Items in Jamma that should be turned into real den items

Whew, the power was just off for 2 hours! We didn't really do much but play a survival card game. where we just actually skip the game part at just answer the questions on the card.
Trump's puppy class was canceled and we're not going to have it next week either because of labor day! D:
Aand now Boo is being really cute and putting magnets on the refrigerator and trying to say the names of the letters XD
Anyway here are some scenery items that I think would be really cool as a den item!

1. Himalayan Poppy
I think these would just be a great yard item for a den! 

2. Danger sign
I feel like a lot of Jammers would have fun with this one XD

3. Mushrooms 
There are some mushroom items like the 'glowing mushroom patches' and the 'mushroom table'
But those just aren't the same. 
I feel like these would look really good in the sky den in that dark woods part of it. 

4. Wind chimes 
Now these would just look great in a seasonal tree don't you think?

5. Firefly lanterns
I always loved these so much :O

6. Random Tree
When I was a new jammer I really liked this tree for some reason XD

7. Mira statues 
I feel like these would be super popular if they were non member

8. One of those things that take a quarter to look through 
I feel like Jammers would also have a fun time with these

9. Book, feather and ink.
In a smaller version I think this would be a really cool item! 

10. Flowers in Jamma Township 

See ya next week!
Peace love ninja's

*Husky Ninja 

I Was Writing An Entire Post Called, "National Honeybee Day Without Honeybees?" Only To Find Out That There Are Honeybees For Sale Now I Don't Know What To Post About...

Hi guys! I am heeeeere, writing a post earlier than normal, because we're gonna go up to the hospital to visit my sister after lunch. I was just having a good ol' time, painted my nails, after decided to listen to music, looked at for KING & COUNTRY's online store...... Then reality hit me- I need to do a blog post

Before I start rambling about random stuffs, let's get going with todays post... XDD


So as I wrote in the title, I was gonna write an entire post called "National Honeybee Day Without Honeybees?" and I wrote all this,

"This morning I was on Animal Jam with my niece, and we were looking at Jam Mart Furniture, and she wanted me to buy one of the honeybee items. I looked at the Jamaa Journal, and saw that like two weeks ago was national honeybee day, as you can see beloooooow. 

I figured they would have the honeybee pets, so I asked her if she wanted to make a honeybee pet, and she got excited and said yes, so I went to Claws n' Paws and looked through the different pets, and I couldn't find a honeybee. o.o"

And when I wrote, "as you can see belooooow" I went on Animal Jam to get a picture of the Jamaa Journal, and read, "Click on any of the honeybee FACTS around Jamaa to adopt your own PET HONEYBEE, the adorable flying pets for ALL JAMMERS!"

And i b like
uh o
*quickly goes to a land only to find the honeybee fact sign*

So I click on it...

And there's the button to make a honeybee pet right in the corner. So uh-
Hopefully my mistake saves you from doing the same exact thing. XDD So yeah... I guess you can go to any land and adopt a honeybee.

Here's my adorable new honeybee pet Shimmerseal...

Anyways... XDD That was today's Animal Jam blog post excitement. For some reason I just thought there weren't signs in Jamaa for the honeybees...


Here's todays Bible verse!

John 16:33

I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.

God made you. Uniquely. Beautifully. Intentionally. Purposefully. Wonderfully.

Arctic's Five Favourite Nonmember Den Items!

Yikes! Try saying the title five times fast!

Hello Jammers, Arctic here!

Now if you know me, you'll know that I absolutely love den decorating- in fact, it's my favourite thing to do on Animal Jam! I could spend all day making new designs - if only I had enough time (and gems!) to do it!

Recently, I was looking through some of my favourite dens that I've decorated and I began to notice that a lot of them seemed to contain the same items! So, it got me thinking. Are there particular den items that I like to the most? Ones that I find to be versatile and super easy to use, for everyone? And that's exactly what this post is about!

 Today I'll be showing you 5 of my favourite nonmember AJ den items and how I use them. Who knows? Maybe this will inspire some of you to try making some more dens of your own!

1. Greenhouse Windows

This is probably by far the item I've seen used the most times throughout my den! What I love about them is that they're non member (you can get these from the Meet Cosmo adventure in the top right chest!), bring life to walls, and tend to make everything a lot cosier. It's also a quick and simple way to incorporate plants and books into your den (since they're built into the item!). Another plus is that since it doesn't show a view of outside (like other AJ windows), it can go anywhere without it looking odd (like having windows showing sky in an underground den!)

A reading space?

A bedroom?

A living room?

2. Lucky Table and Lucky Chair 

Now hear me out - I know this is technically two items but they go so well together and they're part of the same set so I just had to put them together on the list. Found in the Lucky Clovers adventure, this small furniture set is available to all jammers too! I find that some of the seasonal items tend to be super colourful and so obviously seasonal that it's hard to use them in other types of dens! But these guys are subtle enough in the clover patterning that they can really be used pretty much anywhere. They're also small enough that they fit well into corners and small spaces. One of my favourite ways to use these items is to connect two lucky tables together to make one long table, and put three chairs around it so more people can sit!

