Jamaaliday Gift 3 & Snowman Mask

Today is the third day of the Jamaalidays! The gift for today is the fun new Elf Shoes:

Okay, so these aren't exactly the coolest item. But they are kind of fun (and I'm sure the look good with the Elf Hat!).

Also, they fixed the mistake I mentioned yesterday, so now you don't have to click the arrow above the present.

The new items for today is another Wintery item, the Snowman Mask! You can find it in Jam Mart Furniture:

I always like this item, it's looks funny being so huge. It's almost creepy looking! This is what it looks like on the raccoon:

It is kind of similar to the eyeball from the Night of the Phantoms.

And just so you know, I have finished the winter theme for Animal Jam Community, and I will get it online very soon!



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