How to Get Into the "Pit" at Temple of Zios - GLITCH

Hi jammers!
In the past few days, many jammers may have seen other jammers in the "pit" at the Temple of Zios. Today Swurve and I discovered how to do this!
But, how do you do this? Follow my step by step guide and you should be in the pit after a bit of practice!

1. Do the NEW sky glitch, posted here.
2. From now on in the guide, you will see a FADED RED CIRCLE. This circle is in the spot where your mouse of your computer should go!
For now, put your mouse where it is in the image below:
3. Press down on the mouse, with the left click, like you would usually do to guide your animal. Do not let go of the click!
4. While you are in a solid "click", drag the mouse off of the Animal Jam screen. Don't release the click!
5. Without releasing the click, drag your mouse down to the bottom of the screen. This will guide your animal to the very bottom corner. Sometimes you may go to the Jamaa Township while doing this... There is no way around this, you'll just have to restart.
6. Do the same thing as mentioned in step 5, only along the bottom. MAKE SURE YOUR MOUSE IS AT THE VERY BOTTOM RIGHT HAND CORNER OR THIS WILL NOT WORK! Release your click as soon as you see the pit.
7. This step is hard. You need to quickly double click on the eye of the pit, and then as you're running through the pit, click in the pit again to stop yourself. An animated picture is required for this step:
As you can see, it's very confusing. However, after trying it several times, you should get it!

Have fun jammers!


NEW Temple of Zios Sky Glitch! (Jan/Feb 2012)

Hey guys! Swurve here (finallyy). Slidoo and I have found out how to do the new glitch in The Lost Temple of Zios. Slidoo says I do this better than him, but anyway. First of all, this will get you on the wall/sky in Temple of Zios.

First of all, make sure you're standing here:
Next, click around this area (the window and the temple-post-thing). 
You have to click extremely fast. Keep clicking back and forth, as fast as possible! Speed is needed in order for this to work. Sometimes you will go into the door, but come on out and keep trying! It took me a while to get this, but now it's pretty simple.
Once you're up, explore the sky in the Temple of Zios! Did you know the structure above Temple Trivia is an elephant?
Have fun with this new glitch!

Here is an animated screenshot to help:
EDIT: There is an easier method! Stand in the same position in the first photo, then click between the window and the door to the Lab! You MUST do this fast, I do not recommend it for slow computers! Keep going back and forth from the Window to the Lab door.
-Swurve, AJC Author.

Disappearing Panda Icon Glitch

Hi jammers!
Today when I logged into Animal Jam, I noticed that my panda's icon wasn't showing where it should:
I assumed it was just a loading problem, so I went to another room, only to find that it still wasn't appearing. I decided to switch animals. I switched to my horse, Pouncing Peachypaw. His icon showed up! I switched back to Sir Loopymoon, and instead of showing the panda icon, it showed me the horse icon.
No matter what animal I switched to, every time I switched back to my panda, I saw my previous animal's picture! Has this glitch ever happened to you?


Nonmember Profile Glitch

Hey Jammers!
Today I was on AJ with Swurve, when I noticed he had a nonmember profile, even though he is a member! Look at this profile:
That's definitely a nonmember profile. This is a member profile:
See the key and special name-tag? That shows TheSlidoo is a member. And it was only a glitch on the profile, because when you look at his animal, he has a member name-tag:

Animal Jam has continued to have lots of glitches, which isn't good. They don't have the excuse that they are "a brand new game that is under construction" anymore. Well anyway, tell me about the glitches you discovered in Jamaa in the comments and Jam On!

~Geckoguy, Animal Jam Community Author

New Official AJ Blog: The Daily Explorer!

Hey Jammers!
Today I was about to log into Animal Jam when I noticed this on the home page:
It's a link to the new official AJ blog! It's name is The Daily Explorer.

If you click that link, it should lead you to the blog which should look something like this:
This is a great replacement for AJHQ's old blog, which was canceled about a year ago. On this blog, AJHQ will post about new things in Jamaa, like updates, codes, and even some contests!

