Hey Jammers! Just to let you know, we'll be adding a new author and possibly changing roles over the next few days. I'm hoping we can get back to a normal posting schedule soon, so don't abandon this blog!


Sailor Hat & Search for Greely

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Hey Jammers! Sorry for not posting yesterday, I didn't realize it was an update. Also, I realize that the daily spin isn't a true scam, since AJHQ never promised that there would be a 1/16 chance of getting a diamond. The thing is, when Diamonds came out, AJHQ put them in the spin as a way to be nice to nonmembers and let them have diamonds. AJHQ basically made it look like nonmembers could get diamonds easily, when really its extremely hard. They weren't really being nice to nonmembers at all, its just another way to lure them into buying Membership.

Anyway, today's item is the returning Sailor Hat, in Bahari Bargains:

I won't go over everything in yesterday's update, since I know you all have probably explored everything already. Here is a brief overview.

In yesterday's update, there were really only two new things. The first is that Pandas are "traveling". You can no longer buy a panda, though you can keep ones you already own.

The other update is the new Adventure, the Search for Greely. Its the sequel to Greely's Inferno, and looks like a lot of fun!

I'll let the actual adventure be a surprise for you all, go ahead and try it!

Also, remember to enter the Fashion Contest!


Pirate Chest and Daily Spin Scam

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Hey Jammers! Today's returning item is the Pirate Chest in Jam Mart Furniture. It comes in ten colors now:

Whether you be a buccaneer or not, this pirate chest will keep your treasure safe and sound! I'm glad they added all those new colors. The last color, brown, is especially useful if you want it to look realistic.

As a side topic, I'm beginning to think the daily spin is a bit of a scam. Think about it. There are 16 different slots that you can land on. You can count them yourself:

So, if there is one diamond on there, out of 16 slots, you should win a diamond about once every 16 days, right? Well, I was around the day diamonds were released, and I have never won a diamond in the daily spin. It's not just me either - the vast majority of Jammers will say the same thing.

If odds are that you should win a diamond roughly every 16 days, and most of us have never won a diamond, what does that mean? It means the daily spin is a scam. AJHQ made it so that it is very difficult for the spinner to land on the diamond. Not impossible, but very unlikely. After all, the spinner is the only way nonmembers can get a diamond. have a feeling AJHQ doesn't want nonmembers to get many diamonds, or else they might not want to buy a membership. Does that sound fair? Sometimes it seems AJHQ cares more about money than making a good, fair game.

Anyway, it seems we have a bit of a problem with the comments. Lately there have been many spam comments, left by computers, not people. These comments generally don't make much sense and have a link at the end of the comment. Don't click this link, we don't know where they lead. if you see a post with lot's of these comments, the best way to notify me is to email me. Thanks!


PS: Thanks for the most views ever in a day yesterday - 2,455!

Jester Hat, Clearance & Golden Eagle

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Hey Jammers! The new item for today is the Jester Hat in Jam Mart Clothing.

I wonder how AJHQ managed to forget to put a "New" badge on there. Anyway, there seems to be many items on clearance now, all over Jamaa.

In Jam Mart Clothing:

In Bahari Bargains:

In Epic Wonders:

Looks like AJHQ is getting rid of Lucky Day and Olympic items. Now that Lucky Day is over, we can start looking forward to the April Fools' Party which should start in about a week. Also, there is a new video AJHQ made about a Golden Eagle:

Isn't it awesome to think the money we spend on Memberships helps save endangered animals?

That's all for now. Remember to enter the Fashion Contest below!



Hey Jammers! Happy Lucky Day! Today's Rare Item Monday item is the Rare Lucky Tuxedo on the 12th page of Jam Mart Furniture!

Now you can look lucky and dapper at the same time! ;)

In other news, remember I said there would be a contest for every 25,000 views on this blog? Well, we just hit 650,000! To celebrate, this contest will be a Fashion Contest. All credit for this idea goes to Scooter AJ. Here is how it will work:

1) The theme of this contest is Green - dress up one of your animals in green items, try to look your best! Rare items are not important, and you can be member or nonmember. Once you are happy with the way you look, take a screenshot of your animal from your "Change Your Look" window. Here is an example screen shot of my Koala:

2) Send the screen shot to my email - PumaaAJ@gmail.com. You may only enter one time!

