Jamaa Journal VOL.145

Hey Jammers! It's me, Mldriver. Long time no post! I am going to start posting early in the mornings. I also apologize for my absence on this blog. Let's get started with the post!

Today's update is actually, quite nice! You can now buy the Beach House Den at the Diamond Shop! I really love this den because of the teal color. 

And now, there is another Den Item Contest! I gotta say, the Mechanical Future set is pretty cool.

And surprisingly, that's all of today's update. The other two pages are advertisements and cheetahs.

Well, that's all for today Jammers, see you Saturday!

Beach House Den... Not?

*The item idea contest is still going on! Be sure to post new ideas and upvotes while you still can! Click here to view the post!

Greetings Jammers, and welcome to a new post!

I have not found ANYTHING new today, and I am very confused. I checked every shop, and I still couldn't find anything. Have I missed it, or has AJHQ just not released anything new yet? I am leaving, there is nothing new.

Or so I thought.

Turns out, there is a new den here, Jammers! Sold in the Diamond Shop, I bring you the Beach House Den!

Or so I thought.

The Daily Explorer posted saying that it was here, but it seems as though they either: forgot to add it, or accidentally posted the post before they were supposed to!

So I decided to ask them. If they reply, I will write what they said!

At least we now know what the "coming soon" thing on the last edition of the Daily Explorer meant!

And now, for the factual part of this post!

Our word of the day:

Equanimity: To be calm, or even tempered.

Thankyou to Swirlshine for giving me this one! If you have any word suggestions, write them in the comments. If they are appropriate, interesting, and have not been used yet, I will be sure to post them!

Our fact of the day:

Just two bananas can provide you with enough energy to partake in an intense, 90 minute workout!

Provided that you are in shape, of course!

Happy Jamming!

Feel free to contact me at arcticstarjamaa@gmail.com !


*Be sure to check out the item idea contest post! New ideas are being added frequently, so you should upvote some of them! Click here to see it!

Greetings Jammers, Arcticstar here. Welcome to a new post!

Today, we have a returning item coming to us! Sold in Bahari Bargains for 300 gems, I bring you the Trident! Wow, we have been having quite a few underwater items returning to us lately; we have also had many returning items in general! This item has great colour changes, does not look too wonky on any animals, generally has a good design, and is not too expensive! Not a bad item overall! Be sure to buy this item today if you like it!

Now, for the factual part of this post!

Our word of the day:

Defenestration: The act of throwing someone out a window.

There's a word for this?! Big thank you to Brooke G. for suggesting this word!

Our fact of the day:


Have yourselves a great day, and Happy Jamming!

Feel free to contact me at arcticstarjamaa@gmail.com !

Pearl Necklace and Grace Segment!

*Be sure to check out the item idea contest! New ideas are being added frequently, so be sure to put your ideas there, and upvote the ones you like! Click here to visit the post!

Greetings Jammers, Arcticstar here! Welcome to a new post!

Today, we have a returning item: The Pearl Necklace! This is another good item. The colour changes are great, the design is overall good, and it is a cute idea! The thing is, like the seashell necklace, this item looks great on some animals, but way too huge on others. Anywho, this is not a bad item! If you like the Pearl Necklace, be sure to buy one today at Bahari Bargains for 700 gems!

Next, we have another segment by Grace2092! In case you did not know, Grace is an awesome Jammer who has her own blog: The Animal Jam Fan Club! She writes excellent posts, so I sometimes post segments that she writes for me on this blog!
Hey Guys! So the Cruise Ship Party has been going on for a while now and it is pretty fun! Have you ever took interest in ships name? You will find it on the side of the ship, like most. It says "Ajs Mola Mola" It might sound funny to some of you but... In translation, "Mola Mola" means "Spring Spring" In  Portuguese. Pretty cool, eh?


How interesting! I did not know that either, to be honest!

Now, for the factual part of this post:

Our word of the day:

Syncopate: shorten a word by dropping sounds or letters in the middle, as in symbology for symbolology, or Gloster for Gloucester.

Well, that's interesting!

