Heart Lockets

Hey Jammers, today Heart Lockets are back in Jam Mart Clothing!

Hmm, is this good or bad news? Jammers seem to really like Heart Lockets, so they tend to be pretty rare, and it's always controversial when a rare is resold.

Also, AJHQ sent out a strange note this morning:

They have to write things a little funny in order to fit in the tiny space there. ^.^

I'm sorry this is a short post, I'm in a bit of a hurry this morning. I always try to find interesting things like glitches to post in the afternoon, but AJHQ has done a good job patching them. I don't know how many how you remember the flying glitches, they were very fun. It's too bad they fixed them. If you guys know of any good glitches I should post, you can comment them or email me. :)


Heart Pathway

Hey Jammers! If you are seeing the new orange theme for the first time, click here to see a full list of the updates around AJC.

Today's new item can be found in Jam Mart Furniture, the Heart Pathway!

It comes in different colors, but I couldn't make a GIF because I am a nonmember now. :( But wouldn't it be cool if there were more Pathway items, like maybe a Cobblestone Pathway?

And if you like the new Graphics Page, you'll be happy to know I added lots more graphics - mostly wallpapers and animals.

Lastly, I think we are just about ready to hire another author! It looks like we'll be doing it with a form, meaning Jammers will answer a few questions and include an example post. We will pick the Jammer who seems to have the best overall blogging skills. Does that sound good? You can expect the tryout post either this week or next (it depends on how busy we are).


February AJC Updates

February is just around the corner and that means more updates at Animal Jam Community! Here are the main changes to the blog:

1. The new theme - This orange look will (probably) be the main theme at AJC, meaning it's what the blog will look like unless there is a special occasion like the Jamaalidays. 
2. The new Graphics page - The Graphics page is full of free images that you can use, including non-background animals and full sized wallpapers! There will be more images added before long. You can visit it here (there is also a page tab for it at the top of the blog). 
3. Animal Jam Contests - AJC will now be holding a contest each month, with the prizes being rare items! The first contest will start on February 1st, and I will have a post explaining the contest before then. Get ready!

If you have any ideas for future updates, or have any comments on these updates, feel free to leave a comment!


Heart Eye Patch & Other Alphas

Hey Jammers! Today's new item is actually in Bahari Bargains.

Hmm... a bit of a strange item, but I guess if your a festive pirate than a Heart Eye Patch is the way to go this time of year.

Also, you may have noticed AJHQ created a Deer Statue and named it Sigurd Statue, just like how they named the other animal statues. The oldest animals have their Alpha's name - does that mean Sigurd, and all the others, are Alphas?

Greely is an Alpha...
So does that mean Sigurd is too?
If Sigurd is an Alpha, as well as the others (Amelia the Fox, Harper the Seal ect), then we should be hearing about them! AJHQ should write stories and draw pictures of them, so that we actually know about these mysterious Alphas. Maybe they could even be in the Adventures! Or, if they aren't real Alphas, maybe AJHQ could give them a different role.

Finally, there is a new video on The Daily Explorer by Dr. Brady Barr, about the "false gharial".

Interesting. It's too bad nobody seems to visit Brady's Lab anymore, he may be a little silly, but there are is lot of stuff you can learn from there as well.

That's all for now, and I will be working on updating the blog today!


Friendship Party & AJ Academy Website

Sorry I haven't been posting lately. I can get back to my normal schedule now. We are also about due for some more bog updates, don't you think? :)

Today's new item is the Pink Chest, found in Jam Mart Furniture.

Hmm, it seems AJ is in the Friendship Festival spirit already. Speaking of the Friendship Festival, the Friendship Party is already live in Animal Jam! I hope you like pink, because this party is very, very pink.

At the top of the party, there is a shop with new items!

The pink flooring and wallpaper are from past years, but everything else is brand new! All this pink Valentines Day stuff is making me hungry for candy.

AJHQ has also added a new page to the Animal Jam website - AJ Academy! Thank you Ronen Jamaa for showing me this!

As you can see there are pages on science, technology, engineering and art! Each page has projects and downloads you can use, as well as some stuff from the more educational side of Animal Jam. I'm sure more things will be added soon! You can visit the website here:

That's all for now. Remember to view Animal Jam Community daily for updates! I will also start adding new things to the blog soon, I don't want it to be boring!


Pet Cabin & Eagle Update

Hey Jammers, today's new item can be found in Jam Mart Furniture - the Pet Cabin!

Unfortunately, since its for pets, this item is going to be really tiny. Wouldn't it be awesome, though, if AJHQ released an actual Cabin Den? Or maybe a special den for Jamaa's next animal - Eagles! Speaking of Eagles, there's a fairly obvious clue that I missed in yesterday's Jamaa Journal.