3) I will review every entry, and pick six finalists. Then, at the end of each post I will put the pictures of the six finalists. Each day, it will be your job to vote someone out of the contest! To do this, you will comment the Jammer you think should be removed from the finalists. We will do this every day until there is one Jammer left - the winner of the March Fashion Contest!

4) The winner of the fashion contest will receive a Blue Pirate Sword!

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and enter the contest!


I met Dr. Brady Barr!

Hey Jammers! For a while I've known that I live very close to where Brady Barr lives - less than 15 minutes away, actually. I recently discovered that he regularly hosts reptile shows, right in my area! Yesterday, I had a chance to visit one of them. It was really cool! He showed everyone some videos from his travels, and told us all about the different types of snakes.

He has worked for National Geographic for over 20 years, and hosted over 100 wildlife documentaries - that's pretty good! I got to see some of his large collection of reptiles, including a 20 foot albino anaconda! Here is a baby alligator that was there:

I'm glad Animal Jam has educational things in it like Brady Barr's lab. That's one of the things that sets it apart from other games - you can actually learn something from your stay in Jamaa.

In other news, it looks like we will be adding a new author to AJC very soon. Stay tuned!


Clover Earmuffs & Contest Update

Hey Jammers! Today's returning lucky day item is Clover Earmuffs!

This has been sold at every Lucky Day since the beginning of Animal Jam. By the way, did anyone notice how yesterday's item (Clover Balloons) is very similarly named to the Clover Balloon?

The Clover Balloon should be sold soon as well.

Now, today is Friday meaning last week's contest has ended! There was a total of 70 entries; that's a lot for a small contest! The winner is Jambotsrule and they won a Rare Purple Bow. Congratulations!

Here are the correct answers:

1. Graham
2. September 10th 2010
3. Mt. Shiveer
4. Shamans
5. Jamaa Township, Sarepia, Temple of Zios, and Crystal Sands

Future Contests

Now, I know I said there would be a contest every Friday, but I changed my mind. Rather than having contests on a regular schedule, there will be a contest every time we reach a certain goal. Here is the current plan:

-There will be a contest every 25,000 views. For example, there will be one at 650,000; 675,000; and 700,000 views.

-There will be a contest every 25 followers.

That means that there will be a contest for 650,000 views very soon! Also, there will be a 175 follower contest relatively soon, depending on how many of you follow the blog. Also, there will be big contests for every 100,000 views! This means that the more friends you tell about Animal Jam Community, the sooner we will have a contest.

Do you like these changes? What type of contests would you like us to have in the future?


Clover Balloons & Appondale Tree

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Hey Jammers! Today's new item is the Clover Balloons in Jam Mart Furniture.

Many Jammers have been noticing that you can no longer climb up the tree in Appondale:

Now only Eagles can get up there. Why do you think they blocked it off? Also, about Eagles. Don't you think its a little strange that they can sit in the middle of the sky?

To me, this just seems like laziness on AJHQ's part. It wouldn't be too hard to make it only possible to sit down if you were over land or a tree.

Jam on!


Clover Blanket

Hey Jammers! Today's returning (nonmember) item is the Clover Cape in Jam Mart Clothing!

Another glitch many Jammers have been seeing is that when you enter Sunken Treasures, sometimes everything turns black:

Also, some of you may not have noticed the new Eagle badge that you can wear on your animal!

Well, that's all for now. I will be working on a green theme for this blog, but I will only keep it up for a week or so, around Lucky Day.


Rare Flag & Chat Glitch

Hey Jammers! Sorry for my lack of posting. I've been having some internet problems. Now that everything is back to normal I will start posting again. :)

Today's Rare is the Rare Flag on the second page of Jam Mart Furniture.

Wow, I must admit, this is one of my favorite rares! It goes perfectly on my Adventure Snow Leopard:

Also, a fun little glitch you can do now is to type as much as you want! There is no longer a limit to the amount of letters you can type:

What a weird glitch. :P Anyway, that's it for today. Remember to keep viewing Animal Jam Community for daily updates!