And, since Animal Jam doesn't have ads in the National Geographic Kids Magazine anymore, this blog is the only place to find out all the new codes! There is a new code that they posted already. It is "Explorer". If you log in and type in that code when you type in your username and password, you should get a 100 gem gift.
This is kind of dissapointing, because all the old codes gave 1,000 gems.

Tell me your thoughts on The Daily Explorer in the comments! Jam On!

~Geckoguy, Animal Jam Community Author

What's Behind These Doors?

Hi jammers!
There isn't much to post right now, so I've decided to have a little fun. Since I came back to Animal Jam, I've been wondering what's behind those boarded up doors at the Temple of Zios!
The area that the door is in is a very creepy spot... I think that there's some sort of haunted building in there! Maybe it's like, a home for ghost animals?

I want you to tell ME - what do you think is behind those doors? I'll share some of the most creative answers here in this post, if I get any answers. Let me know what you think is behind that mysterious door!

A cool story by Expert Shyjoy:
A long time ago, there lived an old wolf and her son. They would travel many a day throughout the paths in Jamaa Circle. Until one day, they came upon the Lost temple of Zios. (Before Zios went missing) The wolf son went over to tap the statue of a monkey, since he was always fascinated with monkeys and how they moved, ate, played, and interacted with other monkeys. However, once he tapped the monkey shamon statue, Graham. It started shaking everywhere. The ground was moving back and forth, and the older wolf called out to her some, just before a mountain of rocks fell on her crushing the statue and leaving a stone pit. Luckliy, the olwf son was able to escape, but just has he rolled out from the stature, black things started crowding him. Some flew over and some zapped him. He looked up only to see, they were tiny whip-like creatures squirting out lightning from their eyes. He wondered how these creatures came into existance. Then, suddenly the leader picked him up in a cloud of dust and wind and swirled him over to the old abandoned building. He tried to fight back, but no use the phantoms engulfed him and swallowed him whole. Then, when he awoke. He was in a dark place. All around him were, bones of lost animals and he saw.................Zios. He was right infront of him. The young wolf bowed and showed reverence. Then, Zios opened up a door and it led to his wolf mom. She had her arms streched open wide, and he was happy to be reunited with her. The, they asked Zios,"Can we go to a pleasant place of new exploration and adventure?" Then, Zios opened a passage way and they went to a secret land Phantomtopia. Where is is all dark and scary. However, the wolf and his mother loved that place. To this say, Phantomtopia is behind the big door to the lost temple of Zios. It is boarded off, because not anyone can go there. You must first prove you are worthy enough to enter in there. The wolf and his mother were able to go there, because they showed great bravery and respect. Maybe someday we might go there as well. That is they story of the boarded off room. :)


How to do "The Glitch"

-This Glitch no longer works, sorry!-

Hi jammers!
Right now on Animal Jam, there is a glitch that is totally indescribable. As seen in my Underwater Den Glitch post, you can do things with dens and much more!

How to do this glitch:
1. Go to any land and stand near a door. Don't stand too close though.
2. Click on the door and as you're walking, quickly click on your map and choose an underwater land.
3. If you did it right, indescribable things will happen! Something new happens almost every time and it's totally crazy! Also, what you see on your screen isn't usually what others see on their screens.
In this case, some other jammers may have seen me at Coral Canyons as a dolphin, who was walking on walls. This is because I did the glitch starting in Coral Canyons. However, what some people saw may have been completely different, I really don't know!
Here I am in the Theatre Lobby as my dolphin, only I saw myself invisible! I could see other animals walking on the walls, but on their screens they were in a completely different room. Swurve went in and told me I wasn't even in the room! While I saw this...
...My friends couldn't even see me! However, Swurve was explaining that I could see them!
I could see random dolphins "swimming" by...
When I went back underwater as a land animal, I saw myself running, in the sky, in the top left corner of the screen!
In this picture, Swurve had logged off, but I saw him running in one spot, saying "lolol hi" over and over again!
This time, I saw land animals in water! I started to ask people and I found out that they saw me as an invisible dolphin... at Crystal Sands!!
Today I tried again and ended up being a dolphin, in Jamaa Township! Everything was normal and people saw me as a dolphin in the town, but I also saw seals swim when they moved!
This is such a weird glitch and you never know what will happen if you do it correctly! I'm going to try to find out what other people saw while I was invisible or under water... Also, thank you to the jammer who showed me this glitch. Unfortunately I forgot to take note of your username! D:


