Cafe Neon Sign, More Theories and Possible Glitch

Hey guys, it's Penguin here! It's Saturday, so that means I can post again on The Animal Jam Community. Last week I didn't post because I was as sick as a dog. I'm sorry if I disappointed anyone! This week I had a slight change in my Google Plus profile: my name is now PenguinBoss AJ. It's not that much different, but I wanted to inform everyone that Animal Jam is the game I play. But anyways, let's begin today's post. Here is the new item!
This is cool! It looks like AJHQ is continuing the Cafe items.
And secondly, here is another Diamond Challenge on the Daily Explorer. Make sure to enter if you want!
 Here's something I'd like to show you guys: the possible idea of tunnels. I got this idea when SkyWatcher AJ commented something very interesting on The Animal Jam Spring. Their idea was how tunnels could be under Jamaa. This makes sense because could is there a passageway from Crystal Sands to Mt. Shiveer? Then I came up with the idea that there could be tunnels underwater if there are tunnels on land. Just look at this picture. Does it look like a tunnel passageway?
And finally, if you go to the top of Bahari Bay, your ocean animal can go slightly out of water.
Do you think this is a glitch, or did AJHQ intend for it to be that way?
That's all for this post, I hope you guys are coming up with many more ideas and theories now. What do you think about these ones? Comment your thoughts! I'll see you in my next post.

Den Sets

     Hey guys, its me, Cerise. Today's post is going to be short because I have no idea what to put in it and my idea is actually really short. I am sorry for not posting the last couple weeks for my life has been... interesting. Anyways, today I will be talking about the concept of den sets.
        So you guys know about how AJ releases den items that usually share a theme together such as the cafe set or the pixelated set or even the space set. Well, this is my opinion on those sets. Number one of all, I really love them. The detail AJHQ puts into them is incredible and the idea of togetherness really helps avid den decorators to come up with themed dens like a pyramid den or the pixelated den. It is really cohesive and pretty. However, I have one problem with them. The one problem is that sometimes, you want every single one of the items in the den set. So, you go out and buy it and usually they are all the same colors for you want it to match. However, depending on how many of each thing you need, you may end up just spam-clicking to get the desired amount on one of them. So, an idea I have is to offer a whole set of all of those den items that belong in one set and oyu would just type in the number of items for each item. Then, you would just click buy and boom, you have a whole set of items ready for decorating. Today's post was super short and next week's won't be, I promise. SO for now, Happy Hump Day!

Helping Endangered Animals!

Hey everyone! Graciepopstar91 here! Whew! Felt like just yesterday I did my very first post! Time has just been flying, huh? Annnnywho! Time to jump into the post! Today I will be talking about... Chocolate. I know it sounds weird, but I'm not going to be talking about any ordinary chocolate, this chocolate helps support endangered animals! Its called "Endangered Species Chocolate"!

Front of the package 

Back of the package

This chocolate is gluten free as well, and it helps animals! How cool?

Inside of the package 

As you can see, inside of the package is loaded with Otter information! Something really heartbreaking that caught my eye, is a scale that says Sea Otter population is decreasing. But buying this chocolate is such a great way to help. Because 10% of the money you pay for it, goes to endangered animals! Its not very much, but its something. 

You can also help endangered animals on Animal Jam! Simply go to the world, Appondale, and go inside the Conservation Museum, and click the donation box! The box looks like this:

When you click on it, you can donate to either a Tiger, Lion, or Cheetah. 

You can donate as little as 10 gems, to as much as 5,00 gems!

I hope you all enjoyed this weeks post!

Heres this weeks Bible verse. 

Proverbs 11:2

Pride leads to disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.

Not humility meaning being laughed at then feeling upset, or humiliated this kind of humility means being humble. 

Remember, God made YOU!

Rare Item Mondaaaayyyy!

Greetings, Jammers! It's Arctic! Yep... That's the intro for today... Want to move on? Haha, alright:

Today is Monday, which means we have an all new Rare to examine. So, let's see what we have today!

Today's Rare is the Rare Binoculars, sold for 1000 gems in Jam Mart Clothing! Though it's just a recoloured item, I like this rare! The big issue though is that it is only for members.  This is a bit unfair,  as the original item itself is a non-member item. AJHQ should really make better rares that are available to everyone! If you like this item, be sure to buy today while it is still in stores!

And now, it is time for the factual part of this post:

Our word of the day:

Cantankerous: Grumpy and uncooperative

The meaning might not be the best, but what a word! So much more artful than cranky, and just overall such an interesting word to say! Cantankerous. Cantankerous. Cantankerous. I could say this all day!

Our fact of the day:

Potatoes were the very first food ever grown by humans in Space. 

Those potatoes were truly out of this world!

