Rare Item Monday and Puns!

Greetings Jammers, Arcticstar here. Welcome to yet another post!

Today, our Rare Item is sold for 650 gems in Jam Mart Clothing. Introducing the Rare Square Glasses!


All jokes aside, this is a nice item. Square glasses usually are forgotten on Animal Jam, so it is great to see them being revisited! Though the colour choices aren't my favourite, I'm sure there are plenty of great outfits that can be made using these. Perhaps what is the best part, however, is the price! Only 650 gems for a rare? This is great, AJHQ, good job! Be sure to buy this item for 650 gems in Jam Mart Clothing before it leaves!

And now, it is time for the factual part of this post:

Our word of the day:

Cachinnation: A loud, hard laugh.

It is a great feeling to have a cachinnation every once in a while. I love it when something hilarious enough happens that you can just burst out laughing like this!

Our fact of the day:

One of Saturn's moons, the Titan, is quite and interesting place. If humans were able to go there, they would be able to fly by just by attaching fake wings to their arms and "flapping" them because of how low the gravity and thick the atmosphere is!

So those useless pairs of "fairy wings" sold in common stores could actually be really useful! If you lived on the Titan, of course.

Feel free to contact me at arcticstarjamaa@gmail.com !

Trains, Robots, and Jammer Sundae #43!

Greetings, this is Arctic, back with yet another post!

Today's new item is sold in Epic Wonders for 1000 gems - not bad for this shop. Introducing, the Epic Train Set! I loved these in real life when I was younger, and I still do to this day, so I am very pleased with the arrival of this item! It is well designed, creative, and is sold for a decent price, so I strongly suggest you get one of these!

The Fancy Toy Robot also came out a few days ago. This item has a great price and design! Be sure to buy one of these in Epic Wonders!

Hmm... I think AJHQ is on to something with these mechanical items. Chain necklaces, steampunk monocles, top hats, toy robots and steam engines? I think all this is in preparation for the next den item set. With all these items out, the Steampunk set may be the first to debut! What do you think?

And now, it is time for:

Now, this week, since Lynxes will be coming soon, how about we do cats making silly faces?

"Dun Dun DUNNN!!!!"

"You shall pay, someday."

Even ferocious big cats know how to be cute at times:

We all know that one guy who is a complete morning person:

And now, it is time for the factual part of this post:

Our word of the day:

Tacent: Silent

If tacent means silent, maybe tacence is silence! Imagine how much more powerful you sound if you yell TACENCE rather than SILENCE! You guys should try it out, and tell me what happens!

Our fact of the day:

There is a tropical plant called Manchineel which is super toxic. It is so poisonous that even rainwater that drips off of its leaves can burn whatever it touches!

How fascinating, yet terrifying!

Happy Jamming!

Feel free to contact me at arcticstarjamaa@gmail.com !

Gold Chain Necklace, Steampunk Monocle, and Silver Chain Necklace!

Greetings, Arcticstar here! I will be filling in for Mldriver today!

Today's new item is the Gold Chain Necklace! This is a returning item, which is most commonly used in "tougher" outfits. I personally like this item quite a bit, and I am happy it has returned! Unfortunately, the price isn't the best, but you can't win all the time, now can you? Be sure to buy one of these for 800 gems in Jam Mart Clothing!

Next, the Steampunk Monocle has returned to Jamaa. This item is great for a mechanical/antique look, and makes for a very creative style! I like the item very much, and currently use it on my wolf. This can be bought for 500 gems in Jam Mart Clothing, so be sure to pick one up!

Who spilled water on my pictures?!
And yes, I have finally figured out how to make GIFs! Unfortunately, as this is only my very first attempt, it is terribly blurry >.< Perhaps, if I get used to it I will continue making GIFs of images, which will hopefully be less blurry and gross in the future! What do you think? Should I continue trying to make these animated images, or should I just stick to what I know, and use still images?

Also, the Silver Chain Necklace has come back! This great non-member item is perfect for many outfits, and I strongly suggest that you get one. They are sold for 600 gems in Jam Mart Clothing, which is a very good price, in my opinion!

Now, that's better image quality!
And now, it is time for the factual part of this post:

Our word of the day:

Mayhap: Maybe; perhaps

What an interesting word. It can be used as a great substitute for the word maybe! Come to think of it, this words is like a combinations of the words maybe and perhaps.

Our fact of the day:

The only two animals capable of seeing behind them without turning their heads are parrots and rabbits!

Now, that's cool!

Have a great day, see you tomorrow!

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Rare Item Monday!

