Pet Princess Chair & Hidden Shop

Click here for some Jamaaliday graphics!
Click here for a guide on Worn Blankets!

First off, today's new item is in a hidden shop! In the Play as Your Pet Party, become a flying pet, then fly to the to of the room. You should find a floating shop with more small pet items!

The new item sold there is called a Pet Princess Chair:

Okay, I have to tell you guys. This is ridiculous. That image is actually a GIF with all the item colors. That's right. This item comes in ten different colors, and the only thing that changes is a tiny little gem that no one cares about. See it? That little spec in the center of the chair. I spent the longest time trying to figure out which colors there were and where they were repeating ect. My question is this: Why did AJHQ make ten different colors of that little gem, and make the rest of the chair stay exactly the same?

(By the way, that was a rhetorical question meant for AJHQ, but hey, if you want to answer it that's fine with me.)


Jamaalidays Graphics

Tomorrow is the first of December, meaning we will get our first Jamaaliday gift! Animal Jam HQ has sent out an email to everyone with some information about the Jamaalidays. Be sure to check that! They also sent a cool Jamaalidays graphic (please give credit if you take it from AJC):

Cool! I love the colors. If only it were bigger... There are also two new posts on AJHQ's blog The Daily Explorer.

The New Animal post includes another graphic! This one is quite large, it would make a good blog or desktop background. Click it for a bigger size:

Thanks for reading, and we will add the new item ASAP! If you were wondering, the new Animal Jam Community Winter theme will be released next Thursday (December 5), when Animal Jam updates with the Jamaalidays!


Animal Jam Rare Items - Worn Blankets

Worn Blankets (often just called worns) are one of Jamaa's most wanted items. They are very rare, so you have to trade a lot to get one. The first four colors (gray, green, pink, cream) were released in October 2010 for the first Night of The Phantoms, and were never resold. The newer four colors (blue, dark purple/indigo, red, brown) can be won by reaching the top of Sky High since October 2012. The light purple Worn Blanket (with RARE badge) is not nearly as Rare. It was sold in the Leap Year Party in February 2012. Here is the order of Rareness:

From Rarest to Least Rare


Worn Blankets are very Rare to most people, but are less Rare some other items like Founders' Hats and Spiked Collars, The are usually more Rare than nonmember Pirate Swords (also to be won in Sky High) but of course it depends on the color. The light purple Worn Blanket (with RARE badge) is only about a tenth of the value of the next-to-least-Rare, the green Worn Blanket.

Red and Brown Worn Blankets
Do not be tricked by these two very similar colors! 

Red on the Left, Brown on the Right

At first glance, these two can look exactly the same. They are not! The red color is actually quite a bit more Rare than the brown. Don't be tricked into a bad deal!

Any questions/comments/opinions? Comment them below!

3 Years on AJ & Pile of Snowballs

Today is November 29! It was on this day in 2010 that I first joined Animal Jam. That means I have been playing for 3 years now! I've played so long I joined AJ only two months after Beta Testing finished. I remember the old Crystal Sands (wild beach, no water slides!). I even remember getting sent Spiked Collars as a monthly member gift! I even was there when Mt. Shiveer and Appondale first came out. (And by the way, the Mt. Shiveer release was way more exciting than Kimbara Outback, for one reason or another.)

Anyway, enough of that. Today's new item is the Pile of Snowballs in Jam Mart Furniture.

It only comes in one color, of course, because they are snowballs. The funny thing is it is sold in a furniture store. Why would a furniture store sell snowballs? Why would any store sell snowballs? I guess we just have to use are imaginations.

Be prepared, Jammers, now that November is almost over, AJHQ is going to be releasing all sorts of items for Winter and the Jamaalidays! Even the theme here at Animal Jam Community will change from Autumn to Winter!

Here is the Comment Question:
When did you join Animal Jam?
It's a simple question, just take a few seconds to answer it in a comment! Also, you can answer the new poll on the right sidebar!


Happy Feast of Thanks

Hey Jammers, Zach94 here. So, there actually is TWO new items, rather than none. These two items are found at the Play-as-your-pet Party, so they were easy to not find. We have the teensy Pet Diner Stool -

Scooter Jammer of Animal Jam Sky Blog's Picture

And also, we have the Pet Stone Chair! Now your pets can be Clan-Leaders along with you! 