Have an excellent day my friends!

See you next week!

Feel freeeeee to contact me at !

My Apologies

Hey guys, Penguin here.
Yesterday I didn't make a post because I just recently got sick again and I now have a bad sunburn on my back. I was resting in bed all day to make myself feel better, and I didn't want to get up and go to the computer. I'm sorry I didn't post, but now I'm starting to feel better and I promise I'll post next week. Until then, this is Penguin signing off.

Absence for Today

Greetings Jammerinos, Arcticstar here!

I am writing this post quite late at night over here where I am, because Sunday (or rather, "today" when you folks read this!) is a busy day for me this week. I'll be waking up early to handle final things regarding my move, and won't have the time to post.

I will definitely be back on Monday with a new RIM post! So take the day off, relax, and have an excellent Sunday!

P.S. For those of you interested in how the author spot tryouts are coming along, here is what is currently going on. I have received several applications, and are reviewing them carefully to decide which would be most suitable for the blog. This process will go on for about 1 more week (results will be released next Sunday or Monday), as I want to make sure I am being fair, and I also want to make sure that everyone interested has had a chance to submit! Thanks for your patience!

Feel free to contact me (and enter an author submission!) at !


General here! Today, AJHQ released a new animal: the sloth! (They walk much faster than real-life sloths do...)

In other news, the Jamaaliday Jam party is returning in three days! Just like last year, AJ is celebrating winter a few months early.

AJHQ also announced pet meerkats today! They only come with gift card codes, so hopefully they'll still be around when General needs to renew his membership in three months...

That's all for today! Unfortunately, this might be General's last post until autumn...but nothing's final yet! Thank you for reading!

My Very First Post On AJC!

Hey everyone! I am Graciepopstar91! Your brand new author! I am the founder/owner of The Animal Jam Friendship Community! I got my inspiration for my blog, from this blog! When Arcticstar told me I was going to be an author here, it was the most amazing feeling. I am definitely pleased and honored to be here. Annnywho! Time to jump into the main part of this post! Today I'm going to be talking about... Animal Jam Toys! Seems to be a big hit around the globe lately! I'm also going to tell you how to get a free Animal Jam Toy! Here we go!

Animal Jam Toys are being sold at select Walmart stores. Thats what got me... When I found out about these toys, it was just like "Oh okay, cool." But then later I found myself calling tons of Walmart stores. Almost all of them did not carry these toys. It was starting to sound like a total myth. But when I called one Walmart, they said they carried it! I felt like I was going to scream. Afterwards I laughed the most evilest laugh... Don't ask.. Anyways, we got to Walmart and found these lil' guys!

I was so excited! But then, we went to this Walmart again after church, and found the display empty! So then me and my family, and an employee went on a wild chase for these toys. They ended up being hidden in different spots. That ended up being the last of my Animal Jam Adopt A Pet Toys. But! We went to a different Walmart, and found these toys instead!:

(Right side of the display) These toys are new Animal Jam Plushies! It comes with a secret code! With the secret code, you will get a plushie on Animal Jam that looks like the real one! I got a bunny plush, and my niece has a monkey! Heres what they look like in game: 

Cool huh?

(Front of the display) These toys are pretty much like Littlest Pet Shop houses with little figurines inside! These also give you items. 

(Left side of the display) These toys are figurines with accessories! The bunny gives you Faerie Wings, and the penguin gives you a Windjammer hat! *Tip* sometimes you can identify what item you will get from these, by looking at these figurines! One item will probably get your attention because its not in game. 

Now to end this extremely long first post! I am going to tell you how to get a free Animal Jam Toy! Click here and have your parents or guardian fill out the needed information, and an Animal Jam Toy will come in the mail! (You will also get a one week free membership!) Im not 100% which toy which toy you will receive, because I have not gotten mine yet. I'll let you all know as soon as I get my toy! 

I promise I'll keep my posts shorter. I guess when I'm on a roll with writing, I can't stop! 

Something you must know about me is that I am a Christian. So every time I do a post (which is every Tuesday), I would like to include a Bible verse! Heres it is!

Luke 6:37

Do not judge others, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn others, or it will all come back against you. Forgive others, and you will be forgiven.

Remember, God made YOU!

Until next Tuesday, this is Graciepopstar91 signin' off!

Rrrrrrrrrare Item Mmmmmmonday!

Greetings Jammers, Arctic here ~ welcome to a new post! It's Monday, so we'll be kicking it off as usual with all about the new rare item. However, before that, we have other important things to talk about!

