming more daring to take a look at it..

And remember in the Phantom Badlands adventure, Graham and Sir Gilbert said this, when talking about Mira's Feather, that Peck found?

Credit to Penguin55544

So, Peck did go into the Phantom Fortress, and did not come out. 

Now, AJHQ has not been making a big fuss over this, and here's why I think their keeping quiet.

There's going to be a new adventure, that they cannot yet leak info about.

I imagine this adventure to be like The Search For Greely, but more 'colorful', and way more challenging.

If this is true, AJHQ would possibly release an adventure, with the same name as The Search For Greely, but it would be The Search For Peck.

Please note that this is not a leaked photo. I made it. Paint graphic is by me, Peck graphic by Snowyclaw, and phantom graphics from Animal Jam Graphic Central.
It would be an epic battle, to get Peck back. And something cool to add, would be to only have 5 lives, and then you have to completely start the adventure over, so it would be harder.

What do you think?

Will AJHQ release an adventure like this, come next update?

Only time will tell! 


Now for the second part of this post!

I uh- have not even started on drawing the masterpiece, and two paper drawings, for the winners of the Masterpiece Giveaway. I apologize.

This is because, like I said above, we're moving into a new house, and I've been very busy because of that.

We've been going there, maybe 3 times a week, and plus, we've had church stuff going. All this piling up, has made me very nervous, leaving me time for practically nothing, and at the end of the day, I'm super tired.

I'm going to try my hardest to get the drawings done by next Tuesday, though! But to hold you over, enjoy a masterpiece of a bananacorn.

Thank you, Arctic!

And with that, heres this weeks Bible verse!

Lamentations 3:23

Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each morning.

Remember, God made YOU!

Until next Tuesday, this is Graciepopstar91 signin' out!

Stay positive, be yourself, and spread God's love everyday!

Rare Item Monday!

Hey, Jammers! CoolCat here with another post! Its Monday, so its time for an another Rare Item Monday post! So lets get right to it!

Todays Rare Item Monday is the Rare Heart Scarf! It is located in Jamaa Townships Jam-Mart Clothing. It can be found on the sixteenth page in Jam-Mart Clothing. It is for sale for 750 gems and it is members only. The color scheme is blue with magenta hearts.

Opinions: I really like this weeks rare! It is a recolored item, but the colors work well together! It is it a bit pricey, but not as bad as it could be. I am hoping to see more spring type items in the near future!

Sorry this post seems sort of short! Comment down below if you like this weeks rare! But until next week, Jammer's!

As always, bye Jammer's! And ~Jam On!~

New Features!! Things Around Jamaa and Jammer Sundae #73!

Greetings friends, it's Arctic! I've got a great post prepared for you all, so let's get on with it then!

I've been out and about in Jamaa lately, chatting with some buddies, visiting interesting dens, and seeing some very wonderful art! So, I've decided to add a new segment to my posts. Introducing, Arctic's Features!

Of course, I still need to come up with a cooler name so if anyone has a good idea please don't hesitate to tell me in the comments!! Basically what this is all about is that each week I feature something/someone cool I've seen or met in my daily adventures in Jamaa! It'll change from week to week ~ sometimes it might be an artist, or a cool den, or someone I saw being an awesome Jammer! Be sure to check out these snazzy Jammers each week, and tell them how awesome they are, as they definitely deserve it!

For this first edition of Arctic's Feature or something *please help me come up with a better name*, I've decided to feature:

*drumroll please*

Thanks, Pouncing!

I said. Thanks Pouncing.

Pouncing, anytime now.



Anywho, I've decided to feature an awesome Jammer by the name of:


I had the fortune of meeting him in Jamaa township one day when I was on the hunt for excellent masterpieces to look at! Incredibly talented and incredibly friendly, his art is absolutely stunning. A great fan of Prince, many of his finest masterpieces feature the legendary artist, as well as many other beautiful landscapes. Some highlights include:

Artwork belongs entirely to swaglvlover9000

Artwork belongs entirely to swaglvlover9000

Artwork belongs entirely to swaglvlover9000

So yes, definitely check his other artwork out - you won't be disappointed! That'll be it for this week's currently unnamed feature thing (please help me come up with a name, I beg of you!)