Read the first letter of each line there - it spells EAGLE!

Excited for the new
Animals that will soon be
Gliding into Jamaa? It won't be too
Long until these
Extremely awesome and
Super cool animals arrive!

Do you see it? Thanks to Ronen Jamaa for pointing this out. I wish there were more secret codes and puzzles like that that you could find around Jamaa. Anyway Jammers, that's all for now.



First off, in case he or someone else tells you otherwise, I am not releasing personal information about Zach94, and I'm not blackmailing him either. I would never do any of those things.

Apparently today is update day, which I totally forgot. Sorry about that. The front page of this Jamaa Journal is about the Denstravaganza!

That's right, every den is now half price! That includes Diamond Shop dens, too!

Just remember, this will only last two weeks! If you need to earn gems, try games like Falling Phantoms and Best Dressed! On page two, there are some updates to how you can access Adventures.

There is now only one portal, that leads to all the adventures.

You can also access this list through the map, next to the Epic Dens list.

The third page has some news about two types of birds...

Firstly, Owls are returning as pets! You can find them in the Diamond Shop. Now for the exciting news... AJHQ has confirmed that the next animal will be an Eagle! It says they glide, and with the feather hint it must be a Bald Eagle!

I wonder if we will be able to fly to new areas! What do you think AJHQ will add along with Eagles? On the fourth and last page, there are notifications about two little updates.

The Epic Dens list has been given a new icon on the World Map, similar to the Adventures icon. Also, there is a reminder that the Friendship Festival is coming this February! There will be plenty of new items as well!

That's all for today Jammers! Remember to start checking back daily again!


Author Update

For classified reasons, Zach94 has been stripped of his author and forum moderator positions. AJC is warning users not to trust him for reasons which cannot currently be disclosed (some of you already know why).

We would like to thank Zach for his help with the website and forum over the past few months, but news that has recently been brought to our attention forces us to remove him from our crew.

He is no longer an author here at AJC, meaning some form of author tryouts will be released ASAP. Until then, I (Pumaa) will try to post as much as possible. You can also look forward to more blog update like a new theme and pages!

Update: Apparently this post wasn't very clear. Zach94's true identity is Springclaw, an old jammer with a bad reputation. Jammers with this type of past are not permitted to work for AJC as it can damage the reputation of our services. If you have any questions, you can PM Pumaa or myself (Slidoo) on the forum.

Tall Pine Tree & Ostrich Picture

Hey Jammers! You can expect author tryouts sometime this week or next. I'm not sure what kind of tryouts we'll be doing yet, but we are in need of another author.

Anyway, today's new item is the jamtastic Tall Pine Tree! You can find it in Jam Mart Furniture.

It comes in three designs, rather than colors. It's not extremely huge, is that a good thing or a bad thing?

I was expecting it to be huge, considering it's called a Tall Pine Tree, but I like it this way. As a side topic, when I was walking through the Chamber of Knowledge, I found a strange picture.

Isn't that circled picture of a bird? Obviously it's just a sketch. But it looks a whole lot like an ostrich, in my opinion. Does that mean that the eagle feather we saw in the Jamaa Journal was really an ostrich feather? (Read about that here) I think, since that feather really looked like an eagle feather, that AJHQ will eventually release both the eagle and ostrich. After all, there were elephant and giraffe statues in the Chamber of Knowledge long before they were released in Animal Jam!

You can comment your opinions. :)


Rare Leg Armor & Pet Ice Rink

Hey Jammers, today's Rare Item Monday (RIM) item can be found on the 13th page of Jam Mart Clothing, the Rare Leg Armor!

Wow, I love those colors! And not a bad price, either. Brown and green are Animal Jam's colors, so I'm glad you can make an outfit with them!

Yesterday's item was the Pet Ice Rink in Jam Mart Furniture.

I like this item a lot too! If you click the item, the penguins play hockey:

I hope that GIF works on everyone's computers. Anyway, I'm sorry I don't have time for a better post, maybe tomorrow.


Snow Trail Shoes

Before I get started with today's update post, Animal Jam Search is being temporarily closed. In the time it's been open it hasn't been able to work properly, so I think I should close it until I can fix it.

Anyway, today's new item is a little tricky - it's found in the Shiveer Shop in the Hot Cocoa Hut!

Snow Trail Shoes, interesting. Well Jammers, that looks like wood and rope to me! Died wood, but it's still made out of natural things. I don't see how AJHQ could make this any better without completely dropping the idea of a snowshoe. Do you agree?

Also, AJHQ posted about the Sol Arcade on The Daily Explorer.

Meanwhile, the miniature glitch is still going strong in Jamaa!

Either that's a baby deer or a very small one! Or I'm just a very big Koala. ;)


Hockey Sticks

Hey Jammers! Today AJHQ has added to the collection of winter sports items in Jamaa with the release of Hockey Sticks!