Our fact of the day:

Hippo sweat turns pinkish red when they are upset.

Not sure why you would need to know this... However, it is pretty cool!

Happy Jamming!

Feel free to contact me at arcticstarjamaa@gmail.com !

Rare Item Monday!

*Have you checked out the new item idea contest yet? Be sure to check it out here! I have also added one of my ideas to the comment section. 

Greetings Jammers, Arcticstar here. Welcome to a new post; how are you doing?

Today in the land of Jamaa, we have a new item. And what is this item? Introducing the Rare Football Helmet. Rare Football Helmet, eh? Next week's rare will most likely be the Rare Sports Jersey! This is not a bad item. The colours are great, the price is decent, and the item itself is not bad! Be sure to buy one of these today for 650 gems in Jam Mart Clothing, because after today, they will be out of stores!

And now, it is time for the factual part of this post:

Our word of the day:
Reverie: The state of abstract musing; daydreaming.
What a great word to use instead of daydreaming!

Our fact of the day:
Happy dogs wag their tails starting with the right side (to the right) and sad ones to the left.
Hmm... I wonder if this is true!

Happy Jamming!

Feel free to contact me at arcticstarjamaa@gmail.com !

Butterfly Hairbows, and Jammer Sundae #30

*Be sure to check out the item contest post and enter YOUR ideas! Click here to view it!

Greetings Jammers, Arcticstar here! Welcome to a new post- a Jammer Sundae at that. Can you believe it is already our 30th Jammer Sundae?

Today in the land of Jamaa, we have a new item: The Butterfly Hairbow! Wait just one minute... Animals don't have hair though! Hmm... I just thought of what would realistically happen:

Anywho, this is a great item- it's non member, it's cute, and there are good colour choices. Be sure to buy this item in Jam Mart Clothing today for 500 gems!

And now it's time for:

This week, I thought, how about animals "singing"?

Save your ears!
That feeling we all get when someone sings terribly near you:

Well then...
At the end of the day, this might happen:

But that's okay, right? We can always try dancing! Which animal did you think was the funniest? Tell me in the comments!

And now, for the factual part of this post:

Our word of the day:
Redundant: No longer needed; (in speech:) repetative
What an interesting word!

Our fact of the day:
Cats are unable to taste sweetness.
Hmm. Who knew?

Happy Jamming!

Contact me at arcticstarjamaa@gmail.com

Seashell Necklace and Item Idea Contest!!

Greetings Jammers, Arcticstar here! Boy, have I got an exciting post in store for you! Let's get going!

Firstly, we have a returning item coming to us in Bahari Bargains: The seashell necklace! She sells sea shells by the seashore see sells she seals buy the she sore sea sell she shells by the shea shore... That's usually what happens when I try to do that tongue twister! I like this item to be honest! However, on some animals, the seashell is way too big, and gets in the way. Apart from that, it isn't a bad item. There are nice colouring options, and the price is not bad! Be sure to buy this today for 250 gems!

Next, we have another new post segment by Grace2092. In case you didn't know, she is one of my great buddies. She is an excellent writer, and sometimes, when she submits her work to me, I post it on this blog for her. Now, let's get going!


Hey Guys! So its another day of Animal Jam fun but… Have you seen those question mark boxes in the Diamond Shop? I have. Look for those question mark boxes that are all around the stores. So they ask you what you want new in the shop. Sometimes someone sends in something cool and they approve. Now, one voice does not get AJHQ's attention. But, a couple hundred do ;) So if we all work together and think of something really cool (and appropriate) we can, altogether, ask AJHQ for a cool new item! This will be a great project that will leave us with a thrill, wanting to know if they approved. So everyone please comment what they think we should ask for. Then, after we add up the most asked item, we can all ask for it. Surely AJHQ will listen to the voice of hundreds of Jammers! So make sure to comment what you think and keep on Jamming!