Scooter Jammer of Animal Jam Sky Blog's Picture

You can edit the color of the seat on the Pet Diner Stool, and the Diamond on the Pet Stone Chair.

That's all the new AJHQ brought to us today! Don't eat too much turkey, and see you in Jamaa!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving To all our American viewers!

By the way, you see that turkey on the left there? That's just about the most awesome and yet most dangerous costume to wear on Thanksgiving. (People were trying to eat me!)

Unfortunately AJHQ has apparently take the day off, as there is no new item.

So, since there is no new item, try this. Dress up a rabbit like this:

Then, go in a crowded room and say, "I'm a turkey!" See the reaction you get! It's quite scary.


PS: I forget to say this on Wednesday's post, but I saw Catching Fire on Tuesday and it was really awesome. I recommend it!

Striped Scarf

Today's item is another Jamaalidays item, the Striped Scarf, in Jam Mart Clothing:

I wonder why they won't release more Autumn items while they can. It won't be Winter for another month! Anyway, I really like this item. The colors are great, It looks especially good on rabbits:

Here is the very similar Jamaaliday Scarf from last year. Which do you think looks better?

Also, there are two new posts on AJHQ's Daily Explorer, about Elephants and Jammer Art!


Candle Ornament

Jamaa's Feast of Thanks is only two days away! Most of you are probably off from school now. I get off tomorrow. 

Today's items is strangely more of a Jamaalidays item, or at least it was in the past. In December 2011 and 2012, the Candle Ornament was released as a Jamaaliday decoration, but this year it seems it is just a candle. You can find it in Jam Mart Furniture:

Strange, this item has been released in 10 different colors! Most only come in 8. I wonder if AJHQ made a mistake. (Did you know in 2010 most items were released in only four colors?)

The Candle Ornament has always been one of my favorite den decorations. You can put it anywhere in any den, but it looks especially good in the Gingerbread House den and the Ice Castle, being the more wintery dens. Here is a little setup you can do in any den:

Just put a candle on a Fancy Fireplace, it looks really good! So, I guess From now on I will alternate between giving examples of how to use the latest item, and a Comment Question. Will that be better?

Any way, Happy Feast of Thanks!


RIM: Rare Faerie Wings

Today is Rare Item Monday! Unfortunately, today's rare isn't too cool looking, but if you like Faerie Wings, it's for you!

A bit expensive, for an item that doesn't look too cool, but I guess that is what makes it Rare.

Here is today's comment question:
What is your favorite animal in Animal Jam? Why do you like it?
I think mine is a cheetah:

Thanks for reading! I will try to get an extra post in this afternoon, so keep checking back!


Play-as-Your-Pet Party Guide

Hey Jammers, today I finally got into the Play-as-Your-Pet Party!

If you haven't been able to get in yet, you can watch this video guide:

What are your thoughts about Jamaa's newest party? Tell us in a comment!


PS: Please do not tell your password in a comment. Unfortunately, no one will give you free membership and you are far more likely to be hacked.

PPS: Scroll down to see today's new item!

Coral Snowman

Hey Jammers, are you enjoying your weekend? How many of you have some days next week off for thanksgiving? Anyway, today's new item is on the third page of Sunken Treasures in Kani Cove.

I think the is an interesting item with good colors, but unfortunately it is only for underwater dens which means few people will buy it.

And here is the comment question:

What do you think is the rarest item in Animal Jam?

Personally, I would guess Light Purple Gazelle Horns. There are only one or two known to exist!

Stay tuned, I will post a Play-as-Your-Pet Party guide ASAP!



Sorry, no new items today! But I have a question for those viewing the blog: Are any of you seeing the new Catching Fire movie today? Or any time soon? You can answer in a comment!

PS: The tabs are back, sorry for any trouble.

Jamaa Journal Vol. 104

Today is update day! The main part of today's update is the all new "Play-as-your-Pet" Party:

Unfortunately, the party isn't on yet, but we will be sure to post about it once we can get in.

On page two, we an advertisement for Animal Jam Membership gift cards:

That looks pretty cool! Too bad the only way to get it is if you go all the way to Walmart or Target (I don't live close to either of those).

On page three, they confirm what we already thought: Deer are coming to Jamaa for the Jamaalidays!

And also, we have a brand new video about Adventures, and Alphas. Click the video in the newspaper while you are playing to watch it! Here is a screenshot:

Is the video too kiddish? Or Modern? Or do you like it just the way it is? Comment and tell us!

