Woven Dogs + Marsupial


What does it take to make a woven hat? A lot of the material they use in it and a nice cotton butterfly.
Get your very own in Jam Mart Clothing!

Brady Barr answers if hyenas are dogs or not in his laboratory.
I never judged them. They almost looked like bears to me.

And check out Cosmo's post on koalas.
Hey's got the right qualifications. I was not going to use the pun. Kudos Cosmo!


Phantom Repellant


Soldiers, we have a war going on...with the phantoms! These varmints are wrecking havoc all over Jamaa, and we need YOU to help us! Purchase today's new item, the camouflage jacket!
This does not apply to geckos, crocks, and any animal that's green.

If you're underwater, hide between giant kelp!
Tierney has lots to tell about the subject!

And it's important to remember important details about the phantoms, so train your memory in the double gems game, Mira Says!
Find it on your own! A good soldier can!


Summer Sets and Carnival Laughs


Hyenas have ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-rrived!
They're waiting for you in the Diamond Shop, for the price of ten of the hard gemstones.
Their colors might not be found on the palette, so be careful in choosing shades.

Buttercups and Grannies


How many rhymes can you make using the tune of patty cake?
So golden brown and yellow in the center, of course it would be sold in Jam Mart Furniture.

Grannies are endangered, according to this arctic wolf!
No more kisses and bedtime stories! We need to act fast!

Summer's around the corner, though spring felt like it to many people.
Isn't shine on a song?


Slow Teethy Egg Whites


As tempting as it is, the daisy rug is not an egg, and you should not try to eat today's new item!
What else does it look like to you? Me? A cookie.

Tierney tells the size of a squid's eye in her latest video in her aquarium.
If I was ever going on a submarine ride, I would definitely want Tierney with me. She knows so much about the creatures of the deep. And she could tell which way the sub would go.

Scientists have found some evidence that may lead to the finding of the Megalodon.
It may still be alive, as ferocious it may be.

And slow-mo over to the slow loris.
Just look at its eyes!


Who's Afraid Of The Dentist? Not Me!


I've gone to the dentist but don't lose hope. A post is coming up right after I come back!



Look like a  miner '49er from Tunnel Town with this rare moustache!
The pattern is so...exotic.

And who better  to showcase how one looks other than the Emperor tamarin?
He looks so wise! Someone ask him the chicken and the egg question!

Since hyenas are coming soon, and not many people know about them, here's a video:
Any thing that surprised you, or were they just common everyday carnivore facts?


Flower, Nectar, & Animal Remains


You know, I've noticed Jamaa finally has a spring-related item, the lily rug!
I think it represents the growing of nature after all the heavy weather, and is free to bloom in the sunshine. I personally like rain though.

Hummingbirds are quite the winged creatures, eh?
And even though they're the smallest species of all birds, their family is second for the largest species, which is 343.

And watch your backyard for fossils...
...for you could be the next paleontologist.


Big Thank You!

Hello jammers!
I would like to take the time to thank our blog team and all of you!
I have been extremely inactive and came on to multiple pleasant surprises - the fact that Ronen is keeping the blog updated is amazing. I owe a huge thank you to him and to Pumaa for helping set him up with the tools he needs to make AJC the best it can be! It truly amazes me that AJC is now more than a blog, but a platform for other bloggers. I am not active here; I don't really do anything anymore. Pumaa and Ronen have grown by leaps and bounds on this blog, and I am so glad that whenever the current leaders do become inactive, there is always someone eager to take over and create a new era of AJC. So a huge thank you to Pumaa, Ronen, and all other past authors here!

The other one involves page views. Back when the blog launched - nearly FOUR years ago - we were in the top 2 for popularity. In June of 2011, we hit an astonishing record of page views in a month with over 44,000.

In March of this year, 2014, we broke that record and hit more than 58,000 hits in a single month! An amazing comeback considering that just in January, we weren't even getting half of that... and in October, we hit our all time low of only 4,000 a month. That is a HUGE comeback, in my opinion!

And just today we officially reached 750,000 views. 3 Quarters of a million! Wow!

So my thanks goes out to all of you... all of you who read the blog daily and rely on us to provide you with the latest AJ updates.

I'll see if I can start up some contests and such soon!


Sweet Cats and Pillbox Hats!


Fashion just got better, for today's new item is the pillbox hat!
It was an unreleased adventure item. Do you think these types of items are still worth something since you didn't purchase them, or are they worthless because they can now be bought?

Shops these days, glitching out on the public and all, not enough to buy the items. Psh!
But if you really don't have enough, try Gem Ball on for size.
It's on double gems, and the jackpots are worth it! Just yesterday I got the double jackpot achievement, which is hard!