Alrighty, it might be about time that I get to what's new in Jamaa:

AJHQ has been releasing special spring items lately, so be sure to check those out as each one is only available for one day. Today we have the Spring Bow and Arrows and the Spring Dragonfly Hair Clip! Luckily, so far, I've only really liked one of the two items so I haven't been having a crisis about diamonds. I've never really liked things like hair bows and ribbons - they've always seemed far too girly and humanoid for my taste, though I wont deny that they look rather cute. The bow and arrows are definitely cool, and I like the colours! Be sure to buy these two items if you like them as they'll only be around for today!

Also, returning to Jam Mart Furniture is the Clover Bench! I've always liked this item, it's as though you can stick it anywhere in a den and it can still look good. Be sure to pick one up for 300 gems!

And now, as though this post isn't long enough, let's get to the Jammer Sundae!

This week, I'm really feeling like rodents. Let's go with that.

Ahahaha, in truth, he still looks quite cute:
Such talented musicians. Or should I say: mousicians! Alright I'll be quiet now.
This guy who just won't have it:
And finally, this polite little guy:

*yawns* It's crazy how tired one can get when writing up a post so late at night (keep in mind, I'm writing this the night before it'll be published, haha!)

Well, on to the factual part of the post, and we'll be done!

Our word of the day:

Lambent: Glowing, flickering light

Our fact of the day:

The oldest piece of chewing gum ever discovered is over 9000 years old!

Cool! But also rather gross. I wonder if these guys found it stuck to the bottom of a desk like I find most gum! And also, how would one be able to tell how old a particular wad of gum is? Questions, questions...

Have an awesome day guys, see you all next week!

Feel free to contact me at !

Spring Mask, Daily Explorer Update and Summer Carnival Mystery Item

Hey guys! Welcome back to another one of my Saturday posts.
This week has been long and tiring. I've had alot of math tests and studying to do, and next week it'll be even worse. However, I'm trying not to think about school right now. Let's get back into the AJ part of the post.
Now, yesterday AJHQ released one new page to the Jamaa Journal:
So, for a little while, 2 Spring items will be available in the Diamond Shop. Today's are these two!
I honestly love the Spring Mask. It has a really great color theme. Also, the other item is cool since it's completely new. I like it much better when AJHQ releases brand new items.
Secondly, here is the latest Daily Explorer Update.
 And for the last part of this post, during the last update, it was announced that a special item would be released at the Summer Carnival (which is currently out for the Spring Carnival celebrations) for one day. It is out today!
This is a really, really cool item. I love the color scheme, and it's for all Jammers! AJHQ deserves credit for this.
Now, that's all I have for this post, but it isn't the end of the world. (Really.) And I know that sentence was probably a pretty awkward and random way to end the post, but who says I'm not random?
So yeah. See you next time!

Winners, And 'Fame' Chapter 2!

IT WAS LIKE, 103.. 104.. 105..

Sweet me: Hi, guys! I just got done counting the comments for the commenting contest. It was quite a chore, but it's worth it! Lets get on with the post! c:

You guys: *crickets* *blink blink*

Normal me: 😳 What just happened?


That was just


But anyways, yes, I did finish counting the comments for the commenting contest! The end result was pretty close! But someone won, having just 10-12 more comments than their opponent. Give a round of applause to...

Hehe, you get to see my horrible hand writing and my 'mad scientist' paper 😆.
Congratulations to, Swirlshine! Who finished with a big 205 (or is it 203..) comments!

If I do this again, it really helps if you count your comments in between. At one point, Sarah counted that she had made 104 comments, which really helped me out. So, thank you, Sarah!

Now, Swirlshine. 

I have a few options for your prizes. You get to choose from this small list, of what you would like!

1. Logo for your blog.
2. Signature pack for your blog posts. 
3. RIM Cat Ears, or RIM Jingle Bell Necklace.

Cat Ears
Jingle Bell Necklace
Again, a big congratulations to you! 


And now, the winners of the Masterpiece Giveaway! 

The winner of the Masterpiece is..


Winning a Masterpiece of, a goldenish and silverish unicorn, eating grass, with a banana next to it, and the banana is still in it's peel!

I'm strangely happy and excited I get to draw this. After I work on a commission for my friend, I will get to work on this!

