Large Update Post

Hi jammers!
I've missed a lot because I'm busy getting ready for the beginning of school.

Mushroom Table, Jam Mart Furniture
Tickets, Summer Carnival: Yes, you can now buy tickets because the Carnival is closing soon.
Three plants including an old rare, in the new Treetop Gardens shop in Sarepia Forest.

100 Million gems were donated and monkeys have returned to Jamaa! There is also a brand new Monkeys Only party.

Shamans, or um, Alphas:
I guess the religion thing was too much, AJ has renamed Shamans, Alphas. Makes sense, however to those of you (I've seen many) saying that people are wrong to agree with shamans, please stop, that makes no sense. I'm glad that AJ has ended the religious problems by changing the name.

Hopefully once school begins I can start to post more often again. All the authors are very busy right now so please do excuse us if we don't post as quickly or as often as we did in the summer!


Mine Shack Door

Short post today. I really don't have time. So:
(picture credit goes to Snowyclaw)
Mine Shack Door. Cool. Have an EPICLY EPIC day!

Fox Tail Chair and Monocle

Hi Jammers! There are 2 new items today. 1 from today and 1 from yesterday. Here is today's item:
A Monocle! It is underwater. I wonder what it looks like? I didn't really have time to see. It is members only and 450 gems. It can be found on the 1st page of Bahari Bargains.
Yesterday's item:
Fox Tail Chair! Cool! Well, I guess the tree collection is over. What do you think? Comment your thoughts. It can be found on the 1st page of Jam Mart Furniture. Well that's all for now Jammers! Have an EPICLY EPIC day!
My new signature. You like? Check out Animal Jam Epicly (Click Here to get there)


Hi Jammers! brimad8 here! How's it going? Good, me too. Have you had a good summer? Yeah yeah. Oh ya, there is a new item in Jamaa today. Here it is:
(Picture credit goes to madbri7, a blogger)

Crossbows! Yes, another bow and arrow! I bet this will become rare when it goes away. What do you think? Will it become rare? Is this item boring? Comment your thoughts. It is found on the 1st page of Epic Wonders Clothing Orb. That's about it for now. Have an EPICLY EPIC day!

News Crew Assignment #2: Fox Facts Results

Hi jammers!
The Daily Explorer has posted the results to News Crew Assignment 2.
The winner is Eternal Frozenstone! Congratulations! This was their article:
Foxes are amazing animals that live all around the world. Although these mammals look much like cats with their pointed ears they are actually part of the dog family! Did you know they are closely related to jackals and coyotes?
You can recognize a fox by its narrow snout, pointed ears, and long bushy tail. Its tail is also called a brush and aids in balance, plus it provides warmth in cold weather – when chilly the fox simply tucks its tail around its nose!
Foxes live in many different areas and are known to be resourceful and clever. Native Americans believed the fox to be both a wise messenger and a playful trickster! Different types of foxes live in different places – grey foxes tend to live in forests while silver foxes live in colder areas. The Arctic fox lives in the Arctic Circle, near the North Pole!
The red fox is the most common kind of fox and can be found all over the world. Like all foxes they raise their pups in underground dens such as abandoned burrows. They are also omnivores, meaning they eat both plants and animals. They often munch on rodents, vegetables, and even pet food! The fox is a fantastic and welcome addition to the land of Jamaa!
-Eternal Frozenstone
Congratulations, Eternal! It's too bad that AJHQ won't release the winners' usernames...


Wooden Toy Box

Hey Jammers! brimad8 here! There is a brand new item today. It is:
A Wooden Toy Box!! It is nature and goes a long with the tree collection. Do you like the tree collection? Do you like this item? Comment your thoughts. That's about it. Have an EPICLY EPIC day!

Tree Stump Sink

Hi jammers!
There's a new Tree Stump item - the Tree Stump Sink! It's available in Jam Mart Furniture.
So out of the 3 tree stump items so far, which is your favourite?


Survival Island Teams Are Posted!

Hi jammers!
I have chosen 12 jammers to compete in Survival Island! Click here to see if you made it!
If you made it you need to confirm that you're going to be in the gameshow by commenting on Survival Island!

Rainbow Scales and Rare Item Monday

Hi jammers!
There was an item that was released yesterday. It was the Rainbow Scales in Bahari Bargains.
Also, since today is Monday, it's Rare Item Monday! So today's rare is the Rare Seaweed Hair, also in Bahari Bargains.
Hurry and buy the item today, because once today is over, it won't be available anymore!


Enchanted Hollow - Walking On Walls Glitch (VIDEO)

Hi jammers!
Today I was on Animal Jam and my friend Jammie263 helped me learn the new Enchanted Hollow walking on walls glitch! Just like most new dens in AJ, the glitch requires a few steps.
Here is a video tutorial:

Step 1: Stand near the built-in bookshelf.
Step 2: Click on somebody else's playercard and open the games tab.
Step 3: Click on the dirt wall/ceiling stuff above the crystal hallway door thing.
Step 4: Quickly click on a game and then click cancel.
Step 5: You should be walking on walls!
It's very difficult if it's your first try and it might take a lot of tries before you can master it! Good luck!


