Silver Glove

Hi jammers!
Today a new (non member) Silver Glove was released to Animal Jam! It can be purchased in Epic Wonders.
What do you think is going to happen with all this silver/gold? I predict that something will happen, something unusual... There has to be a reason why AJ is releasing all this bronze, silver, and gold!

There is also a Pet Igloo in the Penguin Party.


Lots of New Stuff

Hi jammers!
Sorry for not posting much lately, with school wrapping up and summer (finally) starting for me, I've been pretty busy. There are lots of new items out!

Jam Mart Clothing:
In Jam Mart Clothing, there is an Aviator Hat.
Sunken Treasures:
In Sunken Treasures there is a Jellyfish Lamp and an Octopus Chair.
In the Carnival, there is a Moon Balloon!
What do you think?

PS: We should be at 200K within a few days! We're getting almost 2000 hits a day, so we'll be there soon...

Star Rugs and More

Hi jammers!
There are 2 new items in Jamaa! Also, Freedom Capes were yesterday's Rare Item Monday... Sorry that I forgot to post :/ Here are the new items:

Jam Mart Furniture:
In Jam Mart Furniture, there is a new Star Rug.
Penguins Only Party:
In the Penguins Only Party, there is a new Ice Dresser. Since I lost my membership and don't have a penguin anymore, I can't get a picture.


LOTS of New Items

Hi jammers!
Sorry about the delay - I tried posting the items yesterday but no matter what I did, Animal Jam would not stop loading and I could not play the game.

In the Carnival, there is a Sun Balloon, as well as Freedom Plushies!
In Jam Mart Furniture, there is a new Star Couch.
In Epic Wonders there is a new Golden Sword - what's with all the gold lately?
In Jam Mart Clothing, there is a new Beret. Is it just me or does this hat look really weird?

PS: Thank you for our most hits ever yesterday!

Crystal Sands Journey Book Cheats

Hi jammers!
Today Animal Jam released the newest Journey Book - the Crystal Sands Journey Book! This post will give you the full guide on how to complete the Journey Book. Here are the animal and plant locations:

The macaw is a very big bird and cannot always be found. When it can be found, it can be spotted flying on to the roof of the aquarium.

This bird is more common. It can usually be found in the water.

Cacao Tree:
This item is a tree. It cannot move. Therefore, it is (obviously) always ready to be found. It is hard to miss, sitting right outside the juice hut.

Sand Dollar:
The sand dollars can be found under the water slides. They are always able to be found.

Tide Pool:
The tide pool is a type of pool that has rocks all around it I guess, it can be found under neath the aquarium, in the water.

Green Iguana:
This big lizard comes on top of the juice hut every few minutes.

This creature can sometimes be spotted on the shoreline.

This really disgusting bug crawls out from behind the sign of the pet wash... Eww!

This animal occasionally walks out of the cave and sits beside the water slide.

Basilisk Lizard:
This lizard is much smaller and quicker than the iguana. It is much harder to find because it only comes out occasionally, for only a few seconds.

This plant can be found on the very left hand side of the land.

Claiming Your Prize:
Once you've found all the items in this book, click on the Journey Book icon and click the giant gift icon. Your prize is...
...A Lemonade Stand! Click  "Keep" to add this item to your inventory!

Here is the full Journey Book Page:

What are your thoughts on this Journey Book? I don't really like the fact that every Journey Book seems to get easier and easier, with things coming out more often, and stuff... What about you?



Today's new item is in Jam Mart Clothing, and is... A Flag!
It's a pity that it had to be resold just as it was becoming rare. I wonder if the Angel Mech Helmet will be resold soon...


Flip Flops...?

Hey Jammers!
Today's new item is really weird... Flip Flops!? I wish HQ would stop making modern things in Jamaa and humanizing it. It had so much character before...

Jam Mart Clothing (Jamaa Township):
What animal would wear Flip Flops? I personally do not like this item, Animal Jam is supposed to be an animal game, not human.

Jam On!


Freedom Mask

Goood Morning!                      
Today's Rare Item Monday is a Freedom Mask in Jam Mart Clothing!   

You may know that this item was sold in beta and was extremely rare. I'm surprised that this wasn't going to be resold in July with the other freedom day items. It doesn't even have a *rare* at the beginning of the name like the other rare items recently...
        At any rate, it is nonmember (and looks good on rabbits!).


Pufferfish Helmet

Hi jammers!
There's a new item in Bahari Bay - the Pufferfish Helmet!
I like how AJ releases series of items, right now they seem to have a pufferfish theme! What do you think?



I know that this has NOTHING to do with Animal Jam but please vote for my dog in a cute pet contest! We need all the support we can get :)
Click here to vote!
To vote, just type in the security code and press "Vote For This Pet".
If she makes the top 25, we'll do something fun! Contest, party, or something else, it'll be up to you guys!

Also, everyone give a welcome to Mysteryhorse, the new addition to the AJC team!

