Welcome to Animal Jam Community

Welcome to Animal Jam Community! For hopefully the final time, I have reopened the blog and will be hiring a new set of authors to help.

  1. The new design: I have redesigned the blog, with a different goal than I have had in previous designs. I wanted to incorporate modern web/operating system design, while still sticking to the AJ colour scheme.
  2. Pumaa (Formerly known as Geckoguy) will now be taking on the role of head author. He will be in charge of who posts what, and will help me in choosing some new authors.
  3. A new set of authors will be chosen based on forum activity. If you would like to earn an author spot, start posting cheats and updates on the AJC forum and you may be chosen to be a blog author! Authors must be active and provide cheats/updates fast, and they must have good spelling and grammar. Also, they need to prove themselves trustworthy on the forum.
More changes may come, and I am not going to be posting very much, so if updates are slow at the beginning, I apologize for that.

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