Rare Item Monday!

Greetzings, Jammers, Arctic here! Let's get down to business and see what the Rare Item for this week is!

Today's rare item can be found in Jam Mart Clothing. What ever could it be? Introducing the Rare Musketeer Hat! The colour options on this item are definitely very interesting, to say the least. I have always liked the Musketeer Hat, though haven't really ever used it much! I am not the hugest fan of this rare item, seeing that it's yet another re-coloured item! I hope AJHQ starts getting more creative with their rares in the future! Be sure to buy this item for 1,100 gems!

And now, it is time for the factual part of this post!

Our word of the day:

Yearn: To desire strongly

What a deep word! To yearn for something is truly far more meaningful than to simply want something!

Our fact of the day:

The moon, Venus, and Jupiter aligned to form a smiley face on May 16, 2010

Hm. The more you know, it seems!

Have a great day my friends!

Feel free to contact me at arcticstarjamaa@gmail.com !

The Arctic Has Returned!

May I just start by saying:

I am so sorry about being gone for so long! I have had the most intense time, juggling homework, exams, graduation, and lack of a computer! But, I am back, and I will do my very best to stay on top of the posting from here on out! Again, I am so insanely sorry, and you all have every right to be upset with me!!

I can't do a proper post today, but rest assured I will be back with a great Monday post. Now, I have a few things to tell you all about!

See you Monday my friends!!

Hay Bale Chair

Welcome back to the Ellen Show! Oops, I meant another post. 
Since this is a post, well, you have to include the newest item in stores, so here it is.
I'm once again sorry that this is such a short post, but I honestly forgot to post during the day. It may seem like I'm making up excuses, but I've had trouble posting lately. I'm sorry. But once again, hopefully by next week I'll be able to post much more.

A Mystery

Hi Jammers! General here with some interesting news...but first, here's some background information.

A few years ago, when AJ was still new, AJHQ used "test accounts" to test new items. Most test accounts no longer exist and their usernames have been retired, but General was told that there may still be one around named 'Sizzlerat.' Here is an old post from right here on AJC about Sizzlerat.

Is this the real Sizzlerat or a fraud?
General did some research on Sizzlerat and it turns out that some users have claimed to be Sizzlerat themselves. It's very possible that the Sizzlerat up there is indeed a regular Jammer who chose the name after AJHQ deleted the original test account, but there is definitely something peculiar about trying to search up 'Sizzlerat' in the Find a Jammer search bar…sometimes, it returns "That Jammer couldn't be found!" - not a good sign!

Can you find Sizzlerat, or do you receive the error message? This is very strange!

That's all for now...maybe by his next post, General will have solved this mystery.

Jammer Walls

    Hi. Today, they have released a new item that goes with the salon set. It is the Salon set. It looks like this:
       For 400 gems, it is at a decent price and it is great if you want to create a salon den. Now on to the post. Remember back in July of 2015 when AJHQ unveiled their Jammer Wall with the new update? When they did so, they said that it would be tested by members for a period of time. Then, it would be open to everyone! Well, it is almost the 1 year anniversary of their release and when I , a non member, open them up, I get this: 

    I mean, really? What else is there to test for? If they are just not going to let non members have it, I would rather they tell us straight out. I am sorry if I offended anyone but this is really just my opinion.

Salon Station, Daily Explorer Update

Hello there, my name is...
I don't know.
But there is one thing I do know- that I'm about to show you the newest item in stores.
And here is the Daily Explorer update.
 I just got allergies today, so this post won't be as long, but I actually posted on the right day for once! I haven't done that for a while because the past few Saturdays I've been really busy. But anyways, I'm sorry for the short post, but thanks for viewing. Oh, and just so you know, this post says I posted this on Sunday, but it's really Saturday because I'm from a different time zone. Anyways, that's all for now, I'll see you guys soon!

The Submersibles Are Back!

Hi Jammers! It's General with some moderately-exciting news. All four submersibles have returned to Sunken Treasures! They happen to be some of General's favourite items ever!

As you can see from the screenshot above, AJHQ has listed them as new. While they're certainly new to some Jammers, this isn't exactly the case. They came out in 2012...but have been gone from stores for two whole years!

General stocked up on new submersibles for his underwater den. Now he has to go send AJHQ a letter asking for a submersible-based game. See you later!