Greetings! Welcome to yet another Monday Post! I'm so sorry about how late this is! I was so tired from the past few days that I accidentally slept through my alarm! Silly me!

Today's rare is the Rare Wristwatch, sold in Jam Mart Clothing. Let me just say, I love how this item looks. AJHQ chose great colours for the item, and even though it is a re-colour, I really like it! The price on this is great for a rare, only 700 gems. All in all, I think this is a great item, and you should definitely consider buying one of these while they are still around!

And now, it is time for the factual part of this post:

Our word of the day:

Camelopard: Giraffe

Our fact of the day:

Giraffes don't yawn.

How peculiar! Hmm... What is up with my fascination with giraffes today?

Happy Jamming!

Feel free to contact me at arcticstarjamaa@gmail.com !

Beret and Jammer Sundae #42!

Greetings, and welcome to a new post! I have a special post in store for you, so get ready!

Today's item can be found in Jam Mart Clothing. This returning item is great for many different clothing designs, and is a favourite among members; welcome back the beret! This head item costs 300 gems, and is an overall well designed item. I remember this was part of my very first outfit on Animal Jam when I became a member! Be sure to buy one of these today, as these are great items!

And now it is time for:

This week, I think I might do more Animal Fails. Next week I have a slightly different type of Jammer Sundae in mind, so be ready for that!

Come to think of it, this is how the game "Sssnake" would work in real life:

"Hey, man what's going on?!"


"Mission failed. STOP THE MISSION!!"


My goodness, my poor poor animals!

And now, it is time for the factual part of this post:

Our word of the day:

Ooidal: Egg shaped.

Such a silly and useful word!

Our fact of the day:

Apparently, some bugs taste ridiculously similar to chicken.

Even if it tastes like chicken, I don't think I'm down for trying one anytime soon!

Happy Jamming!

Feel free to contact me at arcticstarjamaa@gmail.com !

Jamaa Journal Opinions

Hey jammers! Welcome back to another Grace2092 post every Friday for your entertainment!

Today we will be disgusing about the new update in the Jamaa Journal*facts*opinions*

Well, first off, Grahams workshop! I think this is cute and it brings back the nature to Animal Jam, Animal Jam has become more of an electronic theme then the nature theme it is suppose to be. So I say this is a good fresh start! What do you think? 

Next on our list is.. Play Wild App. Now, this just wrecked the entire nature theme thing. lol. I think this is a great way for kids to keep in touch with Animal Jam without a computer and just using a smart phone. But then again I think AJHQ is going a  little too far with the electronic devices.

I am having some technical difficulties writing this so I am just going to skip to the end. We are having a cute new cat friend/pet coming and I think, by the picture it is going to be the cutest thing. Snow leapords are back and that is amazing. Last but not least, we are having a school party witch is a cute and smart theme. 

Well thank you for reading my post and sorry it was so short, I hope to make next weeks post longer and with a lot more detail. I hope you all can leave your opinions about everything in the comment section below. I Love you all! Keep jamming and be safe.

Question of the day: If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

Post every Friday for your entertainment.
Contact me at Grace2092AnimalJam@gmail.com 

Jamaa Journal VOL. 153 Graham's Workshop

Hello Jammers! Welcome back to another post! Animal Jam has been late on their updates lately, so I apologize with the late post! Without further ado, here is the new Jamaa Journal!

First Page:

As you can see here on the first page, AJ presented us with a new adventure! Once again though, this is big multiplayer adventure. I really wish AJ would make a regular adventure. But, it's great if you have more then four friends!

Second Page:

If you haven't heard yet, PlayWild is released! I really love how it's 3D. As Ferret said though, it's quite laggy and glitchy. However, I find it weird how the beta testers (with Andriod Tablets I believe) can't even play the whole version of the app, because it's only released in the AppStore. Hm.

Third Page:

The third page contains the announcement of a new party, and returning Snow Leopards! Ugh, school is coming too soon! Although I love to learn, it can be very stressful! When does school start for you? Or have you already started school? 

Fourth Page:

And, probably the most exciting news, a Lynx will be the next new animal! Hopefully this animal will come out next update. It looks like it will be about the size of a tiger. 

Fifth Page:

Finally, the achievements have been updated! Now it's easier then ever to get an achievement. Click on any achievement (grey or colorful) and it tells you how to get it!

Sixth Page:

The last page talks about a new "Wild Explorers" episode. I find these to be so adorable to watch. Last but not least, Pet Honeybees will be leaving in the next update as well! Make sure to get one. :)

And that's all for today Jammers! What did you think of the update? I rate this a 4/5.
See you Saturday!

