Frankenstein Mask!

Update from Pumaa: Happy Halloween! I've made a special phantom theme for today! Comment your opinions below!

Greetings! I hope you are having a great week so far! Let's get posting shall we?

Today in the land of Jamaa we have a lovely returning item: The Frankenstein Mask! FINALLY!! Something that is non member! Buy this for 300 gems at Jam Mart Clothing!

And now, it's time for the factual part of the post!

Our word for today is:

Candor: the quality of being open and honest in expression.

Hmm, there are so many words I do not even know- it is exciting whenever I learn a new word!

Next, our fact:

The Statue of Liberty was originally intended to be for Egypt.

I never knew that! It is a great symbol of the U.S.A, and it would be quite strange if it was in Egypt. Cool stuff!

Adventure Awaits!

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Vampire Mask and More Un-Released Items!

Aloha Jammers! Welcome to another post!

The new item for today is the:

Vampire Mask

Very cute and a low price! The only thing about this, is that it's non-member. Out of the 19 Halloween clothing items in Jam-Mart Clothing, they get TWO items to choose from! And they can't change the colors. That's why I offer to buy different colors of items for them. 

*Warning SPOILERS*

Here is the unreleased part of the post. All of it comes from: Animal Jam Insider

The first one, includes all the den plaques, but with the first award for Epic Dens:

Hm.. I wonder what the video one the thumbs up is for..

Moving on we also have the Rare Lasso:

It probably will be the next Monday Rare!

And, we have a cute Lion Cub!
How adorable? I can't wait for these to come out! 

This is just part 1 of the un-released items. 
Would you like to see more? Tell me in the comments! 

That's all for today Jammers, See you in Jamaa!
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Hockey Mask!


Today in the land of Jamaa we have a wonderful returning item: The Hockey Mask! This item can be bought for 250 gems at Jam Mart Clothing. Did you know that the first person in the NHL ever to wear a mask during a hockey game wore a mask like this? His name was Clint Benedict, played for the Montreal Maroons (a Canadian team if you're wondering), and he wore a mask after getting smashed in the face by a hockey puck. Before that, there was no such thing as hockey masks- not even the goalies (which need to be well protected) wore masks! Cool stuff! Anywho, there is a bit of history for you, even before the factual part of the post!

And now, it's time for the factual section of the post! Hmm... I should really make a picture for that kind of like the Jammer Sundaes sign. I'll have to think about that.

First, our word of the day:

Pompous (pronounced pawm-pus): affectedly grand, solemn, or self-important

Strange word! If you have any suggestions for words I should feature on my next post be sure to tell me in the comments!

Next, our fact of the day:

Hugging someone for 20 seconds (at least) releases Oxytocin, which can make the person you are hugging trust you more.

Remember, friends are for hugging! Liked today's facts? Tell me what you think!

Adventure Awaits

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Eyeball Mask and Item Spotlight #8

Hey there Jammers! Mldriver posting for you today..

The new item for today is the Eyeball Hat!

I really love to creep out my friends with these. All you do is hide in their den, and then stick your head out! You can get this on the first page in Jam-Mart Clothing.

Now for Item Spotlight #8! 

This week's IS will be a bit different.. I will be showing you an un-released animal!

I found this on the internet (specifically Instagram). Now, you might say,"GASP THIS IS PHOTOSHOPED!111!!!!!". Well it's not. This guy's page had yesterday's Monday Rare picture a week before it was released. The link to this guy's page is >>here<<. And it's in the diamond shop, what a surprise! And it will be underwater. Coolio.. 

There is actually more un-released items there too. If you post his picture's, make sure you give him credit. I am guessing he hacked Animal Jam to get these.

That's it for today Jammers! See you in Jamaa!
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Rare Item Monday!


Today is Monday- and that means a new Rare Item has been introduced, and is only to be sold for today. So let's see what AJ has in store for us today, shall we?

