Jamaaliday Gift 9 & Rare Jamaaliday Top Hat

It snowed yesterday! At least where I am. I love snow. ^.^ In the world of Jamaa, for the 9th day of the Jamaalidays, Mira has given every Jammer an Inflateable Snowman!

What a funny item! Have you ever seen a house with a giant inflated snowman? I have. It does a pretty good imitation of one, too:

Haha. Moving on, today is Rare Item Monday! Today's rare is the Jamtastic and wintery Rare Jamaaliday Hat!

It only comes in one color, of course, but isn't it awesome? Here is a design I made with my fox for it:

What an awesome item! Too bad it's Members-only. I think someday this will be really rare!

Thanks for reading, Jammers! Keep checking back, though, because I have something fairly important I'll be posting later.


PS: I have update the Lands pages with new, better graphics!


  1. I agree with u Pumaa! Its a pretty cutesy funny items!

  2. I really really love this gift! One of my faves of all of 'em! ;)

    1. Ya this is pretty cool gift!!! I have a snow men family one.


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