Letters to Lions!

I know this is outdated news, but I just read on the Animal Jam blog that they are trying to stop lions from becoming extinct!  The entire point of Animal Jam is to support endangered animals!  So, National Geographic wants YOU to write a letter saying what lions mean to you, and send it to them!  You can even include some of your artwork!
To send in your letters, click HERE to check out the official Letters to Lions page! 

HOW TO HELP (Off the Letters to Lions page):
Don't forget to print a submission form and have your parent or guardian sign it.
Follow these four easy steps!


Ask your parents if you can write a letter to lions.
Write a letter to lions telling them what they mean to you. Include drawings of lions if you want. Your letter should be no more than 250 words long and must be your original work.
Print out, read the permission form, and ask your parents to sign it. We would like their permission to print the letters and drawings and feature some of them on our websites.
Mail your letter, artwork, and signed form to:

National Geographic
Digital Media - Kids
1145 17th St., NW
Washington, DC 20036
Selection for publication will be at the discretion of the Jouberts and National Geographic Society. Submissions become the property of the National Geographic Society and the Big Cats Initiative and all rights are transferred to the NGS. Submissions cannot be acknowledged or returned.

Wow!  I hope lots of you help out the lions by sending in some letters!  I might send in one myself!  It is horrible to think that lions are almost extinct and that if we don't act fast they will be gone forever!  Please show your support by writing a letter and making some artwork!

New Items!

There are some new furniture and clothing items!  Here they are:
I like the new items!  There are 2 clothing items, and 5 furniture items.  What do you think?

Get 100 FREE Gems from Mira EVERY Day!

Every day, for the next few days (and for the last few days, I missed it...) when you log into Animal Jam, Mira gives you 100 FREE gems!
Yay!  Thank you Mira!  I love getting free gems!  Let me know what you think of this new update by commenting!

Animal Jam Community's First Party!

Hey animals!  I've decided that it's about time for me to have a party on Animal Jam!
The party will be on December 31, at 3:00 Eastern Standard Time.  It will be located on server Kama,   at Crystal Sands.  I hope to see you there!

I'm Back!

Yes, I'm TERRIBLY sorry for such a long break, but I will start blogging again!  Thanks for your cooperation over the past few months!  Remember to come here for all your latest cheats, glitches, guides, and hints about Animal Jam! ;-)

-TheSlidoo/Sir Loopymoon
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