Ferret here! Do you know what they've managed to make robotic this time? Unreleased stuff! I asked them what Animal Bases (AJ flash has a great post on that) and Jammer Wall are. They said it's on the DE!
Comment call: what robotic responses have you gotten?
Signing off,
P.S. stay tuned for more posts by me today!

Rare Item Monday and "Glitchy" Canyons!

Greetings Jammers, Arcticstar here! Today is Monday, and that means rares. Let's get onto the post, shall we?

Hooray! Looks like we can rejoice, Jammers, as today's rare is Non-Member - the first in a long time! Introducing the Rare Eagle Hat. I think this is a great item! Despite the fact that it is a recolour, this is an awesome rare! The two different shades of purple come together well, and make the eagle hat that much better. And as if that isn't good enough, the price is great for a rare item: only 750 gems! Great job AJHQ! Be sure to pick up yours today at Jam Mart Clothing!

Next, I recently discovered a glitch in the Canyons' Pathway! I somehow ended up becoming part of the rocks!

Goodness! My Lion's outfit is supposed to make it look like a strange spirit of some sort, but I am worried it might actually be a ghost if it is able to go through rock like that! All jokes aside, this is an interesting glitch, is it not?

Now for the factual part of this post!

Our word of the day:

Halcyon: calm and peaceful.

This word is pronounced: HAL-SEE-ON. I think I might start using this word more often - the way it is spelled and pronounced just makes it seem all the more serene!

Our fact of the day:

Most bananas used to have seeds.

Interesting... It probably wouldn't be too nice to eat a seeded banana like this one, now would it?
You can be looking forward to Ferretlove's Post for tomorrow now ^.^

Happy Jamming; see you next Sunday!

Feel free to contact me at !

The Freedom Plushies and Jammer Sundae #34!

Greetings Jammers, Arcticstar here! Hopefully you have been having a good week so far. What do you think of the latest update?

Have you seen the new freedom plushies in the Summer Carnival? As of now, there is a total of 20 plushies:

These plushies have replaced the old ones in the Summer Carnival Store. I do wish that they would add a regular version of the Pig and Sugar Glider Plushies, they would be very cute! Be sure to buy your favourite ones while they are still around!

And now it is time for this week's:

How about this week, we focus specifically on animals making strange faces?

A super intense deer:
"Pleash Shtop Shquishing My Face" :
The Owl that has had enough of this nonsense:
And finally, the face we all make when we smell our favourite food:

That's all for today's Jammer Sundae! Which did you think was the funniest? I personally liked the Deer!

And now, it is time for the factual part of this post:

Our word of the day:

Delectation: Delight; enjoyment; pleasure.

Aha! So that is another word related to "delectable". Be sure to use this great word sometime!

Our fact of the day:

Outer space is only an hour's drive away, if your car could drive straight up!

How fascinating!

See you tomorrow with a new post; Happy Jamming!

Feel free to contact me at !

Parasol and Jammer Wall

Hey Jammers! Welcome back to another post!

Today's new item is the lovely Parasol and can be bought at the Summer Carnival for.. 600 gems? Well, see for yourself:
Either way, I would buy one right now! It's much easier to play a game for gems than tickets. And, the item looks great on most animals! It's kinda weird that the Parasol just sticks to animal's back..

Moving on, have you heard of the Jammer Wall yet? It looks like it will be a new feature on Animal Jam soon!

It looks like a chatting page, and the backgrounds of the chat are floorings and wallpapers! This might be why the gems were moved, and the icon may be added up there! If you don't remember, there was a Daily Explorer post with a notepad that no one else had..
Full Photo Credit to: Meloetta385 owner of the AJF

The photo that was used in the post was taken down quickly and Animal Jam uploaded another one. It would make sense for that to be the icon of it. If that was the Jammer Wall, they would of have been making it for a while! I think this was taken around 2 years ago, maybe less time. What do you think?

