Coral Fence and Flag

Hi jammers!
Since yesterday, Animal Jam has released two new items (plus the items in the Leap Year party). The items at the Leap Year party are all rare items, only they've returned in new colours! Yay, my black and white top hat is still rare! :P Anyways, the first item (released yesterday) is the Coral Fence Piece, and is located in Sunken Treasures (which is in Kani Cove).
This item is obviously for underwater dens only. The next item is the Cayman Islands flag, which is obviously located in the Flag Shop!
What do you think of these items? Are you happy that rare items came back, in different colours? I sure am!


New Animal To Be- Octopus!

Hey Jammers!
I just confirmed my theory of the next new animal in Jamaa! It will be an octopus! AJHQ's blog The Daily Explorer posted this image as a clue:
This is obviously the silhouette of an octopus! And I'm not just basing this conclusion on this one image. Even on the Animal Jam ocean homepage there is an image of an octopus:
This is probably what the octopus will look like in the game. There was also an image of an octopus in an Animal Jam ad in a previous issue on the National Geographic Kids Magazine, although I unfortunately have no picture of it.

Be ready for the next AJ update coming on this Thursday! It is likely that it will contain octopi, (yes, that's plural for octopus :P), and maybe even trading pets! Tell me your opinions in the comments! Check out the post below for the trading pets theory!

~Geckoguy, Animal Jam Community Author

Trading Pets?

Hey Jammers!
It happened again! An AJ glitch allowed me to see a future update: pet trading! This glitch has happened to me multiple times before, but I have never had the chance to post it on AJC. So, you may wonder what exactly is this glitch. Well, once in a while all the animals on AJ will disappear, including yours. This seems to happen most often when you have lots of mail and buddies on, and then you click to go to a different land. Once all the animals are gone, click the button to edit your animal:
Then, a screen should come up that will look like this:
You will not be able to exit out of this screen, because it is a glitch. 

So why is this so great? You may be wondering. Well, take a closer look. This is the trade list screen where you edit the den and clothing items to trade. But why is there a tab with a butterfly? The butterfly is the simble for pets, just as the shirt is for clothes and the house is for den items. The only conclusion is that AJHQ is working on making Jammers able to trade their pets, and saved their progress so far on their website. Those files can be accessed accidentally through this glitch!

Now let's see how long it takes for them to finish this update! Tell me what you think and whether you have experience this glitch before in the comments!

P.S. Happy 100's AJC post!

~Geckoguy, Animal Jam Community Author

Leap Year Party, Items Included!

Hi jammers!
Animal Jam promised something special for the Leap Year and today it has been released. The Leap Year party is now out! The Leap Year party is the only party available at this time, and it comes every hour.
The Leap Year party has many items spread out in two stores. One store even includes the "Rare Worn Blanket" which only comes in one colour: purple.
Here is a video of the party:

Let me know what you think of the party! It will disappear in a few days.


Rare Monday Changes: Lionfish Fin Armour

Hi jammers!
So after everybody was confused about "Rare" Monday item the Lionfish Armour, Animal Jam staff realized that they messed up, and changed the rare item to the Lionfish FIN Armour, which was a regular item released today.
So hold on... This item is brand new! This must mean that from now on, Rare Item Mondays will be new items, which will eventually be rare, as they will have only be sold for one day! I prefer this way... It decreases the chances of older jammers having all their rare items becoming common items.
This item can be found in Bahari Bay.


Fin Armour and More

Hi jammers!
Despite there being no rare Monday once again, Animal Jam has still released some new items. The first item goes along with today's "rare" item. It's the Lionfish Fin Armour!
This item can be purchased in Bahari Bargains, which is obviously located in Bahari Bay.
The other item released today is the Georgia Flag.
This item, along with the other flags, can be purchased at the Flag Shop in Sarepia Forest.


Rare Lionfish Armour... Wait, What?

Hi jammers!
Update: AJ realized they failed and have changed this. Click here for the Monday Rare post.
Today, no rare was released, so... in other words, there is no rare Monday today. But Animal Jam THINKS that there is! They posted this on the Daily Jammer:
AJHQ thinks this Lionfish Armour is rare? WRONG! Lionfish Armour was released earlier this month and wasn't rare! Why are they advertising it as rare? Plus, the Lionfish Armour is not available in the colour shown in that picture! What do you think is happening?