Play Wild!

Jammers, good news! Play wild is out! It is lovely, but LAGGY! My user is Ferretlove36036, same as AJ! Bye Jammers!

Rare Items and Jammer Sundae (monday)!

Greetings! I have excellent news; My Internet seems to want to work for me now, so I can keep up with my regular quality of posts! Let's get going, shall we?

 Today in the Land of Jamaa, we have a new Rare Item. I wonder what AJHQ has made for us this week! Let's see... Aha! Sold for 800 gems in the Conservation Museum we have the Rare Bunny Hat! This item has an interesting colour choice. AJHQ has been loyally sticking with the purple and blue theme lately, so this one is blue-green with purple. Hey, look! This item is non-member! We have not had a rare for all Jammers in many weeks, so good on you for that AJHQ! Be sure to buy one of these today, as it will only be here for a limited time!

 AJHQ has also written a post about the item, which you can view here. Has AJHQ been doing their rare art like this lately? I haven't checked the Daily Explorer in quite some time, and I find it strange that the image is simply of the item, especially since it's so small!

The Conversation:

"Hey, Joe! What animal should we use this week?"
"We've already used them all up... Just put a picture of the item on there."
"But Joe, wouldn't that be a bit too simple?"
"Just do as I say, Larry!"

I missed yesterday's Jammer Sundae due to connection issues. Now that my internet is working properly, I shall do a Jammer Sundae for this week. I have gotten requests for one, so here it is!

How about this week. we do silly animal photobombs? I originally planned to do a different type of Sundae, but that will be done next week!

What would have been a lovely day at the beach has gone quite sour:

This sloth who clearly wanted to be the star of the show:

Am... Am I interrupting something? Oh dear...




That's all for this week, folks! Sorry about having to postpone this Sundae!

 Now, it is time for the factual part of this post:

 Our word of the day:

 Hobnob: to socialize 

 What a quirky word! This particular word comes from older English. It is a shame that many great words are fading away from our language. Luckily, we can always take some time to re-discover them here!

 Our fact of the day:

 Just like your skin, your tongue sheds itself! 

 Both your outer skin and your tongue regenerate themselves? How interesting! 

Happy Jamming!

Feel free to contact me at arcticstarjamaa@gmail.com !

Aloe Vera Plant and Internet Issues!

Greetings! Unfortunately, my internet seems to be having issues, and decides to quit on me every 2-3 minutes (this has been going on for the past few days). Because of this, I have to re-connect the internet each time, and it taking ridiculously long for it to work. I am not sure how long I have until the internet decides to just give up on me XD. For that reason, I will not be able to do a Jammer Sundae this week (as the internet won't "stay put" long enough for me to find and upload pictures!) I am terribly sorry; next week's Jammer Sundae will be creative and new!

Our new item is the Aloe Vera Plant! I think this is a very well designed item. The price is great, and the item itself looks very nice when placed in a den! Did you know that real-life aloe vera can be used to treat and heal cuts, burns, rashes, and even makes good food, water, and medicine? It's like miracle plant! Be sure to buy this item today for 450 gems in Treetop Gardens!

Do you think Aloe Vera can treat my internet connection problems? Probably not.
Also, Animal Jam quit on me before I could take a screenshot, but there is a nice new item in Epic Wonders called the Opal Necklace! The colours and aesthetic is great, so I strongly suggest you go check it out!

And now, it is time for the factual part of this post:

Our word of the day:

Phrontistery: A thinking place

Our fact of the day:

Although Ancient Grecian and Roman sculptures that we find today are all plain white marble, scientists have discovered remnants of pigment on some of the sculptures! This leads them to believe that once, these figures were brightly painted and colourful!

Ah, how amazing it would have been to see a full-colour version of some of the Renaissance Art!

Happy Jamming!

Feel free to contact me at arcticstarjamaa@gmail.com !

Diamond Anklet and Galoshes

Hello Jammers! Welcome back to another post! How are you this fine Saturday? 

Today's new item is the Diamond Anklet! You can buy it at Epic Wonders for 1,000 gems. I usually don't buy anything from EW, because the items are pricey, and I am poor. Oh well.

Yesterday's new item were Galoshes. Galoshes is a weird word, try saying it ten times fast! Buy them now at Jam-Mart Clothing for 650 Gems! 

Oh, and I almost forgot...
Happy National HoneyBee Day! 

To commemorate this, over at the Daily Explorer, they posted a fairly cool coloring page! 

And that's all for today Jammers! See you Thursday!
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