Jamaa Hidden Images

      Hello, Cerisewolf2014 here. Today, I will show you some "hidden" images in the land of Jamaa. They might not be hidden or new to the few that have been playing for a long time or the few that are very observant. If you are one of those people, congrats on being able to spot something that others have not seen. The first one is in the Medical Center in Kimbara Outback. If you look at the eye exam chart, you can see the Alphas' names spelled out:

            The next couple are in Captain Mevilles Fruit Hut. In the hut, you can see all different kinds of fruits hanging from a basket. In the first one, there are lychee and custard apples in the baskets. The red ones are lychee.
               The next fruit one shows watermelons, durians, and papayas. Those are some tropical fruits!
              Finally in Brady Barr's Lab, there are an abundance of monkeys such as here:
          and here:
      What is it with Brady Barr and monkeys huh? One more thing before I end, if you look around Jamaa, you see a lot of bottles and urns, especially in the Lost Temple of Zios. Why is that? Happy Hump Day and this is Cerisewolf2014 signing off.

Pixelated Bush, Freedom Day Decorations and Weird Phantom

Why hello there Jammers, it's Squidward here! No, just kidding, it's not Squidward. It's that guy everybody calls Penguin. And I'm here today to give you another one of my posts on The Animal Jam Community informing you about the latest updates. So, let's get right into it! Here is the new item.
The Pixelated Bush will make a great fit in the Pixel Place den.
Secondly, here is the Daily Explorer update.
 Also, around Jamaa lately Jammers have really been getting into the spirit of Freedom Day- and here are a few new decorations that were scattered around Jamaa Township for the holiday.

And last but not least, have any of you guys been to the Wild Explorers tent yet? Well, I discovered something a little odd there. A caged Phantom is in there. Could this be a new, unreleased item? Personally, I think it is weird that a phantom is in the Wild Explorers tent. And there's more unreleased features there- so could this be one many new items that are yet to come out?
I believe that's all I have to post about for now. You can read my posts daily on The Animal Jam Spring and check out the other posts made by the amazing authors on this blog! Hopefully you all have a great rest of your day (well, it's late at night for me XD) and remember to GO SUBSCRIBE TO MEH SO I CAN BECOME FAMOUS OFF OF YOUTUBE MONEY MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA- no, I don't really mean that. I just like to joke around. Anyways, I'll see you guys next time.

Pixel Penguin

Hi, Jammers! General here! Today, AJHQ released the Pixel Place den. General previewed the den and was about to buy it, but it isn't very interesting (in his opinion).

There's also a new 'Spiked Sale' at the Diamond Shop for this weekend only. That means that you can buy non-rare spiked collars and wristbands for three diamonds each!

These non-rare spikes are lightly-coloured when compared to their rare counterparts.

Oh! There's also this letter from the Alphas. A new heartstone animal is coming, but General can't tell what it's going to be!

I think that's all General has for today! What do you think the new animal will be?


           Some of you may have heard about the update for tomorrow. On Instagram, AJHQ has posted about having spiked wrists and collars in the Diamond Shop. I freaked out when I saw this and I am sure others did as well. If you do not get a chance to see it, here is a picture. It was posted as a video but because of lack of proper recording devices, here it is in picture form:

              As you can see, there are spiked collars and wristbands. However, they are not the rare ones that you may find in The Forgotten Desert or those ones that everyone wants. You know. The spikes have a bluish tinge to them unlike actual spikes. Also, there will be a diamond sign next to them like the other diamond shop items. I wanted to do this because one of my friends almost thought that the spikes were the actual rare ones. That would ensue a lot of scamming if no one knew the difference and that is one thing Animal Jam does not need more of. Happy Hump Day!

Pig Table and Liza Spies Cheat

Hello Mortals. I am THE Immortal that controls a human's state of unconsciousness. While you aren't aware of me, I always follow you. I know where you are right now. I am watching you. I am watching you READ THIS POST. Nah, just kidding, I'm no creepy weird guy that controls you when you are unconscious. Neither am I a stalker. But I am the guy that posts here every Saturday: penguin55544. And because of that, here is the new item.
And speaking of posts, you know I have to give you guys a quick update on the Daily Explorer...
 "Yeah right, that'll happen when pigs fly." It looks like AJHQ has actually proven us wrong.
Finally, remember the Liza Spies Daily Explorer article? Well, the place AJHQ wants us to know about is the ship in Kani Cove. Go to the top right there, and you'll find it.
Anyways, I hope this post was helpful, I've got to go and talk to one of my buddies real quick. I'll be posting on the Animal Jam Spring soon, so if you'd like to view more of my posts, make sure to check it out! That's all for now, I'll see you guys next time.

General l'artiste

Hi Jammers! General here! Today, AJHQ approved General's very first masterpiece, which he submitted a few days ago...

General wasn't sure if he wanted to make a masterpiece at first, but the other day, his buddy Captain asked him to draw something peculiar. General couldn't decline, so he got to work right away! General wasn't too happy with the final result, so he's not going to post a picture of it just yet, but it's already hanging up in his den for anyone who really wants to see it!

Have you made any masterpieces yet?