Lionfish Helmet and Giant Penguin Plushie

Hi jammers!
Yesterday Animal Jam released the Lionfish Helmet, to go along with the Lionfish Armour. It can be found in Bahari Bargains, which is in Bahari Bay.
Also, in the Animal Museum located in Appondale, you can find the new Giant Penguin Plushie!
This item would look great in your den, especially if you were a penguin! What do you think of these items?


Animal Jam Community Party: 3/3/12

Hey Jammers!
My birthday is in exactly one week from today, (2/25/12), and since TheSlidoo gave me permission, I'm going to have my first party on Animal Jam! I, Geckoguy, will be hosting this party and it will be on March 3rd, which is my birthday! My birth-day happens to be on a Saturday this year, which makes it a great day for a party!
Here is the information you will need to know for the party:

Geckoguy's Birth-Day Party:
Date: Saturday, March 3rd
Time: 2:00 Eastern Standard Time
Server: Atlas
Room: Geckoguy's Den
Reason: Geckoguy's Birth-Day
Host: Geckoguy

So... does that sound like fun? Your job is to be there and make the server full! My username is geckoguy and I will be using the following animal at the party:
I will be this animal,  only I will be wearing a red Glove and a brown Top Hat and I will have different colors, because I will have my membership back by then.

I will be adding random fans as my buddy because it will be a special occasion, I usually don't do that. Remember, I'm known for always having really cool dens, so you never what to expect at the party! Hope to see you there!

Just to clear up the confusion, the party is at 2:00 Eastern Time, if your not in Eastern Time you'll have to figure out what time the party is for you in your time zone.

~Geckoguy, Animal Jam Community Author

Phantom's Treasure Den Game & Other Items

Hi jammers!
Two new items were released today! The reason it took so long for me to post was because I'm trying to get my Youtube channel up and running for Animal Jam cheats... I just made this video to show the latest items:

So, as you can see from the video above, the items that were released are the Phantom's Treasure game for your den, and the Northern Mariana Islands flag. What do you think of this update? Do you prefer cheats in post format or video format?


Sand Dollar Stepping Stones

Hi jammers!
It's Thursday and as usual, a new item has been released. The item is the Sand Dollar Stepping Stones:
This item can be found in the Sunken Treasures underwater shop, which is located in Kani Cove. This is a unique item and would look great in any underwater den! 


Monday Rare Released: Fox Hats

Hi jammers!
I just logged back into Animal Jam and saw that Fox Hats were now in Jam Mart Clothing!
So is this the Monday rare today? I really don't think I've seen it before recently, so it must be the Monday Rare! So do you think it will disappear tonight or tomorrow? 

Let me know what you think of this item returning! Also, why do you think it took them so long to release it? It's usually released at around midnight (EST).

Note: We're the first blog to post this. If you found out that this item was released by looking at this blog, give credit please. ;)

AJHQ Sends Jammers 2500 Gems for No Reason!

Hi jammers!
Today I logged into Animal Jam and as usual had some mail. I checked my inbox, and to my surprise, I had received a random gift of 2500 gems, from the AJHQ!
It says "Lots of changes have been going on in Jamaa. Here's 2500 gems to show our appreciation for your patience as we make Jamaa better for all Jammers!". Okay, cool! AJHQ is giving jammers 2500 gems for pretty much no reason! But wait, no... My sister, CinnamonCake, did not receive this message, or the bonus gems! I asked a few other bloggers, and they say that they did not receive this gift either.

Could this be because AJHQ knows that I'm not particularly fond of the new update system? I know AJHQ reads - or at least, used to read - this blog. Or was this note sent out to everyone who has played Animal Jam since the beta times?

It turns out that Animal Jam is sending these gifts to everyone, but it's taking a while for all of them to be sent! If you haven't received one yet, just be patient, you should get one shortly.

Anyways, thank you AJHQ for this gift!