Leaf Necklace

Hello Jammers!
I'm Mysteryhorse, one of the new authors here at Animal Jam Community. Today, Leaf Necklaces have been resold! They are available in Jam Mart Clothing, in Jamaa Township.
There are a few new colors, including orange, purple, blue, and cream.
I personally think that this is one of the coolest looking items in Animal Jam!


Pet Castle

Hi jammers!
Today a new Pet Castle item hit the store in Epic Wonders!
I wonder what this looks like in dens!

PS: Less than 25000 hits until 200000!

Carousel Hat and More

Hi jammers!
There are 3 new items in the Carnival today! The first two are hamster plushies - small and large.
The third item is the Carousel Hat! Yes, this IS a hat!
This has to be one of the weirdest items I've seen, but it is very creative! What do you think?

ALSO - Mysteryhorse and Techguy14 - the reason I haven't sent you your invites to start posting yet is because I accidentally misplaced your email addresses... If you could please comment with them (I won't publish the comments) that would be great!

Duck Plushies

Hi jammers!
Today 2 duck plushies came out in the Carnival. The small one is for 2000 tickets, and the large is for 10000.
That is one gigantic duck! What do you think?


Sun Visor

Hi jammers!
Scroll down for Summer Carnival information!
Recently Animal Jam released a new item, which can be purchased in Jam Mart Clothing - the Sun Visor!
This is a great item for summer! In other (not very important) news, my membership expired.. Oh well, I'm not too upset, but I don't like the fact that I can't wear my favourite hat... Hey AJHQ, do you mind making Top Hats available to wear for non members? ;-)


The Summer Carnival

Hi jammers!
Once again I really do apologize for completely failing and missing my own party! We'll have another one soon... We're approaching 200000 hits VERY quickly, so there will probably be one then!

Anyways, recently the Summer Carnival hit Animal Jam, to celebrate summer (obviously)! To go to the Carnival, click on the party list. The Carnival will be open 24 hours a day, so don't worry about missing it!
So, to get prizes from the Carnival, you have to play awesome carnival-related mini games, to earn tickets! The tickets are then spent on prizes. When you go to the Summer Carnival for the first time, you get 500 free tickets.
The Carnival is really fun! There are 3 cool games to play:

  • Phantom Ball
  • Candy Catch
  • Whack-A-Phantom
I'm a bit surprised that there are only three games, but by the looks of it, there are a few empty "booths" around, so maybe those will be games later on? 

There are a few shops around the Carnival, all with items that are purchased with tickets.

So, what do you think of the Summer Carnival? In my opinion it's a great idea. I love the games, but I do think it's a bit of a copy of Club Penguin's "Fall Fair" party, but that's okay. I'm glad to see Animal Jam finally doing bit parties that are more than just a few decorations here and there!


TheSlidoo's 3 Year Blogging Party (OVER)

Hey Jammers!
This party was okay, if TheSlidoo came it would have been far better. I mean, it was to celebrate him blogging 3 years.

Anyway, we started off in the Chamber of Knowledge.

Then we moved to TheSlidoo's den:

We went to the top and started jumping:

Towards the end we came to my den and played buddy games.

Remember, this party was here just because I didn't want to disappoint everyone who came. It is likely that TheSlidoo will have another party to replace this, since he couldn't come.

Thank you to everyone who came!

Jam On!


New Hummingbird Package Membership Card

Hi jammers!
Recently AJHQ has announced a new 1 month membership card that, when purchased, gives you a hummingbird package for your jammer! The package includes a hummingbird pet, a special den, and more!
You can purchase this gift for yourself or a friend by clicking here.


*New* Nominate Blogs for the AJ Blog Awards

Hi jammers!
So as you might already know, the AJ Blogging Awards nominee form closed unexpectedly while my computer was in for repairs. This is because people spammed the form, nominating themselves!
If you spammed the form, I HAVE YOUR IP ADDRESS. You can no longer be entered in the blog awards. I specifically asked you NOT to spam! Can't you pay attention to the rules?
Anyways, so many people spammed that it ended up closing our form for nominees. Not fair to those who were following the rules!

So let's just pretend that the nomination rounds didn't happen. I'm going to completely re-do the nomination rounds of the competition!
Instead of leaving a form up, I'm going to do the nomination process through the comments.

To nominate a blog, comment saying:
What is the blog URL that you are nominating?
What category are you nominating this blog for?
Pick 1 of the following categories:
-Best Looking Blog
-Fastest Updates
-Best/Most Helpful Posts
-Best Overall Blog

You can only nominate a specific blog twice. For example, I could nominate my sister (Fuzzy ShyIvy)'s blog in "Best Looking Blog" and "Best Overall Blog," but then I could no longer nominate her blog for anything else. Are the rules clear?

You have until Saturday evening to nominate blogs.


Summer Carnival: Video Included!

Hey Jammers!
The new Summer Carnival is out! Here is a video of all the thing you can do there:

What do you think about the Summer Carnival? Comment!

