Backpacks and Jammer Sundae #2

Allo Jammers! My apologies for the late post! Today is Jammer Sundae, but before we get to that we need to discuss the happenings in Jamaa!

I knew it would come back! Thanks AJHQ for reminding me that school is just around the corner >.<

I wonder if the desks and chalkboards will come back... We can only wait!

That makes me wanna show you a nerdy otter that I made!

Square glasses and a tuxedo never looked so intelligent!

And now for my favourite day of the week: 

Some cute penguins chasing after a butterfly:

Credit to
Isn't that just the cutest thing? It's like a penguin stampede!

Next! A potato chewing bubblegum?

Credit to
Though it may seem like a potato at first, it isn't! This little guy's name is brown. You can find the original video here!

A pickle- no wait... A fancy pickle wearing a tutu:

Credit to for making this image
Penguins chasing butterflies, a potato chewing gum, and a pickle in a tutu? Wow. It's like an explosion of randomness!

And finally, a stealthy cat! Can you find him?

That's all for this week's jammer sundaes folks! Did any of these make you laugh or at least smile? Let me know in the comments! Also, if you have anything for Jammer Sundaes, please post a link to the picture in the comments or send something to me at

What's that? You want more? Oh fine. Here you go: one more sundae sweet for you!

Hmm, that is a good question to ask yourself daily! DID you smile today?

Adventure Awaits!

If you have anything to tell/ask me whether its codes, glitches, questions, or Jammer Sundaes- you can send them to me at

Vine Anklet, Glitches and Q&A

Hey Jammers! I'm Mldriver posting for you today.

Over at Jam-Mart Clothing we have the Vine Anklet:

I like that item! It might go well with the Hula Skirt!

Now I am going to show you some glitches that Jammers25127 shared with me.

First off we have Missing Bunnies!

This glitch takes place at the Bunnies' Only Party. This one is really odd. It doesn't even show the name tags of the players! 
Next up, we have a Buddy's Locked Den:

This has happened to me before. BUT it's not a glitch. This happens when a buddy blocks you. I tried this on my storage. 
The last glitch is in Best Dressed:

Did you Jammers notice that there isn't the new color pallet in Best Dressed? I wonder why AJHQ hasn't added it yet. 

The Comment Call for today is if you have any questions about me! 

Here are some FAQ ( frequently asked questions)

How old are you?

How long have you been playing?
3 years

How many buddy slots do you have?

Can I be your buddy?
I would accept. But I like to get to know you before you buddy me, that's all. :)

That's it for today Jammers!

Comment Call:
Ask Mldriver a question!

Contact me with any tips, glitches or questions here:

Arrivals and Departures

Hello everyone. I'm back from my vacation, but I'll temporarily be unavailable as my wi-fi is having technical difficulties. Have fun, be safe, and game on!

High top sneakers and Otter Fish Fun!

Hello Jammers, and good day! Sorry about the late post! Let's get talking shall we?

We have a new item circulating Jamaa, have you seen it?

Introducing the High Top Sneakers! These look a lot like converse sneakers... A bit human-y looking... They aren't all that bad though! I might buy these!

Today is a great day for fishing! Why fishing, you may ask? Well today, I would like to show you something interesting that AJHQ added with the otters. Depending on what color of items you wear the color of fish that your otter eats when it plays changes. This only works on some clothes. Observe:


Hula Skirt:

Royal Cape:


And those are only a few examples! I wonder what other items work? Tell me your experiments in the comments!

Lastly, did you know that the Wind Armor is leaving the diamond shop? Get the set before it's gone for good!

Adventure Awaits!

If you have anything to tell/ask me whether its codes, glitches, questions, or Jammer Sundaes, contact me at

Bonsai Tree and Otter Outfits

Good Morning Jammers! I'm Mldriver posting for you today. 

Over at TreeTop Gardens we have a little Bonsai Tree!

This is so adorable, and It comes with many different colors. Yay! It's non-member too! Do you think making a GIF helps? Or should I just put one color?

The Daily Explorer has released the Jammer Snaps!

Nice Job everyone!

Next up, I made some Otter Outfits. This first one is inspired by Steampunk.
This is my favortie Otter Look!
This outfit includes:
Steampunk Molecules
Diamond Shop Collar
Cream Worn
Tan Elf Cuffs

Here we have a Spirit Warrior:

All we have here is the armor from the Diamond Shop! It looks great on any animal, including the otter!

Our last one is Fancy themed:
This awesome outfit includes:
Top Hat
Leaf Necklace 
Blue Worn
Blue Elf Cuffs

And that's it for today Jammers! I apologize for this post being so late today. I had a family event last night. Also, have you been enjoying my posts so far? Should I change something about them? Write me a small review. :)

Comment Call:
How are my posts?

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Peck Portrait, Adventure Tips, and Post Ratings

Hello Jammers!

Today in the land of Jamaa, we have a new item: The Peck Portrait!

This is less creepy than the Liza Portrait to be honest. I like that every frame suits the personality of the Shaman! Hey look! Ribbons from Peck's ears, and Peck's earring is on there too! It seems that Peck and Sir Gilbert are the only Shamans not in adventures yet... I wonder if they will be added soon!

Speaking of adventures, I have a few adventure tips for you Jammers today!

  1. When on the easy mode of an adventure, sometimes its good to let phantoms put you to sleep. If you have an item like a key, depending on where the Zios Crystal Portal thingie is, you can get teleported to a good place, closer to where you need to put the item.
  2. Think ahead! Whenever you can see a phantom sprouter before you get to it, get rid of it- especially in Greely's inferno. Life will be made easier for you this way.
  3. Search in extra places! Chances are there are more gems hiding for you!