Animal Jam Forgets About Rare Item Mondays

Hi jammers!
Jammers all over Jamaa are pretty puzzled right now. Animal Jam seems to have FORGOTTEN about Rare Item Mondays! It's Monday and there is no rare item released.. Odd, huh?
However, they did release an item. It's the Lionfish Armour and it can be found in Bahari Bargains.

What do you think of Animal Jam not releasing a rare item today?


New Items Today

Hi jammers!
There have been lots of items released since Thursday. I'm no longer posting items until Thursday, I'm adding them to a page. Click here to read about the items!

Today's items were the Diner Stool and the Morocco Flag, but there are even more released on previous days, so make sure you check the page daily for the item updates!


Penguin Plushies!

Hey Jammers!

You can now get penguin plushies in any claw machine! I'm going to assume they were released when the penguin animal was, but I just now got one! Check it out:

How cool? Leave a comment with your thoughts. =^.^=

Grand Opening of Virtual World Central

Hi jammers!
Today I opened up my latest project: Virtual World Central! Virtual World Central is a blog that posts cheats for any virtual world, in the entire world! At Virtual World Central, we will soon have a team of authors devoted to posting Animal Jam, but not only will there be only Animal Jam posts, other virtual worlds' cheats will be posted as well.
If you're a blogger for Animal Jam or another virtual world, make sure fill out an author application for this new blog!
Click here to visit Virtual World Central.


Jamaa Journal - Volume 54

Hi jammers!
The new issue of the Jamaa Journal has been released today. The Jamaa Journal contains all of the latest Animal Jam news!
The Jamaa Journal this week talks about penguins, and some other stuff we already know. It isn't really an issue that contains anything important... However it does say that Phantom Invasion has been changed. I guess that they realized that it used to be kind of a scam.
Also, new, better prizes have been added to Phantom Invasion, including "gold based rares". Okay, so these are hard to earn, I guess, but does that make the old batch of toys even more rare, or can you still win those? I'm a little bit unsure there! What are your thoughts?


New Clothing and Furniture 2/16/12

Hey Jammers!
Animal Jam just updated today with some cool new items! Please remember Animal Jam is adding items at random times so my item posting system will be a little different from now on. Items resold from before will have a caption saying the date it was first sold. So I'll start with today's new items.

Today's Items (2/16/12):

Jamaa Township
Jam Mart Clothing
RESOLD: February 2011
Museum Den Shop

Throughout the Past Week (2/3/12 - 2/15/12):
Mt. Shiveer
Shiveer Shoppe

Jamaa Township
Jam Mart Furniture
RESOLD: February 2011
Lost Temple of Zios
Mystery Emporium

Coral Canyons
Epic Wonders

Kani Cove
Sunken Treasures *Ocean

Seriepia Forest
Flag Shop
**Many of the Random Item Updates were for the Friendship Festival and were removed today. Screen-shots are not available either for them but I will list them anyway:
  • Pink Crystals - Friendship Party
  • Heart Chocolates - Jam Mart Furniture
  • Heart Antennae - Jam Mart Clothing
  • Princess Chair - Friendship Party
What do you think about the last two week's item updates? How about Rare Item Monday? Do you think it's good to resell the last rare items? I sure don't! Tell me your opinions in the comments - and Jam On!

~Geckoguy, Animal Jam Community Author

Penguins are Here! Animated Pictures Included

Hi jammers!
Today Animal Jam has released lots of updates, including the new animal, penguins!
Penguins can go both on land and in water. Unfortunately, these animals are also for members only... Take a look at these animated images of their movements:

New Item Update Post System

Hi jammers!
Animal Jam is getting pretty confusing with updates and Animal Jam Community is overflowing with item posts every day! It's getting irritating looking through the blog and seeing a bunch of almost identical posts about items, and new ones are added daily.

From now on, I will not post about items. (With the exception of Rare Item Mondays). The only time that Animal Jam Community will post about items it on Thursdays, like usual. They will be posted by Geckoguy. Geckoguy will post every item that has been released in the past week, including the new ones that were released on Thursday.

However, there is one exception - Rare Item Mondays. I will post about these, but they will be about the rare item only.

But we don't want to be late posting about these items released during the week, so I will have a special page  that will be cleared weekly and updated daily, containing all the new items released that week. This page will clear on Thursdays, when the new "item week" starts.

