Knitted Sweater and New Year's Party

Hey Jammers, happy New Year's Eve! Today is the last day of 2013. :) In Jamaa, a new Knitted Sweater has been released in the Shiveer Shoppe!

Not my favorite item, but I'm glad AJHQ is finally releasing items in previously abandoned shops! Meanwhile, I finally got into the New Year's Part and took some pictures. It's one of the best parties of the year, don't you think?

There are also three stores, with clothes, den items, and music, from throughout the year of 2013! Here is the clothes shop:

The den shop includes some new 2014 items:

And finally, the music store has some epic music from 2013!

My all time favorite music in Jamaa is the Lucky Day one! Also, AJHQ realized their mistake and changed the New Year's post on The Daily Explorer to a 2014 one (you can read about that on yesterday's post).

Anyway, since it is the last day of 2013, I thought I'd do a special side topic! Throughout 2013 AJHQ has released six Adventures. Which is your favorite? You can vote on the poll on the sidebar, it will be up for a week.

Return of the Phantoms
The Phantom Portal
Meet Cosmo
The Hive
The Great Escape
Greely's Inferno

Also, before Adventures were released, there were hints that in our Adventures, we could use specific items to help us! For example, Spirit Armor might repel Phantoms a bit, or maybe a sword would help you fight the Phantoms. Do you think they will add these to Adventures? Would it be too violent? Personally, I think they could do it without too much violence.

Anyway, that's all Jammers! Happy New Year's Eve!



  1. Swords actually help you break phantom webs and phantom pods twice as quickly.

  2. All of the gloves, and the swords aid in the adventures. They increase the damage on phantom webs, and phantom pods.. The swords have quick slashing animations, while the gloves have little punches ^w^
    I'm also pretty sure that once you get to a certain level you get another heart. I seen an Arctic at around level 20 with 4..
    There's a lot more to the adventures that a lot of bloggers haven't picked up on >:P

  3. Its 1:52am at my House on January 1, 2014!

  4. I'm going 2 try the spirit armor! This is rlly interesting! Mayb not just spirit armor but I'll try experimenting with everything!

  5. I love the fireworks and the ice! :D

  6. What are the knitted sweaters worth?


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