Thank you Grace2092 for that awesome new idea! In order to make this work, I want you all to comment as many ideas for items as you can on this post! Everyone can reply the word *upvote* to the ideas that they think are good! In the end, the ones with the most upvotes can be considered as a group! Also, you cannot upvote the same item twice (though a bunch of people can upvote the item)! This stage will last until next Saturday. So, what are you waiting for? Get commenting!

And now, for the factual part of this post:

Our word of the day:
Susurrus: a soft, whispering or rustling sound.
I love words that sound like their definitions, susurrus sounds just like its meaning!

Our fact of the day:
The tongue is the strongest muscle in the body in relative to its size!
How cool is that?!

Happy Jamming... and Happy Commenting too!

Contact me at arcticstarjamaa@gmail.com !

Bubbly Pearl Bracelet!

Greetings Jammers, Arcticstar here. Welcome to a new post!

Today in the land of Jamaa, we have a new item! I bring you, the pearl bracelet: sold for 550 gems in Jam Mart Clothing! This is not a bad item- though I was confused as to what it was when I first saw it without looking at the name of the item. To be honest, I thought it was bubbles at first! This clothing piece is rather cute, and I am sure it would look great on a girly outfit! It is a shame that it is member's only. Oh, well. Be sure to buy this item today!

And now, it is time for the factual part of this post!

Our word of the day:
Undulation: movement in waves; a wavy line.
What a great word! It sounds much more professional than "squiggly line" (though, I love the word squiggle as well!)

Our fact of the day:
A partnering in nature where two different types of animals help each other out is called a mutual symbiotic relationship!
I like this- in fact, some monkeys will screech and holler when they see leopards, in order to help the deer to know that the leopard is coming!

Happy Jamming!

Feel free to contact me at arcticstarjamaa@gmail.com !

Bean Bag Toss!

Hello again Jammers, Arcticstar here! Welcome to a new post!

Today in the land of Jamaa, we have a returning item. Welcome back the Bean Bag Toss set! I like this item to be honest. The painting of the tree is cute, and the item itself is colourful. This is another game that would make sense for Jamaa to have, as animals can play it in real life too! Be sure to buy this great item for 400 gems in Jam Mart Furniture!

And now, we have the factual part of this post:

Our word of the day:
Globule: A small spherical mass; especially a small drop of liquid.
I think it sounds much more creative than drop! Try it: (pronounced glob-yool). It just rolls off the tongue!

Our fact of the day:
Did you know that bean bag toss is actually called cornhole?
Corn hole? What an interesting name!

Happy Jamming!

Feel free to contact me at arctictstarjamaa@gmail.com !


Greetings Jammers, and welcome to a new post! How are y'all doing today? (goodness, I just sounded western!)

Today in the Land of Jamaa, we have a returning item: the tetherball! I remember when this item was in stores... I had no idea what it was! After seeing one in real life though, I now know :D This is not a bad item, to be honest. The price isn't that bad, and the item itself looks pretty good! It also makes sense to have a tetherball in Jamaa, after all, it is a game that animals can play in real life too! Anywho, be sure to buy this item today in Jam Mart Furniture for 400 gems!

And now it is time for the factual part of this post!

Our word of the day:
Jocularity: joking speech or behaviour
I always find it interesting that there are so many different words to describe similar things!

Our fact of the day:
Speaking of western (hint, the second sentence in the post), did you know that although tumbleweed and horses are staples of western culture, neither of them are native to North America?
Who knew?!

Have a wonderful day!

Feel free to contact me at arcticstarjamaa@gmail.com !

Four Square Court!

Greetings Jammers, Arcticstar here. I am not sure if Mldriver is going to post today- so I think I will fill in for her again. By the way, this post was not planned, so it probably won't be of very high quality, I hope you don't mind!

The item today is the Four Square Court! Ah the nostalgia, I used to play this game at school when I was in elementary! I also remember when this was in stores! It is great to see that AJHQ is re-releasing some of the older items. Be sure to buy this today for 450 gems in Jam Mart Furniture!

And now, for the factual part of this post:

Our word of the day:
Dollop: A shapeless mass or blob of something.
Now this is interesting! So much more creative to say than blob, don't you think?