How to see the Jammer Wall Page:
You have to be a non-member for this, and if you aren't, just make a new account! 
  1. Go to any store and click on an item
  2. Change the color of the item and the Member's Only screen should pop up.
  3. Keep on clicking the right arrow until you see the Jammer Wall screen!

That's all for today Jammers! See you on Thursday!

New Update- What do you think?

Hello Jammers~Grace2092 here!

Animal Jam has updated and so far so good!

The best update of them all, Llama! :D
Yep, 10 diamonds at the Diamond Store for this beauty.
Personally, I think they are awesome! For name tags, they should have "Drama Llama"

And they have the New Pet Contest, choosing from Elephant, Peacock and Armadillo. (Armidilo :D)

And Freedom Party :D

So there is one new update that seems to take a grasp at my legs. I do not fancy it much.

So we have here, the Gem update. When you look up in your left hand corner, there is a variety of things to choose from, parties, look at friends, news, AJ book, and- wait, there is no trophies or GEMS!

Yes, they have removed that and took it to your profile D:
I  think it is inconvenient and should be right where it used to be. What do you think? Please comment down in the comment section what you think, is the GEM update convenient or inconvenient? And, what new contest (next friday) would you like? 

"Keep Jamming, Jammers!"

Contact me at
Post on Fridays

Jamaa Journal VOL. 149: Llamas!

I apologize for the late post, when I first logged on today, there wasn't a new item or Jamaa Journal! So, I thought that it would be best for me to write a post when Animal Jam did update, and here it is! 

Jamaa Journal Page One:

If you couldn't tell already, Llamas are here! You can purchase one in the Diamond Shop for 10 diamonds. I personally think they are fairly similar to the deer. What do you think?

Jamaa Journal Page Two:

Now you can vote for your favorite pet, and it may just come to Jamaa! What will you vote for? I like the peacock, but they are all very cute! 

Jamaa Journal Page Three:

The Freedom Party is now in full swing! And to commemorate the party, you can now buy the Freedom Plushies, available at the Summer Carnival! 

And that's all for today's update! This update wasn't bad, but it wasn't perfect either. What do you think?

How to make an AJ spa!!!

Ferretlove here!
To make an AJ spa, first, customize your look. Swirls, hearts, and moons? Good. Skulls? Bad. Wear puffy blankets, necklaces and bracelets. Heart rings, arctic coats and hoods are great! Bunnies and foxes are good for this. Make sure it is pretty and pastel.
Second, decorate your den. Use dens like Enchanted Hollow and Tree House. Make a waiting room with a desk and computer or laptop. Add lots of sofas. The next room should have items like Princess beds or pink sofas. This is where they will relax. The last room has screens and rugs. My den is an example. Use scented candles and crystals.
Lastly, you need people. Grab a friend, then go to Township and say "Spa my den it's really relaxing so make it full!"
Thanks for reading my post. Please comment, I love it when people comment on my posts.
Ferretlove, out!

This is so cute, can you test it for bugs?

Ferretlove here!
I know this isn't a personal blog but I need this to be tested. It took me 4 hours to make! (please tell me if it doesn't show up)
     <iframe allowtransparency="true" width="485" height="402" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
    Signing off,

AJC could be better!??!!?

Ferretlove here!
Click her to help me be a better author! You really should!

Rare Item Monday!

Greetings Jammers, Arcticstar here. How are you doing?

Today is Monday, thus there is a new Rare Item. Be sure to check it out, as what ever item it may be, it will only be sold today!

Aha, found it!

Introducing Rare Shutter Shades! These 'cool' items are sold for 700 gems in Jam Mart Clothing. Overall, this is a pretty decent item. The price is not the worst, and the colour choices make a lot of sense! I think I am a fan! Be sure to buy one of these today, and today only!

Over at the Daily Explorer, we have a post about the Rare Item. Here we have a stylish tiger wearing a pair of these shades! This is one of the better outfits that AJHQ has made, and I like the art!

And now, it is time for the factual part of this post!

Our word of the day:

Impavid: Fearless

You know, "brave" is used far too often. Try substituting it for Impavid sometime!