Introducing...... The Rare Spooky Top Hat! Sold in Jam Mart clothing for 975 gems, make sure you buy this today as it will never come back! I really think this is a nice item, despite the price. However, I'm not much of a top hat person. Anywho, all those who love top hats, this is your calling!

I have created another outfit for you this week! And here it is:

This is actually a very simple outfit! Here is what it is comprised of:
  • Black as color 1
  • Purple as color 2
  • Rare Spooky Top Hat
  • Tuxedo Jacket

I hope you liked it!

And now it's time for: The factual section of the post!

Our word of the day:

Overmorrow- the day after tomorrow

That was a word? Where have I been all my life?!

Finally, our fact of the day:

If you shout for 8 years, 7 months, and 6 days without stopping to breathe or anything (if it were possible) you will have created enough energy to warm a single cup of coffee.

Well that's a strange fact... I suppose knowledge never hurts, even if it is rather useless information. Someday it may come in handy!

Adventure Awaits!

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Mummy Mask and Jammer Sundae #10

Greetings my fellow Jammers!

As you are well aware of by now (or at least I hope you are) today is Sunday, meaning Jammer Sundaes! Before we get to that however, we must cover the new (and wonderful?) item that has been given to us today. Let's begin shall we?

First, we have a returning item. Please welcome back the mummy mask! Whether you're out scaring your friends, sleeping in a pyramid for a thousand years, or just being amazing, this mask is great for any occasion! Except maybe dinner. Get this item for 250 gems! I actually think that is the cheapest Night of the Phantoms item we have had in a long time- buy this at Jam Mart Clothing!

And now, without further ado, I bring you today's Jammer Sundae!

First, we have a rather overexcited reptile:

Ahem. Excuse me sir, but happy as you may be, now is not the time to be jumping! We have a river tour going on, and I do not want you to scare the passengers! Crocodiles these days, sigh.

Next, a true and agreeable statement.

Hmmm. Why do some people do that? 

Continuing, what would happen if Aladdin was "more realistic"

No No NoNoNo!! You do not harm your fellow cast members? I repeat, no harming the cast! Do you understand?  And that, is sadly, how we lost our lead actor. Sigh, the fickleness of the industry!

Finally, have you ever thought about the poor pinatas? 

Stop the injustice!

Now I know that was the usual amount of Jammer Sundae, but I am feeling generous, so let's enjoy an extra two scoops!

I like bowls of soup, and I like cats. What happens when you combine that? Either weird grossness, or absolute cuteness!

In this case, it was the absolute cuteness!

And lastly, in the spirit of October:

Enjoyed today's Jammer Sundae? Tell me which one of these was your favourite!

And after the fun, time for the facts!

As requested by 5yoyo5, the word of the day is:

Miaoued - the characteristic sound a cat makes.

That is a word? Despite my extreme surprise, it is a word! Have fun "miaouing" to all your friends!

And the fact of the day, expressed in a picture:

Fascinating! And I always thought that white chickens lay white eggs and brown chickens lay brown eggs! Good smarts to you!

Adventure Awaits!
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Potion Set, Trick-or-Treat Bucket and Brainstorming

Good Morning Jammers! Mldriver here posting for you..

Today's new items are pawsome! The first one is the Potion Set,
Get this in Jam-Mart Furniture
You can also change the color of this. I wish it was non-member though! There are barely anything in stores (for nm). And it's driving me mad!

We also have the Trick-Or-Treat Bucket
Buy this item at Jam-Mart Clothing
This one is non-member, and it's pretty cool! The price is OK I guess. If any non-members want a different color of this item, I am willing to purchase one! 

And, if you are having trouble making a spooky Night of the Phantoms costume, let me try to brainstorm for you..

You first want to think about what characters you like in shows, or movies (if you are basing it off an actor). For example some odd characters:
(Wednesday from the Adams Family)

(Tweedledum and Tweedledee, Alice in Wonderland)

(Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas)

Or maybe, you want to be your favorite character from a show, or a fandom..

(Dr. Who [or so I believe, they change actors every year] )

(Finn and Jake from Adventure Time)

Have you thought of any ideas yet? No? Well let us get into the color schemes for Halloween.

