Jamaa Journal Vol. 106

Are you enjoying the new Winter them for AJC? You can also check out the brand new pages I made about Jamaa Lore and Beta Testing!

For today's update, Deer have been released! I hope to make a post on them soon.

On page two, we have an article on the Gingerbread House. It is for sale in the Diamond Shop! There is also a reminder that pet Reindeer have returned for the Jamaalidays! Get your soon!

On page three there is a notice that in the Diamond Shop, you can visit the Jamaaliday Gift Shop! It has lot's of items from past Jamaalidays, buy them before they are gone! They only cost one gem each!

On page four we have another advertisement for Ice Armor (which is actually pretty cool). Basically, buy any AJ Gift Card and you get it for free!

On page five we have an artical about the all new Deer exhibit in the Animal Museum in Appondale! Check that out soon, too. And the best news of all? There is a new Adventure coming! It looks really awesome! And Wintery, too!

And lastly, on page six, we have another advertisement for the coming-soon mobile app, Jump! Now I'm sure it's going to be a mobile version of Sky High. Won't that be awesome?

What do you think about this update? Is it too small? Remember, though, they did do half of the update on Saturday.



  1. Whenever they put a picture of the new animals n the Jamaa Journal, I always try 2 copy them with my own animals! Its pretty fun!

  2. Cool stuff I like how sometimes they put multiple bonus stuff in!!!

  3. I wanna get a candy den cant wait till next year!!!

  4. I love deers! They're tall and smart looking! :D


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