Our fact of the day:

Llamas are tough and are used to guard and protect flocks of sheep.

How interesting! Are you excited for the arrival of the Animal Jam Llamas?

Happy Jamming! See you next Sunday!

Feel free to contact me at !

Underwater Items and Jammer Sundae #33!

Greetings Jammers, Arcticstar here! It has been a very long time since I last posted, but that will be sure to change! The other authors and I have been discussing a set posting schedule which will come into effect as soon as everyone has confirmed that their days work for them. With the new schedule, our posts should be more on time and the posting dates should be less 'confuzzling'!

I have discovered three items that we missed posting about on the Animal Jam Community. Introducing three new underwater den items: The Stone Throne, Sunken Zios Mask, and Seaweed Throne! These are great new items, and I particularly appreciate that AJHQ is touching on the History of Jamaa, which they do not usually focus on that much anymore! Be sure to buy these items today in Sunken Treasures!

Now, I may simply be online too early this morning, and AJHQ may not have added a new item yet. I will be sure to check later to see if there is anything new, and I will update the post accordingly!

And now, it is time for:

How about today, we do funny animal hybrids - just for the fun of it!

First, we have the beautiful and majestic: Barn Lowl!
Next, the fabulous Rumble Bee!
The elusive and mysterious Koalephant:
And finally, the graceful Hoose:

That's all for Jammer Sundaes. Tell me, which one of these did you find the funniest? I personally like the Barn Lowl. Be sure to leave a response!

And now, for the factual part of this post:

Our word of the day:

Bumbershoot: Umbrella

Try saying bumbershoot next time instead of umbrella, and see how people react!

Our fact of the day:

The average person's thumb is the exact same length as their entire nose.

Cool! Try it and see if you are among these people!

That's all for today, folks. See you tomorrow for the Rare Item!

Happy Jamming!
Feel free to contact me at !

P.S. Hey, authors! The updated version of the Posting Schedule is should be in your inbox. Be sure to give one last confirmation about the posting dates before we make the schedule official!

Stegosaurus Items, Returning Star Hat and Pet Selection Screen Glitch!

Hello Jammers! Welcome back to another post! 

Today we have two returning items. The Stegosaurus Tail and the Stegosaurus Armor. You might be able to make a cool Charizard outfit with the tail and some wings! Buy these two at the Summer Carnival:

Yesterday's new item was the Star Hat! This is a returning item from the Summer Carnival. I personally think this item looks the best on rabbits. Either way, buy it for 2,000 tickets!

We also have a glitch from Lara! Click here for her post on the glitch.
She had a lot of odd occurrences with her pets recently!

If you couldn't tell, the rhino doesn't have a diamond in the bottom left corner of it's box. Do you think more pets will be non-member? Comment what you think below!

 And that's all for today Jammers! See you back on Thursday..? Or maybe Tuesday still? Who knows! p.s. To authors, check the note left by Slidoo below, Thanks!

Note to the Authors

Hi authors, if you could give this a quick read, that'd be helpful:

Hello Jammers!

Hello Fellow Earthlings,

So I am going to just name a couple things! I have not really planned this, lol. So, I am going to catch up on the Animal Jam excitement so we all know whats buzzin like a bumble bee in Jamaa,

1. We have an amazing set of Elegant Furniture in Cave of Wonders store located in Coral Canyons.
I think that they are spooky and also very homey, they would be best used in a castle.
 2. Its June! YAY! I find this the best month and December (Jesus's Birthday) because its my birthday too! June 27th! Only in a week or so. So here are the beautiful Red Roses and the Birth Stone!
3. Carnival! I have about 50,000 tickets! So if ANYONE needs me to buy them something, I can! lol. Anyway thats about all and I hope you Enjoyed!

"Keep Jamming!"


Video: Contest

Ferretlove here!
Not the best video. Well.... Excuse the annoying deer. She's trying to get in the video without asking me


I'll edit it as more come in.
So far...
Mythical ArcticWolf

Miss SpiritStar
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