Our fact of the day:
The fear of getting peanut butter (or an alternative like almond butter) stuck on the roof of your mouth is called arachibutyrophobia!
Wow! It is interesting what kind of information you can find that you do not know!

Have a great day Jammers!

Feel free to contact me at arcticstarjamaa@gmail.com !

Rare Item Monday!

Greetings Jammers! Did you know that yesterday was the Animal Jam Community's 800th post? Pretty cool! Let's get on with the post now, shall we?

And what is our rare today, I wonder? Ah, here it is. Sold for 800 gems in Jam Mart Clothing, you can get the Rare Fancy Shoes! Well, this item is... colourful. The colours kind of clash with eachother though, even though purple and yellow (yellow on the inside of the shoe) are complimentary colours. Meh! Strange, how even this item is less expensive than the Three-horned armour! Be sure to buy these snazzy new shoes while they are still here!

We have a returning item coming at us as well! Welcome back the Horned Leg Pads! Goodness, these have not been in stores for a loooooong time... It's nice to see that AJHQ has not forgotten about them- and they are non-member :D Be sure to buy these today for 100 gems! Woah... You could buy 15 of these for the same price as one of the Three-horned armour we talked about yesterday!

And now for the factual part of this post!

Our word of the day:
Foofaraw: excessive flashy decorations.
It is a very descriptive word, don't you think?

Our fact of the day:
Hamsters are illegal in some states.
How crazy is that?

Have a great day Jammers!

Contact me at arcticstarjamaa@gmail.com !

Three-horned Armor and Jammer Sundae #29

Greetings Jammers! Arcticstar here, and welcome to a new post! I hope you have read Grace2092's post- if not, be sure to check it out here! Also, Mldriver made a new post, which I strongly suggest you check out: click here to go see it too!

We have a returning item coming to us today. Please welcome back the Three-horned armour! Nice item, to be- WHAT?! What is this price though AJHQ? Does this not belong in Epic Wonders? Well, it is not in the diamond shop- so I suppose we have much to be thankful for. Be sure to get this today at Jam Mart Clothing for 1500 gems!

Now, I was trying this item on my animals when suddenly:

Has my penguin suddenly started going to the gym or something? My goodness.

Now, it is time for this week's

And today I thought, why not do an African Themed Jammer Sundae?

The puns are real, and quite adorable!

*Suspicious Face*


Ever want to start singing out of no where? Sometimes I do... Even at the expense of other people's ears...


Why do I want to show you? Because it's there.


And now, it is time for the factual part of this post:

Our word of the day: 

Epiphany: A sudden intuitive realization.

What a perfect word! So much better to say this than to say "I just realized something"!

Our fact of the day:

Contrary to popular belief, it does not take giraffes much longer to have swallowed food reach their stomach than it takes another animal (like a zebra) to have food reach their stomach. This is because giraffe's have an interestingly developed esophagus.

Don't know why I posted that to be honest... Hey, at least we learned something new!

Happy Jamming!

Feel free to contact me at arcticstarjamaa@gmail.com

Jamaa Journal VOL. 144

(Don't forget to check out today's post by Arcticstar below!)

I apologize for my lack of posting lately. My school is having GIGANTIC TESTS along with exams! We are also switching to iPads instead of books, so it's been a bit stressful. I also had my Spring Break last week, so that's also one of the reasons why I didn't post. Please know that I still love this blog dearly, it's just I have been a lot busier than usual. With that out of the way, let's get this post started!

If you logged on Thursday morning, you could see that there was a new update! A brief summary of this update includes:
  • New Gecko Pets!
  • New Bunny
  • Polar Bears left
  • New possible den or lad

Now you can buy a pet Gecko at the Diamond Shop! The way that their body is drawn makes them look a bit, odd? Still adorable though.

Now for the exciting part, a new bunny. And the only way to get it, is through buying a membership. The thing is, I already used my membership card on Wednesday! WEDNESDAY! There are different color patterns, but you can't take it off. 

What do you think this is? I personally think it could be a new den, or a remake of the Canyons Pathway. Either or, it still sounds really interesting!