Pig Firsts

       This is going to be short for I have no idea what to talk about. Almost a week ago, pigs were released for the first time. Yay!!! They achieved a couple of firsts. Pigs were the first animal that was harder to connect to the wilderness. I remember blogs like this one trying to figure out what AJ would become and nicknaming it Barnyard Jam. The next first is that it was the first animal to be for nonmembers for a while. I believe that the penguin was the last animal beforehand. Also, it was the first non member animal in the Diamond Shop. That was a huge step forward for now those people who had 40+ diamonds. Finally, it was the first animal which only cost 5 diamonds. This is a lot of firsts AJHQ. Good job there. Have a happy Hump day!

Peck's Den and Enchanted Hollow Den Similarities + New Map System Idea

Hiya Jammers! This is Penguin, and I'm sorry for such a late post. I was at the Zoo today and we went with our family really early, so I couldn't post in the morning. Anyways, it's time for me to post now, and here is the new item.
Also, speaking of Pigs, here is the outfit I made for my new pig.
Pretty cool, eh?
I noticed three similarities between Peck's Den and the Enchanted Hollow Den: they both have similar carpet patterns, they both are underground/have a cave background, and have an above ground area.

I think AJHQ got the idea of Peck's Den from the Enchanted Hollow. After all, bunnies live in burrows.
Finally, I came up with an idea- that AJHQ could make a button to expand the map on AJ. The map would be too small to fit much more lands, so there should be a click and drag button that you can use to go to your destination. I mean, seriously... look at this picture. We won't be getting too many more lands if we don't expand the map.
Okay, that's all for this post, but make sure to come back and read this blog again. I'll see you guys soon.


General here with some awesome news - pigs are here! In General's opinion, they are the cutest animals AJHQ has ever released! They are available to both members and nonmembers.

As you can see above, the new pigs are almost the same size as the pet piglets from last year. Did you know that the piglets were released exactly 365 days ago? They came out on 10 June last year, and even though today is 9 June, it's a leap year so there was an extra day in between these two dates. That makes 365 the total amount of days!

Pigs only cost five diamonds (compared to the usual price of 10 diamonds per animal). Speaking of diamonds, the new Painter's Easel can be found in the Diamond Shop for just two diamonds! It lets you draw masterpieces right from your den, without having to go to Coral Canyons.

That's all General has for now. Bye!

Season Outfits

      Today, I will be showing you some outfits that match each season. They are not the absolute best for I just came up with it and also because I am a non member. I tried as hard as I could with all my stuff. However, before we do that, check the Daily Explorer and look at the side panels for Jammer Art and News Crew. Don't they look a little... outdated? Or maybe that is just me.  I don't know.
        This first outfit is for the summer. It has the Diamond Gauntlets, the Freedom helmet and the Freedom cape. I was going for a 4th of July look. This is probably my worst one.

       Next is my fall outfit. It is the rare Frankenstein mask, the Candy Necklace and the Diamond Gauntlets. This is also quite bad and I was going for a Halloween look.
      Next is my winter outfit. It has the Icicle Horn, Jammaliday scarf and the rare Candy Cane Socks.It also includes the Gingerbread Wings in blue. I was going for a snowy look here and it looks ok.
      Finally, it is my spring look. This is my favorite outfit by far. I have actually used this outfit before. It has the Butterfly Wings and the Bee Antennae. If you can guess what it is, I will give you a cookie!
      That's all for today! Also, have you heard about the Pet Checklist? It is a checklist for Jammers to see what rare pets they have collected so far. As you also may have guessed, these pets are obtained by buying the special toys at Walmart and only the ones who have done so and gotten a pet will see the checklist.  Finally, have a happy Hump Day!

Jamaa Township Mysteries

Hello there Jammers. It's Saturday, so I'm here to post on the Animal Jam Community again. Hopefully all of you are having a great day so far. Is anyone else still in school, though? I have two days left still.
First of all, here is the newest item in stores.
This item is pretty cool, eh?
I was looking around Jamaa Township for something interesting to post about when I realized there are buildings that aren't in use. What do you think these could be there for? Are they something that will be released in the future?
And not only that, but why are these games in Club Geoz different than the designs they have in the Sol Arcade?
Even though Jamaa may seem like there's nothing more to explore, there actually is. There's many mysteries about Jamaa we still don't know the answer to.
Lastly, here is the Daily Explorer update.
 Okay, that's all for this post, make sure to view my posts daily on the Animal Jam Spring, and come back for my Saturday posts here. I'll see you guys next time!

Sun Stained Glass

Hi Jammers! General here. Can you spot the out-of-place item in General's den below?

Well, for those of you who haven't spotted it yet, it's the sun-stained glass up there! It's also the new item for today. General hasn't seen it before, so it seems to be brand-new rather than a re-release!

General's not sure what he thinks about the item yet. He would like it better if the picture changed along with the colour - maybe there could be a penguin picture option! What do you think?

Unreleased items

    If you haven't noticed, there have been "unreleased" items in Animal Jam that the community has exploded over with. Basically, they are items from codes from toys bought at Walmart. Some examples are the Lion Mane and the Majestic Butterfly Wings. I believe that Wootmoo has both. I bet one day that they will be as valued as spikes. "Rare" but not truly special. Now onto other unreleased items but on the other spectrum, den items. I was looking through the den of AJHQ's and I found these items:

    I like these items, I'm not exactly sure if they are unreleased but they are cool. The flower is quite small, the table is just like the starter table but oval, the tent is slightly strange in my opinion, the orb is cool and the Mira statue is interesting. As some might have found out, there is a secret dungeon room. This Mira statue only adds to the supposed evilness of Peck!!!! I'm sorry, that is just a theory I have heard about somewhere. Happy Hump Day to you all!
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