Jamaaliday Gift 21 & Gingerbread Man

Hey Jammers! Today is the first day of winter! I suppose AJHQ chose this day as a special day, because today's Jamaaliday Gift is a Diamond!

Anyone else notice the "s" that they accidentally put there? Watch your grammar, AJHQ. ;-) Also, there is the returning Gingerbread Man in Bahari Bargains.

I just realized something. This is sold in a clothing store, so you actually wear it?! Personally, I think this would be a much better item if it:

1: Was a den item

2: Was for land dens

But I suppose AJHQ has to try their best to keep people coming to the oceans. Also, I have decorated my den for the Jamaalidays, and as a joke I gave Zios a bow.

^.^ Sorry if that was a bit of a distasteful joke, but I can't help myself. Feel free to check out my den for more ideas. Moving on, AJHQ has posted on The Daily Explorer. Click for a larger size:

It seems AJHQ has been pretty desperate to get Jammers to buy ocean pets lately. I wonder why? Also, AJHQ has released the Greely's Inferno video on YouTube:

And that leads us to the Comment Question!
Is Greely's Inferno really better than past Adventures?


  1. I wouldn't know about Greely's Inferno, since I can't play it, but from the videos and all the jammers screaming and crying about Greely, I'm guessing that it's pretty epic.
    Do you think that, because of their decreasing popularity, AJHQ will eventually get rid of the ocean lands? (Ocean lands... that doesn't even really make sense. ^^') Hardly anyone goes underwater anymore, and AJHQ's effort to get people to buy pets and underwater items has kind of been useless...


    1. Or maybe they could make an underwater Adventure, to make it more interesting...? That would be cool.

    2. An underwater adventure? WHY, PULL MY KNICKERS, THAT'S A NOVEL IDEA!
      I don't see why not? Although, phantoms are *eLecTRiC* and you don't typically mix the two ( water and electricity ), but I still really want to see phantoms with gills >:D
      And I'd like them to involve Harper (the seal alpha) more, I understand she doesn't have any Beta Lore or an Alpha Spotlight, but she should really be getting some recognition. She, and the Penguin Alpha are the only two who can be assets in the 'war against the phantoms' on both land and underwater.
      Greely's Inferno is better than 'Meet Cosmo,' and 'The Hive,' but it's not really as exciting as 'The Great Escape'. I like the cliff hanger, but Greely's dialogue seems a little rushed, and Graham's is just sloppy. We get it, he invents things, his whole Alpha Spotlight was just a story about him inventing something, does he have any of his own opinions on the crazy huge volcano behind him, or is he just going tell you about an over glorified flashlight he built? Excuse me *spotbright* /).-

    3. I don't think all of our Adventures need to include Phantoms... Like maybe there could be an Adventure where we searched for the Spirit Stone for another animal! I wish AJHQ would tell us more about Spirit Stones.

  2. Greely's inferno was, in fact, EPIC. The prizes are cool too. They put in all the things you had learned in the past, and put it all into one adventure! I wasn't tedious like the hive, it was easy and fairly quick, with a wonderful cliff hanger that I'll let YOU find out ;)

  3. I think Greely's Inferno is going to be awesome! I really think AJHQ should make the member adventures into non-member adventures quicker...

    I think the Oceans are really boring. The ocean animals don't even look as cool as the wolves or foxes or artic wolves. I love both of my wolves and I do not want to delete any of them for an underwater animal. I really want to play Greely's Inferno!!!!!!!!!

    Add me; fantasyluv90

    1. I love your profile pic. :p What a lovely pin. haha

    2. By the way, apparently I am already your buddy.

  4. Greeley's Inferno is actually rlly long! But it is SO worth the time!

  5. the ginger bread men are derp faces if u agree reaply poopy men are here

  6. They speeled it one diamonds, wow


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