And hop on over to the Daily Explorer for some kangaroo information from Graham.
When I get membership, I was planning on buying an eagle for the new adventure and a kangaroo. Is it worth it? Generally four legged animals look a bit similar, so I could just wait to get the arctic wolf and snow leopard and the cheetah. What do you think?


Patchy Narwhals


Nothing like some old fashioned clothing in the near end of May, aye?
What else could the patched hat look like?

Narwhals are the unicorns of the sea, and they're featured on the Daily Explorer.
Long ago, narwhals were thought to be a myth.

Look out for other creatures of the deep!


Land, Ho!


Lots of water-themed posts lately, and it doesn't look like they'll end soon. Today's new item? None other than the lawn sprinkler of course!
To be honest, I never had these when younger. I don't necessarily like to get wet, just simply play outside in the hot, scorching sun, after drinking a refreshing, cool, icy, cold, glass of water.

And here's Awesome Snowydog with the news crew news!
Mine is Appondale. It has interesting history. Who could forget the tree that had a long-lasting glitch?


Jellyturtles and Aquaflies


Somebody call Niagara, for it's just been replaced...
...with a waterfall sprinkler! A couple of these in a water park den make for a good water slide.

Lots of creatures can be found in the spring. Look what Brady Barr's daughter's friend found in the latest creature feature!
What do you think about turtles? Do you have one in real life or in-game?

And this isn't all. Don't be surprised to see a swarm of butterflies, for they're the basis of this week's Jammer art!

And let's not forget our undersea pals, the jellyfish. But how can they navigate without eyes?
Fun Fact: jellyfish can sting, even when not alive.


Beta Buddy Fountain


Don't you just feel so bad for spring? I's being overrun with summery items. I mean, is it warm enough for today's item to be a fountain sprinkler?
Then again, these items could just be in honor of the heatwave party.

My buddy list scroll bar is under maintenance as it seems.
While it refreshes itself, let's take a look at an old video:

This was one of the first few trailers for National Geographic's Animal Jam.
I've seen quite the debate on whether the beta phase should return. If it did, all the fun features in the game would be gone, and since everyone then had equal rights, then nobody would be deemed rare. If AJHQ ever decided to return to that stage, I would mostly look forward to the artwork and the three story dens.

What would you want out of the beta phase? Do you think it should return? Do you think it's possible to change it back from what Jamaa is now?


Leech Metal


Fight off the phantoms this Monday with the rare elf armor!
After donning this metallic back item, the phantoms should be the ones fearing you!

The metal is strong to withhold their attacks and electrocutions!
Never lose a heart again, for the metal that went into making this item is strong and weapon-piercing!

I discovered something today.
3+4+5=12, right? Gems is made up of four letters, which added to the amount of letters in the game I received the gems from, Hedge Hog, is also twelve. Coincidence? I think not!

Are leeches insects or sea creatures?
Find out in Brady's Laboratory!


Woody Signatures


Remember when you were little and normal sized objects felt heavy? Well, that seems to be the case with today's new item, the ten gallon hat!
Pretty good for some Toy Story role-plays, eh? The other cowboy hat didn't really look like Woody's.

Okay, I've figured out which Alpha posts which post! Graham does informational posts, like the one below.
Liza is adventure news and Jammer Snaps. Cosmo are AJ Academy projects. Peck is Jammer art, and Sir Gilbert must be... I don't know.


Inline Warm Portals


Inline skates are awesome. Take it from me, a penguin who's never worn them.
The tip of the skates look like nostrils. Or eyes. Or whatever your imagination sees.

And speaking of penguins, watch the latest video about them doing the wave!
Wave your flippers in the air like you just couldn't be bothered!

The solar system is a vast place. It's made up of a lot of dwarf planets.
Who else to report this? None other than Graham, the monkey Alpha!
It would be super ironic if Cosmo took his place.

Speaking of space, imagine all the role-plays you could do in Jamaa? Including Doctor Who?
These den portals must have some reference to Doctor Who! Name as many fandoms you can role-play as in Jamaa!

And last piece of news but not least, the updated version of a beloved Jam-a-Gram, Horseplay!
I like both equally to be honest. It reminds me of My Little Pony.

Kwaheri Communiteers!

Princess & Tiaras


Today's item is a used one in fairy tales as old as time, the fairy princess hat!
Seems a lot like a cone, lace and cotton balls. But being creative does not require expensive or best class equipment. Try out a project today with supplies around the home, why not? Remember to always ask a parent.

Just when I thought I would forget about it...
The head profile! I don't really know the whole purpose of this glitch. Seems like a den pattern. Wouldn't it be interesting to have animal pattern walls? I guess it seems far-fetched and could be taken as the wrong idea.

And now a post on the Daily Explorer.
What's your high score on AJ Jump?

It's time to sign out of this post!
Did you know the log out link became smaller?

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