Leprechaun Hat

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Hey Jammers! Just a quick post today, I have sports this morning. Today's returning item is the Leprechaun Hat in Jam Mart Clothing.

I like the colors and animation there! Also, we have hired an extra author (there will still be a new main author). InfinityMagicHeroIsBack will post a Rare Item review each Saturday afternoon! Hopefully he will have time today, but no guarantees.


Contest & Clover Cape

Hey Jammers! Today's new item can be found in Bahari Bargains: the Clover Cape!

Now, remember I said that there would be a contest every Friday? Well, that starts today! This week's contest will be a sort of trivia. To chose the winner, I will pick a random person out of everyone who got all the answers right. I will use a random number generator to pick the winner. The winner will a Rare Bow and Arrows!

Rather than commenting the answers where everyone can copy you, submit them through the form below.

(Hint: All answers can be found in pages on this blog.)

Question 1: Which Alpha is an Inventor?

Question 2: What day did Beta Testing end on?

Question 3: Which land was released in January 2011?

Question 4: What did Alphas used to be called?

Question 5: What were the original four lands in Jamaa?

The winner will be chosen on Friday, March 14th, the same day the next contest is announced! Good luck! :)


Two New Shops & Nonmember Pets

Hey Jammers! Today Animal Jam updated! Jamaa is very green and spring-like now! ^.^ Here is the cover of the new Jamaa Journal:

Awesome! It looks like AJHQ has been trying to be more fair to nonmembers lately. The other big part of this update is the new shop - Royal Ridge!

Here are the items currently in the store:

This shop is way up in the sky of Coral Canyons, only Eagles are supposed to be able to get to it. Fortunately for Jammers who do not have an Eagle, there is a glitch you can use to get up! First, stand here:

Now, press the up arrow button. Clicking will not work, you have to use the arrow keys. Now, you are in the sky!

I'm glad we finally have a glitch that is easy to do! There is yet another new shop, but this one doesn't sell any new items. At the bottom of Deep Blue lies Deep Blue Den Shop, which sells all the Ocean Dens.

I don't really like the shop being placed here. I always liked Deep Blue because it was so empty. Also, some bad news: it appears Pandas will be traveling too!

You have two weeks to purchase a Panda, before they go traveling. Now what business does a Panda have going traveling? Anyway, there are a few notices in the Jamaa Journal of future updates:

It looks like there will be a new Adventure soon, with Greely! Also, there are some pictures of future Lucky items. I bet next Monday's rare will be a Rare Tuxedo. AJHQ fixed a bunch of glitches with this update, including the Pet Glitch I posted about yesterday. Gloves now appear their normal color on Eagles. My green glove no longer appears light blue!

There is one new item today (besides in Royal Ridge), in Epic Wonders.

Graham looks a little... dazed. But still a cool item. ;)

That's all for today's update. Comment what you think about the new things!


Clover Table & Crazy Pet Glitch

Hey Jammers! Today we have another Lucky Day item in Jam Mart Furniture, this time its the Clover Table.

Spring is here! Well, not really, but the Epic Seasonal Tree sure seems to think so. It changed slightly while I was writing this post, actually.

After:                                                 Before:

Also, there is a strange glitch many Jammers have been experiencing, and its incredibly easy to do! Just buy an animal that can go both underwater and on land (a penguin, for example). Then, put a pet on it. Go to the oceans, and your pet will stick with you!

That's one determined kangaroo. You can do the opposite: bringing ocean pets on land! Just put your ocean pet on while underwater, and when you go on land it will follow you!

You might as well enjoy this glitch while its here. Anyone want to scare their buddies by bringing an angler fish in their den?

Well, that's all for now! Be ready for some awesome posts this Friday and Saturday!


Clover Tubes

Hey Jammers! Today's new item is the Clover Tubes in Sunken Treasures.

There is also a post on the Daily Explorer about Rhinos, click the image to read the post:

Sorry about such a short post. Hopefully I'll have more time soon and I can write about the more interesting things in Jamaa :) I'll start working on a green theme soon.

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