Nesting Cosmo Doll & Lucky Party

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Hey Jammers! Today's new item is the Nesting Cosmo Doll in Epic Wonders.

Hmm, I think this is a little better than the Nesting Liza Doll. It isn't very flattering of Cosmo, though. I wonder what the Alphas think of these dolls. I can't imagine what they will make Greely look like. ;)

Also, I finally got into the Lucky Party! It is based off a small den, but that doesn't mean it isn't well decorated! Check out these pictures of the party:

There is a shop outside the house, with some new items in it!

Lastly, we have the popular Lucky Day music!

This may just be my favorite music in Animal Jam.

That's it for now! Remember the Comment Contest ends tonight at 12:00 midnight EST, so anyone wanting to beat xxtigerforeverxx still has a chance. ;)


Clover Necklace

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Hey Jammers! Today's new Lucky Day item is the Clover Necklace, which can be found in Bahari Bargains.

While exploring the different rooms in Animal Jam, I found this in the Medical Center:

Do you see it? The letters in that chart spell out the Alpha's names! From top to bottom it says Greely, Liza, Cosmo, Graham, and Gilbert! The rest is too small for me to read, but I'm sure its the rest of the Alpha's names. I love how there are so many little details in Animal Jam that you can find.

Lastly, I was wondering what everybody thought of doing another Comment Contest for the month of March. Do you think we should do a Comment Contest every month, every other month, or something else? If we didn't do it every month, there are other types of contests we could do, like trivia. Also, there could be a little contest every week, rather than a big contest every month. Anyway, it would be great if you could comment what you think would be best!


How to bring Eagles on Adventures

Hey Jammers! If you want to earn gems quickly, or just explore areas that you normally couldn't, this tutorial is for you! Normally, Eagles cannot play Adventures. However, following these steps, your Eagle can!

Step 1:
Using an adventure animal (not your eagle), host an adventure.

Step 2:
Walk around Jamaa with your adventure animal. Your "switch animals" icon will be gray and you cannot click on it. Wait until this icon turns to it's normal color (blue). This will take around five minutes. Then, switch to your eagle!

Step 3:
Once you have switched to your eagle, click "Play", and you should enter the adventure! You can fly past all the difficult parts of the Adventure, opening chests as you go. You can also go in rooms that are normally only for certain animals. If you fly to the edge of the adventure, you will see the edge of the world!

Have fun with this glitch! If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in a comment!


Shamrock Glasses

Hey Jammers! Sorry about not writing that glitch tutorial, I completely forgot. I will do it this afternoon though! And no, I won't forget this time.

New in Jam Mart Clothing is the colorful and festive Shamrock Glasses!

I wonder why AJHQ is releasing Lucky Day items in February, when Lucky Day isn't until March 17th. They must have a lot of items planned!

Also, the Lucky Party is here! I can't geting right now, but I'll take some screenshots when I can.

Here is a screenshot that Swurve posted on AJC way back in 2012:

I might as well spoil the surprise now. The glitch tutorial will be about how to get Eagles into Adventures! So be sure to check back this afternoon for that. :)


Emerald Ring and Free Rare Spiked Collars?

Hey Jammers! This will be a shorter post because I am planning on doing an awesome glitch post this afternoon! Check back then. :)

Today's new item is in Epic Wonders, the Emerald Ring.

The problem with rings in Animal Jam is that they are barely visible. They don't look quite so fancy on your animal as they do in the shop.

Also, when I went in Epic Wonders I found a huge crowd of people! They said someone was giving Rare Spiked Collars away.

I don't think there was really anyone giving free spiked collars, it was probably just someone trying to cause trouble. Everyone there seemed to believe it, though, so I'm not sure...

There is also another glitch that has come back to Jamaa, this one makes it impossible to scroll through your buddies.

See how the scrolling bar is gray? This way I can't see which buddies are online. Hopefully AJHQ will start patching more of these glitches that came with the Eagle update.

Speaking of glitches, remember to check back this afternoon for an awesome glitch tutorial!


Rare Steampunk Monocle & Glitches

Hey Jammers! Sorry if it may seem like I'm not spending as much time working on the blog anymore. There is some important stuff I'm preparing for March, though! Also, Author Tryouts should end soon so if you were planning on trying out, now is the time!

Anyways, today's Rare Item is the Rare Steampunk Monocle in Jam Mart Clothing!

I looked up what a Steampunk is, but I'm still not entirely sure. Wikipedia says it is a "sub-genre of science fiction that typically features steam-powered machinery". I don't see how this would fit with that definition... And doesn't the reflection on the glass look like an eye?

Yesterday's item that I missed was the tiny Leprechaun Shoes!

Mm, I see AJHQ is already preparing for March's Lucky Day celebration! That also means Spring is almost here!

Also, with the new Eagles it seems everything is glitching. A little while ago, AJ wouldn't let me edit my penguin. When I tried, everyone in the room disappeared, including myself!

