Jamaaliday Gift 10 & Jamaa Journal Vol. 107

Before I start, the 10th gift from Mira is Candy Cane Lights, returning from past Jamaalidays!

Wow Jammers, it appears we have another "update" today! So, this month, we had a new Jamaa Journal on December 1, December 5, and now December 10? I'm so confused! It seems like AJHQ no longer has any consistent posting schedule!

Anyway, today's Jamaa Journal is Volume 107. The theme of this Journal is Jump! Click here for the full game guide. The first page just seems to be a reminder in case you are not aware of the new Jump app.

Page two is a bit more informational. It tells us that every Jammer (even Nonmembers!) can have a pet Kangaroo if they buy Jump! AJHQ calls them Joeys, they name for a baby Kangaroo. It tells us you can earn gems while you are offline, and then transfer them to your AJ account when you are online! Isn't that awesome?

Page three appears to be the same things we already knew... Deer are here, and so are Pet Reindeer!

Page four has more things we already knew, the Jamaaliday Gift Bag in the Diamond Shop and the returning Jamaaliday Party.

Page five is an advertisement, and reminder, that you can get an Ice Armor set if you buy an Animal Jam gift card!

Page six is also old news, with an article about Deer in the conservation museum and the coming adventure, Greely's Inferno.

What do you think about these random updates? Actually, I wouldn't really consider this an update. It's really just a new Jamaa Journal with information we already knew. I suppose they just made it to advertise the new Jump app. But in the past when they did this, they would name the Journal "Volume 106.5" rather than adding a whole new number.

Thank you to RonentheGamer for telling me where the new item is! It is the Jamaaliday Wreath in Epic Wonders:

I didn't notice it because AJHQ forgot to put the "New" sign on it.



  1. There is a new item today. The Jamaaliday Wreath in Epic Wonders.

  2. I saw a person with the Great Escape music on her trade list! Do you know why?

    1. Nevermind, a new item is the adventure soundtracks at the diamond shop!

  3. I want a Jamaaliday Wreath so much! Too bad im too poor xD

  4. These wreaths are so pretty! I am going 2 try make 1 of my own 2 hang on our door!

  5. i wish i had a gift bag right now!


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