This one only has lucky chairs, not the lucky table
A nice cosy fall arrangement

A small space for planning and working!

This one only has lucky tables, not lucky chairs

3. Wood Floor

While this is a flooring and not a placeable item, the Wood Floor is probably what I use most out of any den item! This item is a beta, so it's not as easily accessible as some of the other items on this list, but it's nonmember nonetheless! If you can get your hands on this item it is worth it! I find the wood floor looks good in almost any den, and is my go-to for whenever I'm choosing flooring and wallpapers. It's especially helpful since I love decorating with cozy, earthy colours and styles - and this floor fits perfectly!

Small House Den

Mushroom Hut

Spring Cottage

4. Wooden Toy Box

Like the wood floor, this item is a beta, so it's not as easy to get. However, it is one of the more common ones, and it isn't too hard to find someone with one for trade! This item is a great accent piece - it's simple and it leaves you guessing! What's inside? Cookies? Plushies? Art supplies? Arctic's secret collection of bottle caps, chocolate coins, and scented erasers? You never know! That's what makes this item so easy to use. Depending on where you put it in a den, and what items you surround it with, it takes on a whole new purpose!

Plushie outside makes it seem like a toy box

Vinyl close to it makes it seem like a box full of old records

Skates next to it makes it look like a box full of winter sports equipment!

5.  Fireplace

In general, I love fire on Animal Jam - fire pits, fire pots, fireplaces of all kinds! It's rare to find a den of mine that DOESN'T use at least one variant of these! This fireplace in particular is one of my favourites. It's small enough that it'll fit in smaller spaces, it has open room on top of it in case you want to place small pots or plushies on top, and its brick style and shape is unique compared to some of the other AJ fireplaces out there! This item isn't in stores currently, but comes back to the Diamond Shop every Jamaaliday season and is a great item for winter dens and other dens alike!

Cabin Style

Old living room

Canada themed?

And there you have it folks! Those are my picks for some of my favourite non member den items! Man.. there were so many I wanted to include... Maybe I'll make a "part two" sometime if you guys enjoy this post enough!

Anyway, that's all for now! See you soon!

This is what happens when you think about AJ too hard..

How come some of the dens are bigger then the lands themselves?

Where even are the dens? The map is tiny, and considering some of the dens are bigger then the lands..

If we have pet tigers, pigs, owls, etc, does that mean they are our slaves as we can put them anywhere?

How did Mira's tears create the Phantoms? Did Zios give her evil eyeliner or something?

Why are the Phantoms even bad? The were created from Mira's tears, and Mira is good, and they wouldn't know anything about the world, so they wouldn't really be evil unless they had somebody teaching them before they came out.

If we keep getting all these new Phantoms, is Mira still crying? Did she try to switch eyeliner but then the new type was still evil?

Why do we celebrate 'Night of the Phantoms' when we are suppose to despise and destroy Phantoms?

How come around Night of the Phantoms the Alphas let 2-5 Phantoms roam around Jamaa Township?

Why do we smack Phantoms with a hammer on the Summer Carnival? And don't tell me those are toys.

Why don't the Alphas actually recruit the Minor Alphas to help them in the Phantom War?

How has nobody found the full crystals in the Forgotten Desert? Why do we keep risking our lives?

Why can we do the Adventures more then once, does that mean Jamaa is a Multiverse?

Why haven't the Alpha's investigated Greely?

Why do the Alphas send 5 year olds' into Adventures?

Tigerverse... never used, and by the way, does that mean tigers were the very first animal to speak?

Is Zios really a waffle?

Will Animal Jam ever stop with the spikes? spoiler the answer is no 

If Mira's feather is something that can literally save Jamaa, how come they give it to Jammers who do the adventure? Why are there so many of them?

Is the reason why nobody has seen Mira because she lost all her feathers, and doesn't want to be seen bald?

What even is the beginning lore right now? Animal Jam has changed it so many times I literally have no idea! Is it the one on the Daily Explorer?

How the hay did the Phantoms design those factories when they're so stupid they cant see you go into a patch of grass

Are all the Phantoms super old which is why they can barely see you unless your right up to their face?

Are those Phantom Watcher thingys or whatever they are (so many new Phantom types I have no idea what anything is) dismembered Phantoms that the other Phantoms were like "lets just put his head on a tower!!"

Are those Phantoms that you see in the glass containers bad Phantoms?

Do Phantoms do experiments on other Phantoms, or other Jammers you see locked in the glass containers?  That's quite dark AJ..

How has nobody managed to break the ice in Mt Shiveer with like 30 elephants standing on, that should be easy.

Why is the wolf almost as tall as the elephant?

Why do we have so many size problems with the animals? The bunny isn't that much smaller then the fox or even the wolf!

Animal Jam is very obsessed with spikes, can't AJ at least make them look good on new animals? Honestly spikes have been looking TERRIBLE on animals, I think you need to redo some lineart or something AJ..