I'm pretty sure these items are for the Winter Olympics. I think this is the last item in that set, though, the only sport I can think of that they haven't added is curling. :p

Also, there is a new Jammer Snaps on The Daily Explorer!

This one sounds fun, I think I might enter.  As a side topic, I noticed something on the map of Jamaa. Every land (excluding oceans) has a shop except for Crystal Sands.

Do you think they should add a shop to Crystal Sands? What should it be like? I wish they would add a little shop to Captain Melville's Juice Hut. Wouldn't that be cool? You can comment your opinions. :)


Giant Snowy Paw Print and Animal Glitches

Hey Jammers! Today another brand new item has been released in Jam Mart Furniture: the Giant Snowy Paw Print.

It's a three-toed big foot! Wow, AJHQ has been making lot's of weird items lately. These items are fun, but I wish they would make more of the awesome clothing items they used to make (like Mech Angel Helmets and Legendary Gloves, for example).

Also, it seems AJ is being very glitchy lately. Here is a crazy glitch sent in by binman601.

Ocean animals in a land den, invisible animals, everything seems to be messed up! Here is another one that has been happening, sent in by Metroleafs.

Some animals are appearing extra small! That Arctic Wolf is tinier than a little penguin! It looks like it's in the same position as animals are when they play Sky High, I wonder if that has anything to do with it. Do you think these glitches are fun, or are they just plain annoying? Many Jammers like glitches, but AJHQ sure doesn't, and I'm sure they are working hard to fix these.

If you see any glitches, take a screenshot and send it to PumaaAJ@gmail.com to be featured on the blog!


Ski Lift Chair & Beta Members

Hey Jammers, today's new item is the Ski Lift Chair, in Jam Mart Furniture.

What a strange item idea! I bet there are some cool den setups you could make with all these different colors. I wonder what other Winter sports items AJHQ will release...

Also, while I was looking at archives from shortly after Animal Jam Beta Testing, I came across this image. It was used when Memberships were first released, it explained the privileges Members would get.

If you read through these old advantages of being a Member, there are a few that stand out:

VIP Party Zones - This is probably a reference to Club Geoz. Believe it or not, Club Geoz used to be Members-only.

Animal Bases - I used to always want these. Animal-only parties are similar, but not the same. 

Priority Access - Back then, and maybe still today, Members could go on full servers where nonmembers could not.

New Animal Previews - Originally, AJHQ planned to release new animals as Member-only, and then a month or so later let Nonmembers use them. The only animal they did this with was the Seal.

Level Sneak Peaks - Sounds a lot like Adventures, doesn't it? In Beta, AJHQ would always talk about Quests coming. Unfortunately they didn't make them for three years, and when they did they called them Adventures.

Well, that's about all. Do you like me to do side topics like this? Also, I am going to finish the Graphics page soon, sorry it's taking me so long. :P


Skis and Topiarys

Hey Jammers! Today we have a brand new item - Skis!

I like all these winter sports items. AJHQ is probably releasing them because the 2014 Winter Olympics are coming soon! Also, it seems all of the Lit Topiarys are now on clearance - get them soon before they leave the shops! You can find them in Treetop Gardens.

Lastly, many Jammers are upset that the previously nonmember Raccoon Topiary has recently changed to Members-only.


Credit Animal Jam Arrow

Personally, I don't think its fair for AJHQ to make an item for all Jammers, and then a year later make it only for members. They probably did this because all of the other topiarys are members-only. It could have been a mistake in the first place that nonmembers could buy it. This also probably means that these topiarys will soon be returning to the Museum Shop in Appondale!

That's all for now Jammers!


Rare Spartan Armor & Loading Glitch

Very sorry for once again no post yesterday. It looks like we'll need to be hiring some more authors. We'll keep you posted on that.

Meanwhile, today is Rare Item Monday! Today's Rare is the Rare Spartan Armor, found on the 5th page of Jam Mart Clothing.

It goes perfectly with last week's Rare, the Rare Spartan Helmet! I like the colors, too. Also, we have a glitch that happened to me when I entered the Sarepia Theater:

Weird. I guess it's another loading glitch.

And on Saturday I said I would update Animal Jam Search, and it looks like that's done. I realized soon after making the Search Engine it would take a ton of work to update it all the time. So I changed the way the Search Engine works, and updated the blog look, and now it will (hopefully) be easier to use.

If you have already submitted your blog, I will now add it to AJS.

If you have not submitted your blog, please do!

If you do not know what Animal Jam Search is, visit the blog and read the welcome post!

Lastly, it seems most Jammers would like me to put a photo I took at the bottom of each of my posts. So for today, here is a winter leaf covered in raindrops. :)

That's all for now Jammers!

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