Diamond Necklace

Hello Jammers! I guess nobody posted, so I am! Hehe. There is a new item today. It is:
A Diamond Necklace! Shiny... Haha. What do you think of it? Is it dull? Comment your thoughts. Come on, comment! You can do it! Well, that's all for today. Have an EPICLY EPIC day!

Come One, Come All... Sign Up for Survival Island!

I have updated it and now everyone can comment! Thank you jumping scary monkey for the heads up!
Have you ever wanted to go head to head with fellow jammers and compete in an online gameshow, that takes place right in your favourite online game? Well now is your chance!

In the Club Penguin world, there are many gameshow type competitions. Teams go head-to-head every week competing in challenges until there is only one winner left. So I decided to try creating my very own Animal Jam gameshow!

It's called Survival Island. Every week, 2 teams will compete in a challenge, on a XAT chat box and Animal Jam! The winning team will be safe, but the losing team will have to vote somebody off of their team. Sometimes, jammers might create alliances, to help keep themselves in the game. It is all about strategy!

If you'd like to sign up, click here!
Sign ups end soon!


Tree Stump Chair

What's Up Jammers! It's a me, brimad8! There is a new item today! It looks like this:
Tree Stump Chair! It will look good in the new den along with the tree stump table! What do you think? Are you buying this item? It is nature. It can be found on the first page of Jam Mart Furniture. That's about it! Have an EPICLY EPIC day!

New Carnival Game: Carnival Darts

Hi jammers!
It's been a while since jammers got a new game to play... So AJHQ has given us a new carnival game: Carnival Darts!
Use the left and right arrow keys to move left or right in the game, and the spacebar or the up arrow to shoot the darts!

What do you think?


Monkeys Will Be Returning To Jamaa!

Hi jammers!
Remember a few months back, when monkeys became extinct to Jamaa? Well, so far, jammers have donated 90 million gems - whoa! When 100 million gems are donated, monkeys will return to Jamaa!
To donate gems, go to the Conservation Museum - the museum that has been transformed purely to help conserve wildlife in Jamaa and educate kids on how to conserve wildlife in the real world! You can click on the donation box to donate gems.
How many gems have you donated?


Sea Turtle Pets Can Now Go On Land & Underwater

Hi jammers!
That's right! Sea Turtle pets can now be taken above land and under water! You can now buy turtles in Flippers N Fins.


Tree Stump Item and Enchanted Hollow Den

Hi jammers!
Today there's a new den as well as a bunch of other stuff in Jamaa! The new den is called the Enchanted Hollow.
It's a cool underground den. Is this the winner of the contest? Who knows :/
There is also a Tree Stump Table in Jam Mart Furniture.
Also, the Animal Jam Spirit blog's Jamaasian Movement seems to be working, as Animal Jam is bringing back the shamans!


Ruin Walls

Hello Jammers! Brimad8 here! There is a cool new item today. It looks like this:
Ruin Walls! It looks just like the ruin path except it is for a wall not a floor. Maybe there is going to be a new den called Ruins or something. What do you think? Comment your thoughts on the item and if there is going to be a Ruins den. This item can be found on the 1st page of Jam Mart Furniture. Well, that's all the new items for today! Have an EPICLY EPIC day Jammers!


Hi again,
A few days ago I was trading and there was a weird glitch:
When I put my cursor over the item I was trading, it showed up as 'Tooltip'. What in the world is a Tooltip? Is that an item coming out soon, or just a mistake? Comment if you have any ideas!

Ruin Path

Hey Jammers!
 Today's new item is the 'Ruin Path' in Jam Mart furniture: 
This would look cool in the fantasy den. But 450 gems just for a piece of pathway seems like a lot.

Rare Homemade Wings

Hi Jammers! It's me again, brimad8! Haha. There is a new rare item today because of Rare Item Monday! It looks like this:
Rare Homemade Wings! I have some homemade wings, but they are blue. These look pretty cool. They are kind of rarer then other Rare Item Monday's. What do you think? Comment. They are found on the 5th page of Jam Mart Furniture. They are members only and cost 650 gems. That's all for now Jammers! Have an EPICLY EPIC day!

New Author

Hey Jammers! It's me, brimad8! I am a new author on Animal Jam Community! I don't really know what to post, so... there is a new item today! It is:
The Stegosaurus Tail! It is available in the Summer Carnival clothes shop. Another tail item! I bet this will become rare. It is so expensive, though! I am going to wait to buy it until it goes on sale, hopefully. Now I just want to say, I am really thankful! Thanks Slidoo! You're awesome! Well I hope to see you Jammers in Jamaa! Have an EPICLY EPIC day! P.S. I have a blog called Animal Jam Epicly.