Now winning the drawings on paper are,


Ja983 will be winning a horse drawing, and Rainbow000pegasus will win a Mira drawing.


I will post up all of the drawings next Tuesday, and will be giving Sarah her masterpiece, probably around Friday or Saturday, depending on how long I take to draw it, and how long it takes to approve.


And with that, here's this weeks chapter of 'Fame'! 

Enjoy, and don't forget to comment how you like it.

Chapter 2

That next day, I found myself surfing YouTube, looking at all the various videos from the different Famous Jammer's. It seemed that everyone of them had mentioned my channel in their newest videos. It was mind boggling. Why would they do that for me? I was nobody special. I shrugged, and decided to head onto Animal Jam. When I logged on, I noticed a little number near the den icon. "20 people are at my den?" I asked myself in shock. I quickly went there, and saw people were chanting, "Gracie! Gracie!" My eyes widened. "OMG GRACIE POP STAR! AUTO PLZ!" A Jammer yelled. They all hovered around me. "Hehe." I typed as I surveyed the den. "Om your so famoose" Another Jammer said. I smirked. I suddenly got a Jam-A-Gram, and opened it. It was from my good buddy Coolcat. "Hi!" She started. "Wanna come to my den? I have a surprise!" She said. Uh.. I thought to myself, as I made a new Jam-A-Gram, and typed. "I'm busy right now." I simply said. I cringed slightly as I sent it off. A thought came across my mind briefly. I'm too good to hang out with my old friends. The Famous Jammer's can take their places. I smiled pridefully. I then realized I got another Jam-A-Gram, but this time, it was from Bepper. "Hi there! Wanna come hang out with me and Snowy?" The JAG said. "Oh yes! I would love to come!" I quickly wrote back. I teleported to their location, and found them in an almost completely empty Jamaa Township, sitting around the Mira statue. "Hey girl!" Bepper greeted. "Hello." Snowy chimed in. I 'sat' down next to Bepper, and did a smile emoji. "So guys, how did you find out about my channel?" I asked, curious. "Some person named Sarahkey told us about it, and me and the others wanted to check it out." Snowyclaw explained. I gulped. "Sarahkey8..?" I asked slowly. "Yeah," Bepper cut in. "She comments on all of our videos." She finished. "Oh." I replied.
That night, my iPhone rang loudly as I sat on the couch, watching TV with my parents. "Whose calling you?" Mom asked as I picked up my phone. "I don't know, it has some weird phone number, but on the bottom it says it could be- Wisteriamoon?" I said in shock. "Is that another Famous Jammer?" Dad asked. I laughed. "Yes, Dad. You need to learn these!" I said with a smirk as I answered the phone call, and it was Wisteriamoon. "Wisteria? How did you get my phone number?" I asked, in a slightly disturbed tone. "Oh, I just googled your username, and found your phone number" She replied. "Oh gosh." I mumbled. "I'm kidding. Your friend gave it to me." Wisteria said with a laugh. "Ok? Well, anyways, what were you calling me about?" I asked, quickly changing the subject from my friends. "Oh, I wanted to know if you wanted to make a video with me. We'll both go on Animal Jam at a certain time, I'll call you, and record the phone call. You can choose what we'll do it about. A smile came across my face. "That sounds cool! I can do it tomorrow night." I replied, cheerfully. "Good! Talk to you then!" Wisteria said as we both hung up.


Hmm. Starting to neglect my friends in this chapter... Will I decide to leave my friends all together? Or leave the Famous Jammer? You'll have to wait and see.

Heres this weeks Bible verse!

Psalm 23:6

Surely your goodness and unfailing love will pursue me all the days of my life,
and I will live in the house of the Lord forever.

Remember, God made YOU!

P.S. Sorry this post is kinda short! I'm in a bit of a rush at the moment, but next weeks post will be longer. Adios!

Rare Item Monday! *Non Member!*

Hey, Jammer's! CoolCat here with another post! I'm sorry this post is sort of late, I'll spare you the details! But anyways lets get right to todays Rare Item Monday!

Todays Rare Item Monday are the Rare Cat Ears! They are located in Jamaa Townships Jam-Mart Clothing. They can be found on the eighth page in Jam-Mart Clothing. They are for sale for 900 gems and are non member! The color scheme is pink and purple.