Anyone notice how false advertisey AJ is? You see an ad like this: 
(where the heck are those items those animals are wearing)
And you come in and its this:

Why is Animal Jam's catch phrase "play wild"? At my house my mom is always like "No playing wild!" to my siblings..

What does "jam on" mean? Who uses jam to describe dancing to music or anything like that anymore?

Why do the Clydesdale horses exist? *sobs forever*

Remember when AJ was about making friends, roleplaying (not Warrior Cat roleplaying, just normal family roleplaying) and adventuring? I miss those days..

Have a nice day guys! (I'm so sorry this is a day late! Blogging was just out of my mind yesterday)

Dangerous den items!

Me: Hay guys! Gues hoo's finaly doing a crazy intro!?
You Guys: Um the typo queen?
Me: What do yoo meen? 
You Guys: Your spelling like half of your words wrong ...
Me: I am not! 

You Guys: You were 
Me: I never evr mak tipo's! My mom told me to spel everything the way yoo pronons it! 

You Guys: Um, that's not quite right o,o 
Me: Wow, are you saying my mom was rong?!
You Guys: Uhhhhh
Me: That is just rood! So just stop it and let me get on with my post for this Wenzday! 

Ahhh It feels good to do a weird intro again! ^.^
This week we entered Trump into obedience class!
We went to the Orientation, thing yesterday and it was very interesting!
Alright I'm just going to jump right into the post! 

Top 10 dangerous den items in Animal Jam! 

1. Beehive Chair
 There are bee's all around this thing! And you literally have a chair in their beehive! 
Chances of getting stung are 99.00 

2. Mechanical Dragon Egg
This thing shoots fire out when it opens!

3. Mechanical Dragon
This shoots REAL fire out o,o
(I couldn't find a picture :1 )

4. Hanging Origami Lamp
I think this has a chance of setting the paper on fire!

I actually don't know what these are called cuz my internet was being suuuuper slow ..... 
But it's from the 4th July as you can probably tell
Well let's uh, just leave lit sparklers on the ground. No fire hazard there! 

6 and 7. Trapped/caged phantoms
I'm pretty sure normal citizens shouldn't have phantoms in their home O,O
Just look at the one in the hole ELECTRICITY! 
Keep Children away

8. Phantom Invasion game 
I think this thing has a real laser o,o 

(That looks super cool actually) 
Also am I the only one who never noticed the animals on the outside blue part? 
I haven't played this game for years XD

9. Hot Cocoa Machine
Am I the only who thinks this don't look safe? 
That little thing on the right is tied on! 
and it shakes a bunch like it's going to explode o,o

10. Fossil Rug

Ummmm, your, stepping, on fossils, bones, OWWWWUCH
I think someone who steps on that rug is going to have an extra bone in their foot! 

I was looking through the store looking for items, and I saw this
Aj, issss

Ok I have to go now!
I have a 
waiting for me :D
If you don't know what I'm referring to PLEASE DON'T ASK, it's super random and weird XDD
But if you do.

*Husky Ninja 

Forgotten But Awesome Parties!

Hi guys! Wow, The week just started but it's already been crazy. My sister went back into the hospital on Sunday, and long story short, she had to get surgery because where she previously had surgery was leaking. We think it could of possibly been something the surgeon didn't do right in the beginning. But she's doing great, and will hopefully be back home later this week! But we're just not sure when she'll be moving with her boyfriend, since they're moving to another state. Which is the majority of the reason why I've been so stressed. She could possibly be moving in the middle of September, beginning of October? We have no idea. So please be praying that we'll know soon, so I can stop stressing out... o.o

Anyways, let's get started with todays post!


In Animal Jam, there's a lot of forgotten lands and shops, but not a lot of people talk about the forgotten parties. So that's what today's post is about! Parties in Animal Jam that are forgotten, but in my opinion, are pretty awesome! The first one I chose is the Best Guess Game.

I absolutely love this party, but it doesn't seem to get as much attention as some of the seasonal parties and such. According to AJ Wiki, this party has been around since March 19, 2015, so it isn't too too old, but it still doesn't seem to be used too much.

The Paradise Party... Everyone seems to hate this party for some reason. XD But I think it's a really peaceful, nice party. It has been around since February 14, 2013 though, so it is pretty old. But I think it's really neat that you can collect birds from the party in your journey book! It's cool that they had this party-journey book feature four years before they even introduced the Call of the Alphas party.

Last but not least, is the Pets Only Party! This party seemed to become less popular once the Play-As-Your-Pet-Party came around, because the Play-As-Your-Pet-Party has basically everything the Pets Only Party has and more. Plus it's been around since August 2, 2012, so it's very old. I love the scenery of this party though! It's super pretty.


What's your favorite forgotten party? Comment down below, and why it's your favorite!


Here's todays Bible verse!

Psalm 103:13

The Lord is like a father to his children, tender and compassionate to those who fear him.

God made you. Uniquely. Beautifully. Intentionally. Purposefully. Wonderfully.

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