Jamaaliday Gift 22, 23 & Rare Hood With Feather

Hey Jammers! Sorry there was no post yesterday, I'll try to work that out with the other authors. In the world of Jamaa, for the 23rd day of the Jamaalidays, Mira has given each Jammer a Bow and Arrows!

The Bow and Arrows have always been one of the most popular items in Animal Jam, especially for nonmembers. There are two sets of colors, however, the "Rare" set (released in 2011) and this set (first released in 2012). Are you glad this set of colors is returning? Also, here is yesterday's gift, the Bag of Gifts!

In past years, this was given on the 25th of December. I wonder what gift it will be this year... As for new items, today is Rare Item Monday! The rare was kind of confusing to find, as it's sold in Epic Wonders!

Do you like this rare? It's a bit too expensive for me, as you can all see. And yesterday's item, the Gift Pile, is now for sale in Jam Mart Furniture.

What a useful item during the Jamaalidays. ^.^ Finally, we have a new post by AJHQ on The Daily Explorer. Go ahead and read it, this post is interesting.

It says they wonder if owning this item will help you in you Adventures, Do you think it will some day, or is this just a way to get you to spend you gems? On a random note, do you think AJHQ will continue making Brady's Expeditions?

It seems to me that they have forgotten about them. After all, the first one got a pretty bad reaction from Jammers, most thought it was too silly. So, here is the Comment Question:
Do you want AJHQ to make more of Brady's Adventures?
That's all for today Jammers!



  1. I want them to create more of Brady's Expeditions. After all, when it was first released they did say t was a series.

  2. I want more Brady's Expeditions. For some reason Brady makes me feel safe. I also like to see his reactions when i put him in the wrong place like the cold to look for snakes. ~surf4life123

  3. My birthstone finally came out!

  4. hey guys can you make me a member im rock29415 pass: rockanimal

  5. My wireless connection is WAY 2 slow. I could never get these Expeditions 2 load!! >:(

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. I think they should. Brady's Adventures are really fun, and you get gifts! Yay! Everyone loves gifts. Right?

    P.S Pumaa, can you change your den to the grey castle den?

    1. It's changed. Why did you want me to change it?

  8. They were quite rare back at that time...

  9. Wow I cant wait to see next years presents!!!


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