I really like this weeks rare! I love the color scheme also! Two of my top favorite colors! I feel it is pretty pricey this week, but worth it! This is also a non member rare this week, which is great! I just love the cat ears and think they look great on any animal with any look you maybe going for. Make sure you pick up you're Rare Cat Ears today!

As always, bye Jammer's! And ~Jam On!~

Decisions, Decisions!

G-g-g-greetings Jammers! It's Arctic, back again with another post!

Now if you were hanging around the blog/AJ last week, you probably recall that I wrote a post titled "It Might Be About Time for a Change" in which I explain my current feelings about Animal Jam and my thoughts on quitting. I've given it a week to think about it.

After having extensive chats with buddies, reflection, and generally thinking, I've decided that the biggest decision I can make about leaving as of now is a hiatus (at most). It may be possible that I'll take a break in the future, but I've decided to stick around for the time being. There's still things that leave me attached to the game, and I don't feel entirely ready to leave yet (I still do mean every word I said in my last post, however!).

To answer several common questions I've received:

Q: How would the blog function if you did quit?
A: If I were to quit, I'd still manage the blog. If authors were needed I'd hire authors, and if comments needed to be managed I would manage them!

Q: If you do quit would you ever come back?
A: Certainly! Though I won't be leaving for a while yet. Give it another long while, folks. I'll know 100% when it's time.

Q: Is a hiatus likely?
A: Quite likely. More likely than me immediately quitting, actually!

Q: Can I have your account when you quit?
A: Emmmmm....... Nope?

Alrighty, let's get on with it, we've got a proper post to do!!

Lately AJHQ has released a different limited Edition spiked wristband and collar for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and now Sunday. Today's set is The Solid Gold set, sold for 3 diamonds each in the Diamond Shop. To be entirely honest, I haven't liked any of the spiked sets for the past four days, and especially not this one. One entirely black, one rainbow coloured, one entirely magenta, and now one entirely yellow? It almost seems as though AJHQ is releasing these simply for the hype of spiked collars/wristbands (which I've never personally understood!). Anywho, enough complaining. Make sure to buy one of these in the Diamond Shop if you're interested because it'll be here for one day only!

I'm very sorry Jammers! It is actually 11:00 (the night before this'll be published) and I don't have the time to write a Jammer Sundae this week. But worry not, there'll be more ridiculous animal photos and the like coming at you next week! For now, let's have the factual part of this post:

Our word of the day:

Taradiddle: A fib; Pretentious nonsense

Interesting word!

Our fact of the day:

A lion's roar can be hear from up to around 8 kilometres (or 5 miles) away!

Talk about loud! What if your voice (or better yet, your yawn) could reach that far? Crazy!!

That's all for this week folks! Might I interest you in an odd Arctic photo? Of course you want to see it:

Shakespeare much? See you next week!

Send me an email at (Actually please do, I haven't received any emails in a long time and it gets quite lonely.)

Diamond Magenta Spikes, Summer Carnival Screenshots and the Tent Mystery

Okay, hey guys!
I'm back again with your Saturday post. A lot has happened in between my last one. But it's not the time to talk about it.
So, moving on. Here is the newest item today, which is part of the Spikes Update from Thursday!
This reminds me of the glitched Magenta Spikes. I bet those will decline in rarity now.
Then, here is the latest Daily Explorer Update!
 Now, it is time for the more interesting part of the post. Or should I say INTERESTING, like AJHQ talks. But you get what I mean. Enough of my weirdness.
The Summer Carnival has returned for a short period. It's because of the Springtime Carnival Celebrations. I was at the Summer Carnival, and here are all of the items currently available to buy there!

This is interesting, because, as stated in the latest Jamaa Journal, there will be a mystery item released at the Summer Carnival one day.
If you can't find where it says that, it's towards the bottom.
Lastly, while I was exploring the Summer Carnival this year, I noticed a tent that wasn't in use. It's in the top left area, by the Bouncy House.
This is a mystery tent because it's not in use. What are your thoughts on it? Could it be a future attraction, or just sit there as the background?
Now, that's all I have for this post. I hope you enjoyed it, and I'll see you all in my next one!
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