My post from yesterday details the new arrival of a new author, Graciepopstar91, so be sure to read that post if you haven't already. She will be posting on Tuesdays from now on, so stay tuned! To those of you who have already sent in your submissions for a spot as a new AJC author, I want to thank you! It is wonderful to see people that are so dedicated to writing wish to show their skills as authors. It will take a while to decide, however, as I want everyone to have a chance to send in their submissions for the author tryouts, and I want to take my time and make a good final decision!

The Rare Item for today is the Rare Egyptian Hat, which comes in an interesting blue and bubblegum pink kind of colour. The original colour of the Egyptian Hat always looked like hair to me (which I think it is supposed to be) but the other colour combinations looked a bit odd, and remind me of woven cloth. I might buy this rare, I might not - I don't personally see myself wearing it any time soon! Nonetheless, I'm sure it will make for a great outfit, so if you are interested, you can buy this item for 1,000 gems in Jam Mart Clothing!

Maybe I'll start making idea outfits for Rare Item Mondays to try and challenge myself, and give you guys and idea of how the item could be worn!

And now it is time for the factual part of this post:

Our word of the day:

Meticulous: Precise and careful; great attention to detail

Unfortunately I don't tend to be as meticulous as I should about my writing - my posts tend to be a bit wacky and all over the place!

Our fact of the day:

Brussels Sprouts grow in strange stalks!

Was I the only one who thought they were little mini cabbages and grew like cabbages? Here's a picture of the interesting plant:

Picture from Wikipedia
The more you know!

Sorry folks, but there won't be a comic for today - Pouncing is having something of a nervous breakdown from yesterday and is recovering slowly. Have a great day!

Feel free to contact me at !

Items, A New Author (and an open spot!) and Jammer Sundae Number Who Even Knows?

G-G-G-Greetings Jammers, it's Arctic here back with a Jammer Sundae post! Woo, has it ever been a while? What number of Jammer Sundae is this? #57? What ever the number is, we still have to go through what's new today in Jamaa, so let's get onto that first shall we?

Before that, though, I have some important news to announce! Several considerate, kind readers such as yourselves have offered me help with posting on the blog, which I really appreciate. With dear Grace gone from the blog, it's hard for the authors to keep up posting!

Through the requests, one struck me in particular. A good friend of mine, Graciepopstar91 (Gracie) had offered to take up one of the days as well. Having had previous posting experience on an excellent blog of her own, I didn't hesitate to accept her offer. Gracie will have her pick of either Tuesday or Friday as a posting day. After she reveals her choice to me, one open posting day will remain. If you are interested in being an author, please contact me at my email (written at the bottom of every post) with a sample post, a brief explanation about who you are, and why you want to become an author! I'm excited to hear from you all, and even more excited for Gracie to start posting!

Today's new items are the Frog Hat and the Moon Stained Glass. The Frog Hat is adorably silly, and would make for a great outfit! I haven't bought one, but it looks fun and interesting. The Moon Stained Glass is very nice, I've always liked windows, they make the den so much roomier looking. The Stained Glass style windows that AJHQ have been making are particularly beautiful, and I definitely feel like I will be buying this item in the future! The Frog Hat can be bought for 650 gems in Jam Mart Clothing, and the Moon Stained Glass can be bought for 750 in Jam Mart Furniture!

Ah, now that we've gotten that through with, let's get on with our -

I don't even know, Pouncing. I don't even know. Looks like I'll be following Little's advice from now on though! Tell me in the comments what you want to see in Jammer Sundaes, and I'll do my best to provide!

And now, it is time for the factual part of this post:

This week I thought I'd do a fact about my posting for fun:

It takes Arctic over an hour to do these ridiculous cutaway scenes and sketches between Pouncing and Little. In this particular post, a little over 22 screenshots had to be made in order to combine images so that both Pouncing and Little could be arguing on screen at the same time!

It takes a crazy long time, but it's worth it if you guys enjoy it - I want to make my posts as exciting as possible! Oh how I love doing these sketches!

Sorry for the long post my friends! See you tomorrow bright and early with a Monday Rare post!

As always, feel free to contact me at !

Eagle Window and More Jamaasian Language

Hey Jammers! Penguin here.
Today is Saturday and that means it's time for me to post here. So, let's begin. Here is the new item, which can be found in Jam Mart Furniture, the Eagle Window.
And here is the latest version of The Daily Explorer.
 After finding the new item, I was looking around Jamaa for more proof that there's an actual Jamaasian language. Here are some more screenshots of it, found in he Chamber of Knowledge:

Finally, I'd like to give a shout-out to one of my friends Lilkinzie. Today was her birthday, so I sent her a beta, but she sent it back in a generous manner.
Okay, that's all I have for this post, I'll see you guys in my next one. You can read more posts from me daily on The Animal Jam Spring and continue reading the other author's posts on this blog every day. Thanks for viewing, this is Penguin signing off.
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