On a random note, I've been finding areas that Eagles can fly to that AJHQ previously tried to block off! Here are some examples:

It's a lot of fun being an Eagle! Lastly, here are two new graphics added to the Graphics page! The monkey is by AJHQ, and the Eagle was drawn by AJHQ but I edited out the background.

Hopefully you can use those if you have a blog. :) Well, that's it for today!


Magic Mirror & More

Hey Jammers! Today's new item is the returning Magic Mirror, in Jam Mart Furniture.

When you click this item, it will say (at random) yes, no or maybe. But... why isn't this being sold in the Mystery Emporium in the Chamber of Knowledge? It's the same with yesterday's item, the Telescope. They both used to be sold in the Mystery Emporium, and now they are being sold in random shops. The Mystery Emporium is supposed to sell ancient and mysterious items, and now it seems AJHQ has forgotten all about it.

There are a couple new posts on The Daily Explorer, click the image to read the post:


Dr. Brady Barr makes some strange faces in that video there. I think he was imitating a frog here:

Moving on, have any of you noticed how when tigers sit, they just look up into space?

Its hard to sit and have a conversation with someone if you can't even look at them. That's something AJHQ should think about fixing. Also, as just a random thing, has anyone noticed that while playing Twister, there are some flying Zios Masks?

It's too bad Twister is such an overlooked mini game, just like everything else about Coral Corner. Maybe we should all take a break from rares and spend a some time exploring Jamaa.

Jam on!


Telescope, Hot Cocoa Machine & Haiku

Hey Jammers! Make sure you click here for Secret Areas that Eagles can go to, as well as Outfit Tips! Today, the Telescope has returned, but is now sold in Outback Imports.

I always loved this item, it's so ancient looking. I'm kind of disappointed it isn't being sold in the Mystery Emporium, it really belongs there. Meanwhile, the Hot Cocoa Machine has returned and is now in the Diamond Shop.

Now who would spend a month of Diamonds on a Hot Cocoa Machine? ;) Also, AJHQ has sent out another weird little message.

I'm not sure if that's a pun or just poetic genius. (In case you didn't get it, that is written in Haiku format).

That's it for today!


All about Eagles! (Secret Areas Included!)

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Hey Jammers! Today one of the coolest animals in Animal Jam has been created - Eagles! They are for sale in the Diamond Shop for 10 Diamonds.

They have some pretty cool actions, too! Check them out:

Hopping:                                     Dancing:

Playing:                                             Sleeping:

Outfit Tips
Nonmember gloves look excellent on Eagles! They can be a bit glitchy, too. Green gloves appear light blue, and black gloves appear white! Here is my Eagle wearing a "green" glove:

Other items that look good on Eagles:

-Ice Helmet
-Spiked Collar
-Spartan/Elf Armor
-Spartan Helmet
-Mech Angel Helmet
-Leaf Necklace
-Witch Hat

You can fly pretty much anywhere in the lands of Jamaa! Here are some of the coolest areas:

In the Adventures Base Camp, if you fly directly to the right from where you start, you find a secret island! There is a deactivated portal, too. Eagles cannot play Adventures yet, do you think this could be the entrance to a Sky Adventure?

In the Paradise Party, if you fly all the way to the bottom right, you will find a black space! This is just a little mistake by AJHQ, but it's a fun place to hang out with buddies!

If you fly to the top right of the Lost Temple of Zios, you will find and ancient sculpture of an elephant! This sculpture was here nearly a year before Elephants were in Animal Jam.

What do you think about these awesome new animals? I think they are definitely worth 10 diamonds!


Eagles soar into Jamaa

Hey Jammers! Today is the day: the long awaited Eagles are finally here! This post will only be about the Jamaa Journal. Click here for an Eagles post, including Secret Areas!

The first page of the Jamaa Journal announces Eagles are Here! And YES you CAN fly anywhere! Unfortunately, Eagles can only be bought in the Diamond Shop.

The second page says that pet tigers are back! You can find them in the Diamond Shop. Also, it says Eagles can explore new areas! More on that later.

The third page mentions the new game Swoopy Eagle - a remake of the popular mobile app Flappy Bird which was removed February 10th. Warning: this game will drive you crazy! You can find it, if you must, near Sky High. Also, there is a little article there directed at us at AJC. AJHQ is aware of our Free Chat petition, but I'm not sure if they will do anything about it.

The fourth page says Diamonds now come with 6 and 12 month memberships! Good news if you were planning on buying one!

The fifth and last page is about Taking Flight - the new Exhibit in the conservation museum! There is some pretty cool stuff there about birds, go ahead and check it out! Also, there are new items in the Diamond Shop! Some are for nonmembers too!

Also, there is a new post on The Daily Explorer about Eagles. Click the image to read the post:

Lastly, the new item in Jam Mart Furniture is Hockey Skates.

Awesome! Remember back when Ice Skates were released, I said there should be Hockey Skates! I guess AJHQ thought that was a good idea. :)

Remember to check back later for an Eagles post and maybe a Swoopy Eagle Guide!

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