Jamaaliday Gift 11, Scarf & Jump for Apple

Hello Jammers! I have a new laptop now, so I will be able to work on the blog more often! Windows 8 is kind of confusing, though. I'm still getting used to it.

In Jamaa, you should receive a gift from Mira of 600 gems!

There is also a new item to be found in Jam Mart Clothing: the Jamaaliday Scarf!

love this item. The colors are great, it's for nonmembers, and it doesn't have the modern-art style that so many of the other items have these days.

As a side topic, the Jump Website has been updated! First off, it tells us that Jump is now available for iOS (any mobile Apple device)!

Also there are two new videos. The first is an advertisement for Jump:

And the second is just a fun wintery video by AJHQ, with great graphics!

I love the new style AJHQ has been using on videos, the graphics are so smooth and perfect. Do you think they will make our animals in Animal Jam like that?



  1. Aww I'm sad the scarf is out. I like being unique when they weren't out and quite a bit of people wanted one. I guess other people will get a chance to get one though.
    ~ dooda123

  2. I RLLY hope that they don't change the animals animation! I love it the way it already is! O and u can get Jump on Kindle if u look @ the Amazon app store. Its a website... ^.^


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