Lastly, I would like for you guys to give me a rating on my posts. Please be honest. What do you think? Please tell me below- 5 being the best and 1 being the worst. Thanks!

If you have anything to tell/ask me whether its codes, glitches, questions, or Jammer Sundaes you can contact me at

Sir Gilbert Portrait, Donate!, and Beta Wolf

Hey Jammers! Mldriver here.

Today's new item is in the den shop, and great to scare your friends!

Another creepy picture to go with my collection. And is it just me, or does his beard look like a ponytail?
Here is a funny picture I found about Animal Jam:
(made by sparking-moonlight on deviantart)

I ALWAYS see this when I go to Jamaa Township. It drives me crazy!

Have you Jammers donated yet to the Conversation Museum? I have donated 15,000 gems in total.

I wonder how this actually helps Animal Jam. Maybe with every 1,000 gems they get, they donate a penny.

Moving on, have you seen this picture at the Beta Party?

Who could this be? He looks like a librarian. Maybe it's an ancestor of Greely, or just another Jammer. What are your thoughts about this? What is his name? So many questions! 

Comment Call:
What is your dream item?

Contact me with any questions here:

Rare Item Monday and Jammer Art!!

Hello Jammers! Today is a new day, and with every new day comes a new opportunity at winning life! Oh yeah, and a new day also comes with a new post *^^*

As you know, today is Rare Item Monday! Wow O.O has it already been a full week since the last Rare Item post? Wow, time sure does fly... Anywho, today we bring you the rare raccoon tail sold for one day only at the Summer Carnival! Let's check this out shall we?

And it's love at first sight! I love the colors! Baby blue and white are a favourite color combination of mine *^^* I am definitely buying this!

Recently, I have become interested in browsing Deviantart (though I do not have an account) and looking through fanart that Jammers make for AJ! And now, I bring thee, art!!

This funny edit on the meme is by gliscorheart:

This one is titled: Animal Jam mate beggars. Hmm, I see this "needs a man", "if you like me my den", "say I if you love me", stuff a lot on AJ. I actually like this version better than the real animal jam "extreme roleplayers". Wait... Extreme roleplay? That could have the potential to be quite fun... Moving on!

This one here is by RoseyWingedCat:

Oh hoho, can you guess what this one is called? That's right. This one is called "Welcome to Aldan" This actually (in my opinion) is a striking resemblance to what Aldan is really like. I usually prefer to stay away from the full servers- my gameplay becomes much faster that way!

This last one is by RoseyIcyWolf:

It is called "owl" and I think it is very creative! How did the artist accomplish this? She explains that she took the body of an eagle, stuck on the raccoon head, added feathers on the head, and added a beak onto the raccoon's face. How difficult it must have been to make this! I think it is very good though!

What do you think of this Artwork feature? I think I might post art on Mondays... Hmmm... I'll have to think about it. Bye everyone!

Adventure Awaits!

If you have anything to tell/ask me, whether its codes, glitches, questions, or Jammer Sundaes, feel free to contact me at

Hula Skirt, New Wallpapers, Funny Glitches, and Jammer Sundae #1

Hello Jammers! How are you? You know, I really don't ask that enough! Let's get a move on- we've got a lot to cover in today's post! (okay not really, but it's good to make you excited about the post right?)

Today in the Land of Jamaa, we have a new item!

Introducing the Hula Skirt! Sold for 500 gems in Jam Mart Clothing. It looks a lot like the underwater version!
Looks like AJ has been expanding on the tiki style again! Remember when Crystal Sands was more tiki beach and less waterslide modernness? 

With the arrival of a new alpha, and the otters, AJHQ has made some new wallpapers!

Sadly, AJ has also removed the old wallpapers. I hope they make more soon! Moving on!

Something strange happened! Very strange indeed. I switched animals from my level 4 otter to my level 1 fox. Somehow, it said the my fox was now level 4! I clicked on the switch animals page but sure enough my fox was level 1. How peculiar *


*Note: I understand that I could have just leveled up my fox after taking the photo to the right, and posted this to deceive you, but please believe me- I did not. The picture on the left was taken before the picture on the right, and I am being truly honest. If you still do not think I am being truthful, believe what you wish.

Moving on with the post!

As I promised on Friday, today (and every sunday after this) is to be proclaimed a Jammer Sundae because we all need that much more sweetness in our lives! Jammer Sundaes feature positivity, have jokes, inspirational quotes, cute animals, and more! Remember, you can send in some things for Jammer Sundaes yourself at ! So here we have this weeks bundle of Jammer Sundae Sweets!

My favourite quote of all time:
Credit goes to for providing this image
A cute little otter: 
Credit goes to for providing this image
A terrible joke:
Credit goes to rabitaruta,com for this image

And if all that isn't enough sweet-ness for you, here is one more thing to tickle your taste-buds!

A comedic animal jam video: (no crude language or inappropriate behavior) Find it here!

*This video was not made by me. The video belongs to AnimalJamMusicPlayer. The audio belongs to Dane Cook. I am not taking any credit for anything in this video.

Hehe, all the copyright stuff is a little tedious since you have to take some extra time to do it, but I was taught some scary stuff about this, so better to stay safe? 

With that, this weeks Jammer Sundae (and post) come to a close! Goodbye Jammers!

Adventure awaits!

If you have anything to tell/ask me, whether its codes, glitches, questions, or Jammer Sundaes, feel free to contact me at
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