It seems a bit confusing but I promise that it will make our blog more enjoyable! You can access the page by clicking on the image at the top of the post section.


Happy Valentine's Day!

Hi jammers!
It's Valentine's Day today, or, on Animal Jam, friendship day! I'm sure you've noticed the decorations all over Jamaa. To celebrate this special day, Animal Jam has released a brand new code! The code is BFF4EVER.
Just enter the code when you log in to Animal Jam and you'll get... 100 Gems! Only 100? Yup.. I guess Animal Jam is making their codes less valuable lately. The past 2 codes have been worth only 100 gems! Why do you think this is? Also, it's been a while since the Friendship Jam-A-Gram contest began, why hasn't the winner been announced yet? If they wait until Thursday, it won't be relevant anymore, since today is the day!

Happy Valentine's Day!


Random Item Update 14/02/2012

Hi jammers!
Since it's Tuesday, the Medusa Masks have been taken out of the stores and won't return for quite a while... But new items have arrived! Here is the new item today:
  • Crater with Meteorite - Epic Wonders 
Hmm.. Only one item was released today! What do you think about the Crater with Meteorite item? It's too bad that it's members only!


Random Item Update & Rare Item 13/02/2012

Hi jammers!
Today there are a few new items, including today's rare item, since it's Rare Item Monday! Have a look at the items that were released today:
  • Rare Item: Le Medusa Maskeh - Jam Mart Clothing (Jamaa Township)
  • Dominican Republic Flag - Flag Shop (Sarepia Forest)
  • Heart Antennae - Jam Mart Clothing (Jamaa Township) 
Remember to pick up your Medusa Masks before today runs out! These items may not be back for a while. Also, remember that they are on a random page of clothing, not the first page! Enjoy!


Random Item Update 12/02/2012

Hi jammers!
Today Animal Jam has released more random items. Here is the list of items that were just released:
  • Ice Throne - Epic Wonders (Coral Canyons)
  • Pink Crystals - Friendship Party (Sorry I'm late, and thank you Bigcatsfoever!)
So those are the new items today! What do you think? Are you glad that Animal Jam is randomly releasing updates, or do you prefer the old update system?


Random Item Update 10/02/2012 - 11/02/2012

Hi jammers!
I apologize for the late post, I may have to hire some more authors as my current ones seem to be busy... Anyways, yesterday, and today, some new items were randomly released! Here is a list of the items:
  • Winter Blankets - Shiveer Shoppe (Mt. Shiveer)
  • Heart Chocolates - Jam Mart Furniture (Jamaa Township)
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina Flag - Flag Shop (Sarepia Forest)
I still don't see why they are randomly releasing items, rather than releasing them on Thursdays. What are your thoughts?


Thursday Item Update 09/02/2012

Hi jammers!
It's Thursday which means that Animal Jam has updated! They've released 3 new items. Here are the items:
Flag Shop (Sarepia Forest):
Sunken Treasures (Kani Cove Shop):
Those are all of today's updates! What is your favourite item that has been released in the past week?


Random Item Update 08/02/2012

Please note that there is a difference between random item updates and Thursday item releases. Random Item Updates are when one or two new items come out randomly, without warning. These posts will not contain images. Regular Thursday item posts will.

Hi jammers!
Another random item was released today! Here is the item description:
  • Heart Eyepatch - Bahari Bargains (Bahari Bay Underwater Shop)
The Heart Eyepatch is the only item released today, so far. Stay tuned for more updates!


Animal Jam Friendship Party

HI Jammers!! I am SIR SPIRITMOON, the new author at Animal Jam Community! I am an enthusiastic Animal Jam player and I will be spending my time at Animal Jam Community as a party author!

Yesterday the Friendship Party was released!
The Friendship Party is a party for friends! It's really pink-ish and great for jammers who want to meet NEW friends!
There is a pink heart tiled stage!
Inside the party room!
There is a heart shaped garden with pink flowers!
And if you go all the way to the top floor there is a friendship shop! You can buy four VERY pink items! So in your opinion is this a good or bad party?

-SIR SPIRITMOON, Animal Jam Community Author
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