Well, that's all for the Jamaa Journal, and I'll see you Tuesday!

Missed Items, Important Announcement, and Grace2092's Post!

Greetings Jammers! I have been away sick and recovering for quite a while now- but I am finally well enough to post!

As you can probably tell, there is a lot that I have missed. These ones are all sold at Jam Mart Clothing! Be sure to pick these great items up- I see many of them are returning items!

Let's see: We've got the Horned Helmet, Investigator's Hat, the Sports Jersey, Phantom Shirt, Gardening Hat, and Square Glasses! Not bad items, to be honest. I was waiting for most of these to come back! I'm glad they are not gone anymore- it's annoying when you want to buy something for an outfit, when you realize it is no longer in stores!

Next, I have an important announcement to make. I have a buddy who is wanting to post for the Animal Jam Community. Her user is Grace2092, and she is a great author! She puts a lot of effort into her posts, and she has her own amazing blog: The Animal Jam Fan Club, so make sure to check that out here: http://gracesawyer209.wix.com/animal-jam-fan-club

Anywho, for the time being, she will be writing some short stories, rants, etc. about various topics. I will be posting them for her through my account, though she will be writing them (if that makes any sense)! Her posts are more entertaining, creative, and thought-provoking, whereas my posts are primarily factual, intellectual, and (random!) I believe a healthy dose of both types of posts will be great! And so, below this, I will be doing her post! Be sure to tell her how she did!!

Happy Jamming!

 Contact me at arcticstarjamaa@gmail.com

And now, for Grace2092's post:

When I first joined Animal Jam I fell in love. My friend Ella introduced it to me and I couldn't be more grateful! I was in about 2nd grade and I had no clue what the internet was, I started spending more time on Animal Jam and found myself trading rare fox hats and become a rarer Jammer. Now its been about 4 years and I still have not been sick from spending my time checking the stores for something new and waiting for rare item Monday. Years went by from when I first started and the Diamond Shop came in, there was new animals and new item, from the Diamond Shop. I noticed the differences, how others mood changed and the things AJHQ did to make Animal Jam better. Now it seems every couple months a new animal comes in. It used to be where the newest thing was just a item that came to stores and or a cool update. I actually remember when Rare Headdresses were in the Cocoa Hut on Rare Item Monday! Well, a lot of people probably remember when that happened but for some reason I have that feeling that it has a special purpose in my memories, speaking of how everyone is begging for a Headdress. I have put a lot of thought to this lately and I think the Jammers who joined recently should get a little story put together of how Animal Jam used to be, so they can have a feel of the past. Animal Jam was so much different then it is now. I mean, a lot. For one, there used to be no Diamond Shop. That means there was no existence of all the Diamond Animals or any of the things in the diamond shop! You know the raccoons and the deer in the "regular" Animal shop, well, those were never there either... More parties were available in the Party Section such as a cruise ship party and a pool party. They sure were fun and I do wish more could experience it. Now, I need you to understand. I am not talking about the Beta Days, (the Beta Days are the first Summer when Animal Jam first started and Animal Jam was way different, that's when people say that some items are Beta its like saying antique) I am talking about after, when Animal Jam became Animal Jam. Oh! Your probably wondering about the Lands. Well, there was no Kimbara Outback. AT ALL. It was just a simple piece of nothing that people were waiting of a something. Have you seen anybody there? I have not, no one ever goes anywhere anymore. The most popular Lands in all of Animal Jam is Jamaa Township, Coral Canyons and Sarepia Forest. Well anyway that's that. There was a lot of things. A LOT! I mean there is probably to much to say including what was rare and not rare then and what was cool and what was just plain boring. Now this isn't a History lesson, just some boring lecture of Animal Jam in the past.


Let's all give Grace2092 a round of applause for her post! Be sure to say what you think about it in the comment section below!

My apologies for not posting in such a long time. My posting will become more frequent (and of higher quality) now that I am better!

See you soon Jammers! I'll be back tomorrow with a new Jammer Sundae!
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