Deer Fur

Hey Jammers, the Jamaalidays are officially over! Soon, the New Years Party will be on! Wow, it feels weird to not be posting the Jamaaliday Gift! Meanwhile, AJHQ has released a creative new clothing accessory in Jam Mart Clothing, the Deer Fur!

This fur is actually a neck item! Naturally, it looks best on Deer:

I love it! Now the deer can be fluffy and warm for the rest of the Winter. ^.^ Also, AJHQ has posted about the Jammer Snaps contest winners on The Daily Explorer!

Personally, I don't really like the way AJHQ does contests. I feel like the winners aren't usually the best - more like they were picked at random. Anyway, has anyone noticed how crazy the animal sizes are? I mean, a rabbit is almost as tall as a lion!

We're used to the heights in Animal Jam, but the are really unrealistic! I suppose if you were a little rabbit and then a huge elephant walked into the room, it would be a little strange. But this is supposed to be an educational game... what do you think?



  1. I think that if bunnies were any smaller then they would not b seen as jammers but as pets all the time! Until they spoke then every1 would b freaked out! XD

  2. Umm... Well I'd think it would be mean if we did it by size because if you look at it the only big non-member animal is a tiger :Y

  3. hehe what if there was a mouse and an elephant XD

  4. It looks weird and gross me no like deer fur!!!!


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