(My signature, you like?)

New Stuff

Hi jammers!
So uh, it appears that I'm going to have to hire some more authors... I can't post much anymore and my authors seem to have disappeared. Probably really busy as well.

Over the past few days there have been lots of new items. First, let's start with Jam Mart Furniture.
Here we have the Hanging Vines and Sunflower lamp.
Next let's go to Epic Wonders.
So I see we're moving away from the gold/silver/bronze stage and getting lots of Crystal stuff.
Finally, there is a new item at the pets only party. I don't have a picture, because I'm not a member, but it is some sort of turtle shell shelter for pets.


The Daily Explorer: News Crew Assignment 1 RESULTS

Hi jammers!
The Daily Explorer has posted the first ever News Crew Assignment results! The contest was to write an article about the Summer Carnival.
The winner was Eternal Fierywolf! Congratulations! This is what he/she wrote:
The Summer Carnival is a cool, fun place you can go to anytime in the summer! You may ask “Why should I go to the Summer Carnival?” Well, there are many reasons, but I am just going to tell you the basic three.
First, there are three awesome games you can play! There is Whack a Phantom, Phantom Ball, and (my personal favorite) Candy Catch! Second, there is oodles of…cotton candy! There are many different cones and colors to choose from! I’ve even heard rumors that you can get a special kind of cotton candy…awesome!
And the last reason to go to the Summer Carnival is because there are lots and lots of cool prizes for you to earn! You see, when you play any of the three games I listed above, you win tickets. With the tickets, you can buy cool prizes! Wow!
So what are you waiting for? Visit the Summer Carnival today!
Great article, Eternal! Now, I wonder what their prize is... AJ said something about a special badge for your playercard?

News Crew Assignment 2 should be out soon!


Stegosaurus Armour and More

Hi jammers!
There are 2 new items - the Stegosaurus Armour, which is in the Summer Carnival furniture booth, and the Crystal Couch, in Epic Wonders.

Modern System VS Weekly System?

Hi jammers!
In Animal Jam's past, updates - new items, dens, animals, etc - were released on Fridays, rather than randomly throughout the week. This was much easier for most bloggers and I think that many bloggers would agree with me that the Friday (or, more recently Thursday) updates were much easier for us to post, and more enjoyable for jammers.

There are pros and cons to both update systems. Let's list a few of each.

Every other Friday/Thursday update schedule - we'll call this the "Weekly System:"
Much easier for bloggers to post
Jammers know exactly when things will be released
Easier to be aware of all the new items
Causes very large traffic rushes on the update days

Randomly, Every Day - We'll call this the "Modern System:"
Prevents traffic "jams" or "rushes"
Smaller updates, so posting requires less time
Bloggers need to be on every day to post
Never know when/where things will be released
Less organized

If you prefer the modern system, make sure you tell me why you prefer it! If you prefer the weekly system (I prefer this), then what are your reasons for thinking this way?

Now, I'm sure that everyone is aware that Animal Jam is excellent at listening to users, and bloggers, like us. So if the majority of people/bloggers prefer the weekly system, maybe we can start a "petition" sort of thing to bring it back? We'll see how this vote goes.

So what are your opinions? Don't be shy, let us know!


RIM: Rare Coral Necklace, & More

Hi jammers!
It's Monday, which means... another rare item! Today's RIM rare item is the Rare Coral Necklace, which is in Bahari Bargains.
In Epic Wonders, there is a Crystal Chair.
Lastly, there is a Falling Phantoms game for dens in the Sol Arcade.
Remember to hurry up and buy the rare item, because it won't ever be in stores again after today!


August 2012 Member Gift: Golden Phantom Statue

Hi jammers!
The members only gift for August 2012 is a Golden Phantom Statue! Here are the 4 that members can get:
If you're a member, comment telling me which one you got! I personally like the second one the best, how about you?


Future Carnival Items

Hey Jammers!
Another random thing:
This is the stand where the carnival clothing items are sold. The items checked off in the picture have been sold, but on the top there are two items that are still unreleased. One appears to be a back item of dragon back plates, and the other is a dragon tail! these items could possibly be the coolest items in the carnival, so save your tickets for when these come out!


Shelf and Plushies

Hey Jammers!

Today's item is a Wavy Bookshelf in Jam Mart Clothing(it's nonmember!).

Also, I recently went on an extra account of mine, and this popped up:

Apparently all nonmember accounts or at least the oldest ones are getting whatever items are in their mail! If you happened to be nonmember and had a Legendary glove in your mail that you couldn't open, today is your lucky day! I am concerned though that this will significantly lessen the value of member gloves...

And just in case nobody has posted this yet...
There are sea plushies in the carnival.


Turtle Pets

Hi jammers!
If you're a member, you'll want to buy the newest pet - a turtle! You can buy one in the Claws N Paws store in Appondale.
I think turtle pets is a great idea! Have you bought a turtle pet yet?

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