On page four, AJHQ is reminding us that we will get a gift every day we log in to Animal Jam during the month of December!

Also, for the next two weeks, every game in Jamaa will currently give double the gems it normally would!

This is a great opportunity to earn thousands of gems, don't waste it!

And finally, on page five, there is an advertisement for another mobile game by Animal Jam:

Apparently the game isn't released yet, but we''ll be sure to tell you when it is!

And last, but not least, the well know Turkey Hat is being resold in Jam Mart Clothing:

Even though it may look a little weird, the Turkey Hat will always be one of the Animal Jam classics. It's first four colors were released in November 2010, around the time I first joined!

Thanks for reading, and remember to check back every day for more updates!



Hey Jammers, today the item is underwater. Goggles are now available in Bahari Bargains, in Bahari Bay. Here are the eight colors:

Personally, I wish the artists working for AJHQ should spend more time making better looking items. Nobody really uses Items like these, at least not usually. I wonder if they are running out of ideas, because they used to make better items then now.

Also, I have finished the Lands section of the Jamaa page! I made an awesome interactive map of Jamaa, and there is a page about every land in Jamaa, with free graphics! Check it out here...

Thank you to those who answered the Comment Question yesterday. The best way you can help to get the blog active and make people want to keep viewing is by commenting! Today's comment question is this:
What is you favorite rare item? Why do you like it?
I think mine is a Founders' Hat:

Thanks for reading!


Blogroll Information

First off, I'd like to thank Pumaa for the amazing new theme! I can definitely say I am proud to officially name him co-owner of AJC, after his long term dedication and tremendous help over the past few years!

In other news, the blogroll is back on the sidebar, with some new requirements. If you would like to be added to our blogroll, we ask that you add us to a blogroll on your website or adding one of our banners to your website (these can be found on the SUPPORT page).

Once you have done so, comment here with your blog URL and Pumaa or myself will add you to our blogroll on the side of the website.

Happy jamming!

Pencil Table

Hey Jammers, today's item is in Jam Mart Furniture, the Pencil Table! As far as I know, this is a brand new item. Here are the eight different colors:

Pretty cool animation, right? Unfortunately it takes a while to make, so some days I will probably still use a normal image.

Also, if you haven't already, please answer the poll on the right sidebar, so we know you opinions on the new Autumn Theme!

And, from now on, whenever I (Pumaa) post, I hope to have a Comment Question! So, today Comment Question is this:
Do you like the new Cheetahs, or Snow Leopards more? Why?

I'm not sure if I can decide - they are both very awesome!


Animal Jam Community - in Autumn!

Hey Jammers,

I guess Jamaa's Feast of Thanks is finally here, huh? I tried to make a blog them to reflect Jamaa's fun November celebrations. I love fall colors, I hope you do too! Please take a moment to answer the poll on the right sidebar, so we know your opinions.

I am working on a few things to make Animal Jam Community the ultimate Animal Jam blog (not that it isn't already!), especially a new page all about Jamaa's history.

That's about all, hopefully the daily update posts will start to come more often, with the new theme and all. And don't forget we love to read your comments!


Seaweed Boa

  Hey Jammers! Sorry for posting late, it seems that school starts to early for me. ^.^ Anyway, AJHQ seems to be bring back a lot of items, like todays returning Seaweed Boa!
  I wonder if it is a trend leading up to a big reveal, or AJHQ is just getting lazy. Sorry for ranting in this post, but I really like new stuff! *.* (Especially Shiny Stuff). AJHQ also made a post about the Rare Item Monday item from yesterday on The Daily Explorer!
  They should have posted this yesterday.. Would hve made sense, right? That's all for today! See you in Jamaa!


Rare Unicorn Horn

 Hey Jammers! Zach94 here with todays Daily Update. I have to make this more or less a rather fast post, since I am leaving my house soon to go somewhere. Anyway, as Rare Item Monday, todays NEW rare is the Unicorn Horn!
 Awesome! I'm not sure who would use that mixture of colors, though... Also, AJHQ reminded us that we have to turn in our News Crew Reports soon!
 That's all for today! There wasn't much new in Jamaa, so I guess that helped me finish this a bit faster than usual. See you in Jamaa!

Pumaa/Slidoo, if you want, feel free to edit this post to make it longer if you'd like!
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