Jam On!


Jamaa Journal Vol. 052

Hey Jammers!
TheSlidoo's laptop still isn't working, so I will post this for him today...

Page 1:
Hummingbirds are the new pet! Unfortunately, the only way to get them is by buying a membership through AJ Outfitters.

Page 2:
The Summer Carnival has FINALLY arrived! It even has it's own currency called Carnival Tickets. I will post a video of this soon. ;)

Page 3:
Another contest, this time for a new pet! I guess it can be for land or ocean.

Page 4:
The new nonmember animal will be... Penguins! For some reason they want to wait until next update to do this. And now Members can have 300 den item slots! But what about nonmembers like me?! And I was kind of hoping for 200 clothing slots...

Page 5:
More of the gimmicky "Rare" tags... I guess they can be useful...  And if you join the Club in June you get a Golden Glove. And notice how all the items are in 3D? It looks good on gloves, but not much else... I am going to miss the old look.

Page 6:
So apparently this week is "Adoption Week" and we are supposed to adopt a lot of pets. Weird idea... And they even got Dr. Tierney Thys to introduce Adoption Week.

Jam On!


Wood Lawn Chair

Hey Jammers!
First of all, TheSlidoo told me he would be back yesterday, but he wasn't... And the  AJ Blogging Award form glitched up and closed to early. When he gets back he will probably have to start over... D=

Jam Mart Furniture (Jamaa Township):
This is very useful, especially for a nonmember item! The only weird thing is that there is no "new" sign.

Remember to comment Jammers!

Jam On!


Blanket Resold!

Hey Jammers!
Today I was shocked when I looked at the Jam Mart Clothing catalog! Do you remember Pizzadrop's orange beta blanket? Blankets were sold in early beta, and then removed. Somehow, one survived and is now owned by Pizzadrop. Today, the blanket was resold!

Jam Mart Clothing (Jamaa Township):
Sadly it is only member. Do you think AJHQ will resell more early beta items? Which ones? Tell me in the comments!

Jam On!


RIM: Rare Star Cape

Hey Jammers!
TheSlidoo can't post until Tuesday, so I will do everything until then. And today is... Rare Item Monday!

Hot Cocoa Hut (Mt Shiveer):
It's Nonmember! Maybe AJHQ realize they weren't giving nonmembers enough items. I also lost membership when I was on vacation...

Jam On!



Our forum has been attacked by disgusting bots. We have deleted the link to our forums off of this website. PLEASE DO NOT VISIT THE FORUM, THE CONTENT IS DEFINITELY NOT APPROPRIATE FOR ANYBODY.

We will be relaunching a new forum within the next few weeks.

We apologize for anybody who had to see this content.

Nominate Blogs for the AJ Blogging Awards

Hi jammers!
Over one year ago, I held something on my old Club Penguin blog called the Club Penguin Amateur Blogging Awards! This is where people nominated random Club Penguin blogs and the ones that got the most nominations  got posted in polls. People then voted on their favourite blogs, and winners were announced!

I have lately been paying a lot of attention to different Animal Jam blogs and seen that a lot of the blogs really do deserve a lot more publicity than they receive. So I want to give a chance for those blogs to be seen! So I am here to hold the first ever (possibly annual) Animal Jam Blogging Awards!

How does it work?
For the first "round," I will put up different categories and you will nominate your favourite Animal Jam blogs for those categories! You ARE allowed to nominate your own blogs, but you can only nominate a certain blog once.
Once all the nominees are chosen, I will put up polls for each category and the public will have one week to vote! Once all the votes have came in, the winners will be announced!
What do the winners get?
Well, this might not be much of a prize to some, but hopefully it will be to others. I will be putting an advertisement for all of the winning blogs on my website! Not just their name in the blogroll, but for 1-2 months, an image advertisement will appear somewhere on AJC. We get over 1300 hits every day with over 2000 different people visiting weekly, so this is a chance for your blog to get lots of publicity!

So, now you have the chance to nominate your own blogs/your favourite blogs! You can nominate a specific blog only once per category.

Nominate blogs here:
Fill out my online form.

You have until Tuesday to nominate blogs! Good luck, and remember to tell your friends to nominate you!



Hi jammers!
Today a new item came out in Epic Wonders... Nunchucks!
Personally I'm surprised that they released a weapon-like item on Animal Jam, because it is a little bit violent. No big problem though, but they do have some pretty young people in the game. What are your thoughts?

Monthly Member Gift

Hi jammers!
It's the beginning of a new month which means that a new Monthly Member Gift has been given to every member in Jamaa! There are 4 gifts, every member gets one. Sadly you don't get to pick.
From what I've heard, the gifts you can get are the Golden Lava Glove, Golden Dragon Glove, Golden Mummy Glove, or the Golden Legendary Glove, although I'm not sure if those are the official names. I got the Mummy Glove.
So, members, which golden glove did you get?

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