Meeting "Sir Snowyscout", the Guide!

Hey!  I haven't noticed any updates since Animal Jam started loading on my computer again, which is why I haven't posted.  However, today, I met an Animal Jam guide!  A guide is one of the moderators who goes on Animal Jam.  It was really fun meeting him!

It was really cool!  He was answering our questions and being awesome!  The coolest part was, he said he had been to this website!  That's awesome! Thanks Sir Snowyscout!

If you meet a guide on Animal Jam, make sure you give them lots of space and don't spread lies or ask TOO many questions.  It gets annoying to them and if you lie a lot, they can remove you from the server or prevent you from talking!

Have you ever met a guide?

Three New Shops!

Animal Jam has released three more shops!

The first one is located in Coral Canyons.  To get there, go to the Coral Canyons and look for this:
Now click on it, and the new store will come up!
There is furniture in this shop!  There are also some NEW items!

Unfortunately Animal Jam will not load for me no matter what I do, so I can't post any more updates - I'll let you know when this is fixed!

Animated Seal Movements!

As you probably know, yesterday the seal pet was released to members and will hopefully be released to everyone in a few weeks!  Since I am a member, I was able to buy a seal!  I took some pictures showing their dancing, hopping, sleeping, and playing!





I LOVE the new seal!  They're so cute and playful!  I hope that the seals come out to EVERYONE on Animal Jam, soon!

New Hot Chocolate Room!

In the new Mt Shiveer world, you can go into the Hot Chocolate Room!
Find that cool purple tent, and then walk through the door to be in the Hot Chocolate Room!
Also, there's a new mini game!  Click on the game symbol beside the Hot Chocolate machine!  First, you select which TYPE of cup you'd like...
...Next, select the colour of the cup...
...Now, the type of Hot Chocolate you want!
Mmm!  Hot Chocolate!! YUMMY!  Now add a topping!
Now, one more topping!
When you finish, you'll be walking around with your cup of cocoa!

I like this little feature, but it's not much of a mini game, but whatever, it's still cool!

New Animal - Seal!

You can NOW adopt a SEAL on Animal Jam!
I named my seal Bouncing Shiverfeet!
WELCOME seals, to Animal Jam!  I love the new seals and I think they're very cute!  Their dancing is unique and very cool!  They're EXTRA cute when they sleep and hop, and they're so cute when they play!  If you're trying to decide which animal to adopt, I suggest looking into adopting a seal!

How to create a NEW animal without making a new account! :)

New Room - Mt Shiveer!

A new room on Animal Jam has just been released!  It can be accessed on the map, and it's called Mt Shiveer!
It's REALLY COOL!  Here's a picture of it on the inside:
GREAT JOB Animal Jam HQ!  You did a fantastic job with this new room, I absolutely love it!  It looks like the ice that I'm standing on in that picture can break if you get enough people standing on it!

New Startup Message - New Animal Coming Soon!

I was RIGHT about a NEW ANIMAL coming very soon!  I just logged out and re-logged into Animal Jam, and sure enough, there was a new startup message!
Also, congratulations to the new Jammer Spotlight, Princess Cutetiger!

Why YOU Should Sign Up for Animal Jam!

Lately, I've been asked, "Why should I sign up for Animal Jam?" so I thought I'd answer that question here!

Animal Jam is a new, amazing virtual world!  In my opinion, it is the best virtual world ever made, because the money goes toward saving our Earth's animals!  Did you know that a LOT of animals are endangered?  This means that they are ALMOST EXTINCT!  If they are extinct, it means there are none of that species left on our planet and they'll never come back!  That's HORRIBLE!

Animal Jam puts a LOT of money toward saving these poor animals!  Most of the money YOU give to them , like by purchasing memberships, go toward helping cute, cuddly adorable animals!
You wouldn't believe how many amazing animals are endangered!  Here are some examples:

Panda Bears
Clouded Leopards

There are WAY more endangered animals who NEED our help in order to survive!

I was in the Animal Jam theatre today and I was watching some videos - I really liked them all, especially the Clouded Leopard one! They're SO cute!
Here's a picture from the meerkat video:
Aww!  They're SO cute!

That's only ONE of the AMAZING reasons to join Animal Jam!

Another reason is it's REALLY FUN!  You can chat with other animals, make new friends, hang out, play mini games, buy items, and much more!

So, what are you waiting for!?  Go over to and create an account now!  Then, come back here for your cheats! ;-]

Please, create an account and if you can and have the money, you might want to think about purchasing a membership to help these animals! :D

New Animals Coming Soon?

Today, I purchased my first ever Animal Jam membership!  While I was on the Membership page, I saw something interesting!  At the top of the Membership page, there's a thing that says "Members get... Early access to the newest animals!" Check it out:
Does this mean new animals will be available soon?  All I know is eventually there will be, but I have a feeling a new one might come out very soon!  I'm glad I purchased a membership because now, I'll get early access to the new animal!

Did you know that my main animal is a panda called Sir Loopymoon, but I also have a tiger named King Rockystar!

Play New Games With Your Friends!

Yay! Animal Jam has added a feature where we can play games with our buddies!

First, you need to find a buddy who is online!  To do this the easy way, go into your buddy list and click on someone's name - But, their name must be green to show that they're online!  Now, click this button that i have circled in white:
Now, select the game you'd like to play:
Now, the player you want to play with will be sent an invitation.

Here's an animated image showing the game Rock Paper Scissors:

I love this new feature, what about you?  Let me know your opinion by commenting!

Newspaper Updates! Big Cats Contest!

Animal Jam has released a new Jamaa Journal! Jamaa Journals are Animal Jam's newspapers!
Let's check out page 2!
This page talks about new clothing and den items!  The new items for your dens are the Cat Banner, to celebrate the Big Cats thing, and the Blue Crystals!  The new clothing items are the Bat Glasses and Steampunk Goggles!  Steampunk?  What...?  Moving onto page 3...

New games have arrived!  You can play these new games with your friends!  More information will be in a new post!  Also, some changes will be going on at soon! Yay!

Now, let's scroll to the page with the contest!
This week, all you have to do is find where those 3 big cats posters are!  Then you have to email them at with your answer, and every day, the first 10 people to do so will get bonus gems!  Here are their locations:

1. Sarepia Forest
2. Coral Canyons
3. Lost Temple of Zios

There are the answers!  Now hurry, send them in to Animal Jam and you could win some gems!

Well, that's basically it!  I'll be posting about games with your friends right now! ;-]

Big Cats!

For some reason, Animal Jam has added some "Big Cats" posters in Animal Jam!  Near them, there are buttons which you can click to find out a fact about Big Cats!
Click on that little flashing paw print button for a fact!
I guess this has more to do with that Letters to Lions thing!  If you don't know what I mean, scroll down!

New Year, New Fun!

I'm sorry for late posting - I never know when new updates are coming to Animal Jam!

Anyways, about a week ago they released this new message which comes up when you log in:
If you have a special wish for 2011, tell them by emailing!
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