Using dark colors such as, Black, Dark Grey and Light Grey are a really good main color. For patterns and eyes use, Yellows, Reds and Browns. 
If you still can't think of something, play around with the colors a bit. You might find something interesting! 
Keep in mind that every item looks different on every animal. One item may look good on the wolf, but not so much with the seal. Also, be creative! Halloween comes around once a year, ya know!

Hopefully this helps some of you in creating some looks. That is all for today Jammers! What else would you like to see in my posts?  See you in Jamaa!

Have any questions, concerns or ideas?
 E-mail me here:

Monster Teeth and Spooky RadioI


How are you today? Good? If not, I hope that your day gets better. Let's get going!

Returning to stores, we have the Monster teeth. These were considered fairly 'rare' in the past so I expect many people are going to be upset with this item's return. Anywho, this item can be bought for 500 gems, and it is perfect for all your spooky adventures around Jamaa. Now go and scare some phantoms!

Sold in Jam Mart Clothing

Our second item is a new one, the Spooky Radio, sold for 500 gems. It is great for playing scary music- don't forget to buy this as it is a great addition to the Spooky Item Collection. 

Sold in Jam Mart Furniture

Next, Jammers25127 sent in a cool photo from someone's den:

I must say, this is quite impressive, and very creative. Thanks for sending this in, and kudos to the person who made this!

Finally, the factual part of the post:

Today's word is:

Benevolence- the desire to do good to others

A very nice word indeed, I will have to remind my self to use this one more often.

Today's fact is;

The only food that doesn't rot is honey.

Hmm, this is quite interesting. Well my friends, have fun knowing that if no one ever eats or does anything with the honey in your kitchen, it will probably outlive you XD

Adventure Awaits!

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Jammer Journal VOL.130

Hey Jammers! Mldriver posting for you today.
If you hadn't remembered, today is update day! So let us get started...

Starting on the first page, Owls are back! You can get these in the diamond shop. 

I have to say, Animal Jam has been making really cute drawings lately, considering that it's Halloween.

100 more den spaces! However, it's only for the Animal Jam Members. How long ago since we had a non-member item? Now I need some space for clothing items...

There is a super sale all around Jamaa, with all the Night of the Phantoms items! And I am guessing Night of the Phantoms will be leaving next update. :(



I love these animals so much. Did you know that Polar Bear's fur is clear, not white? But, who knows, maybe it isn't a Polar Bear. Maybe it's something else...

Now, lets check out the new items!

Located: Epic Wonders
Price: 2,000 Gems
M or NM: Member

Located: Jam-Mart Furniture
Price: 250 Gems
M or NM: Non-Member

Located: Jam-Mart Clothing
Price: 300 Gems
M or NM: Member

Well, that's it for today Jammers! What do you all think of the update?

See you in Jamaa!
Contact me at

Spooky Couch and Robot Mask


Today we have two new items in Jamaa. Let's go see what they are:

Sold for 550 gems, we have the Spooky couch. Related to the Spooky Chair, this item is (member which makes me upset) perfect for any spooky den. I'd say it looks as though it would go well in a Haunted Mansion den. The item does not have any color changes, but when you click the color change button you can choose if you want it to be torn and beat up or not.

Sold in Jam Mart Furniture

Our second new item today is the Robot Mask, the brother of the Zombie Mask, sold for 600 gems. 600? That is a crazy price! And once again it is a member only item -.- what did I expect? Anywho, this item is great for those who love to dress up in the spirit of Halloween. Don't forget to walk mechanically!

Sold in Jam Mart Clothing
And as you know, now it is time to boost up your intelligence with the factual section of the post. Let's get going shall we?

Today's word is extremely long:

hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia: the fear of long words

I find it very funny how ironic this one is. How would you explain your problem if asked?

Finally, our fact of the day:

Ketchup was used as medicine in the 1830's

And now, many people smother ketchup on french fries as a condiment. How things change over the years is amazing!

Adventure Awaits

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