Underwater Den Glitch

Hi jammers!
Today I was in my sister's den with a few other people. She isn't a member and her den was the basic den. She said there were about 5 people - including her - in the den, but I only saw one other person! Just then, her den randomly switched to an underwater den but it was totally glitched!
There was furniture that should be on land in the den, and you could see wallpaper where the walls would be in the regular den!
There were plushies lined up where they usually are in the regular den, too! One of the dolphins in the den said that he made this glitch happen and that he could also edit the den!
Also, some of the animals, such as the one in the image above, were invisible!

Update: Her den seems to be permanently messed up! Now, all land animals are invisible and water animals show up! The action/chat bar is the underwater one! But, her den is still the land den!
This glitch is getting a little bit out of control... Hopefully Animal Jam will fix this soon.

I'll tell you how to do glitches like these in the next post. What do you think?


Double Animal Best Dressed Glitch

Hi jammers!
Yesterday I was playing Best Dressed, and when the game went into the voting round, I noticed something weird. There were two different animals on top of each other!
As you can see, there was a random panda on top of a wolf. Both animals were wearing different items and different colours. When the lights dimmed and the winners were announced, both animals were gone! Have you ever seen this glitch before?


Lost Temple of Zios Journey Book Cheats

Hi jammers!
Animal Jam has just released the JOURNEY BOOK in the LOST TEMPLE OF ZIOS!
Here is the book that you'll need to find all the things in, in order to receive your prize:
Let's begin the guide so you can collect everything in this Journey Book and get your prize! Here are the animal and plant locations:

Monitor Lizard:
This cool lizard is (almost?) always sitting on this rock. If it isn't on this rock, look at other rocks! It moves around:
The Colugo flies by like a bat and then lands, to look like some sort of possom-like creature!
The dragonfly can be found flying all around the Lost Temple of Zios!
The Needlefish are a little bit hard to catch! You can find  them swimming rapidly in a group, around the river:
Vine Snake:
The Vine Snake is a little bit harder to find! He only comes out for a few minutes and can be found on the side of the lab:
Water Strider:
The Water Strider quickly comes and goes but is constantly returning! He can be found at the edge of the water:
The Turtle is a bit harder to find because he isn't there a lot, but when he's there, he doesn't move fast! He wanders (slowly) around the corner area of the room:
Pitcher Plant:
The Pitcher Plant is somewhat easy to miss, but it's found hanging on the side of the Temple of Trivia:
Praying Mantis:
The Praying Mantis is a rather large bug and isn't always there. When it is there it can be seen here:
Getting the python is a two step process. First, you must wait for this little cute mouse to come along:
Now, click on the mouse. The mouse will hop up on to the ledge above him and the python will come down!
The Hibiscus is can be found by following the path all the way to the top of the room:
Claiming Your Prize:
It may take a while but once you collect everything you need to you'll have a full Journey Book!
Click on the present and you can get your gift! The gift for this Journey Book is...
The Elephant Throne! This would look great in your den, especially if you own an elephant like I do!

Do you like this prize? Did you like collecting all the items/animals in the Journey Book? I know I did!


New Den - Ol' Barn Den

Hi jammers!
A new den has been released! It is called the OL' BARN den and can be purchased by members for 5000 gems.
The Ol' Barn den is great for all animals, especially horses! It is a very unique den and I like it! Have you purchased an Ol' Barn den yet?

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