Umbrella Hat

Today's new item, the umbrella hat, costs 1,000 tickets and is for sale at the summer carnival.
I don't really know if I like this item so much. It looks kind of quirky and uneven-ish. Like, if I actually wore that I'd probably fall over! He he.

Fit for a King

Hello Jammers!
Sorry about the lack of posting, I've been busy with other things. Ugh, I can be so unreliable!

The all new diamond crown looks very fancy. It kind of resembles a perfume bottle..

COMMENT CALL: What do you think of this item?

Terrace Creature Art

Today's new item follows up with yesterday's new item:
You can even flip it around!

All new creature feature by AJHQ!

New Jammer Art!

Animal Jam Mobile Preview!

Considering how the mobile township looks, I think beta days are coming back, but on mobile!


Rare Samurai Helmet

Today's RIM is...
Wow, a Rare Samurai Helmet!
It has this unique purpley color that you don't see on a whole lot of stuff.

That's all Jammers! Bye!

Quilted Blankets and Flying Seals

 Greetings, Jammers and Web-Surfers!
 Today's daily new item is the Quilted Blanket. It's a perfect substitute to the old blanket in the Cocoa Hut.
Hmm.. kind of goes with the patched couch from yesterday! Are we seeing a theme here?
Here's a crazy glitch that happened to me in the sky above a Crystal Palace den.
A seal is just floating around in the sky. And even stranger, my buddy doesn't see him on her screen!
Speaking of strange...
Don't ask.

Patched Couch + Trivia!

So I'm going to be posting for our usual author while he's away.
Ah, today's new item - the patched couch. It resembles yesterday's patched chair.
Which resembles the grass chair.
 Which resembles the grass couch.
You get the point. There's a lot of chairs and stuff.

Soooo yeah..
EXTRA: Comment the location of the picture below for a chance to win a small prize!
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