Epic Dens in Blue

   Before, we get into the topic, there are two events I want to talk about. Number one, if you didn't know, Animal Jam is having a diamond animal sale so that means that those horribly expensive diamond animals will be only 5 diamonds.It will give members a chance to load up on animals and then realize they went bankrupt with their diamonds. Second of all, have you heard about the Diamond Jammer Snap Plaque? It is like the AJHQ plaque except that the thumb thing is now diamond colored. There is only one known in Jamaa so far and there is no idea how you get them. A picture and more description is on Nafaria's blog, Animal Jam Whip. Now, on to the Epic Den of the day!

      Those are the key parts in my opinion of this den. I like the consistent theme of the color blue throughout the den. It brings the den together even thought there isn't really any other theme such as nature den or family home. The campfire is a nice touch to a mostly elegant den. However, there were some parts of the den that were sorta random and could be modified slightly. One such spot is this:
     I believe that the table is slightly random in the middle of the house. A chair could be added to make it look less empty or something placed on it. overall, however, I really enjoy this den. The important lesson from this house is that coordinate your den with a theme be it a color or a type of den. Have a happy Hump Day!

Make-Up Post

I forgot to post yesterday. Our power went out in the morning for a few hours, and once it was fixed, we all went to the mall and didn't get back until dinner time! Then for diner, we went out to eat until late at night. By the time I got home I was tired and completely forgot to post. Anyways, here are the new items from yesterday, though.

AJHQ is now taking on the Cheetah theme.
Also, look at what the new Clothing Shop looks like. All of them now look like this when you open them:
To be honest, I kind of like the old version better because it wasn't as confusing. Also, why is the necklace at the very front of the page? I thought it was towards the back.
Also, did you guys hear about the lynx and happy drama mask glitch? Go to the Summer Carnival and buy a Happy Drama Mask. Then put it on a lynx. It will appear as a sad drama mask!
That's all for this post, sorry about yesterday! I'll make sure not to forget next week. Until next time, goodbye.

Summer Carnival!

General here! AJHQ has opened the Summer Carnival once again, but it's pretty much the same as last year (and the temporary carnival back in February).

While checking to see if AJHQ added any new Summer Carnival items, General used the brand-new "Preview" feature for the first time! The feature lets you preview what clothing items look like.

Lastly and most importantly, AJHQ has revealed what the next animal will be through a hearthstone puzzle! It turns out that it's a pig...

In celebration of the upcoming pigs, General brought out his pet piglet. It's possible that AJHQ decided to make pigs the next animal because of how popular pet piglets have been.

That's all for now! Hopefully, pigs will be available soon!

Diamond Shop Details

Well, today the new item is in the Diamond Shop. It is the Giant Cheetah! AJHQ now is starting to release giant plushie versions of every animal. Hmm, I hope to see a plushie that non members may buy such as a penguin or bunny one. Because of me being in the diamond shop, I thought, "Why not talk about the Diamond Shop!" And looking around, I saw some details that were in/near it and thought they were cool. Here is the first one:
 The steps leading up to the Shop are slowly becoming diamonds in all different shapes and sizes. It is a cool way to lead up to the doorway of the Shop. The second detail is this:
I hope you see it but Zios's shape is on the door with the handle being where his face would be. It is a little faint in AJ but you can see it here just fine, hopefully. The final detail comes with some of my imagination and here it is:
You can see the cracks in the column that I'm sitting next to. Well since the Diamond Shop was released in 2013 and it is 2016, it is about 3 years. A building cannot break down in that time. I'm pretty sure that the damage was caused by Phantoms invading and breaking it apart at the very beginning. So, because of that, they had to repair the shop but it was left that way and so Jammers would remember that they must help defend Jamaa from the Phantoms or else their precious shops will be ruined. Heh, that's just my theory and I may be crazy but I don't care. If you want more of this, please tell me. And Happy Hump Day to you all!

Tail Armor, Cruise Ship Party Images and Unreleased Items

Hola Jammers! Penguin here.
Today is a special day because it is when The Animal Jam Spring's 20,000 views party will occur. It's a pretty big milestone for me! If you want to go, view my blog for more information. But anyways, back to this blog... here is the newest item in stores.
This item is unique and goes with many outfits, which is why I particularly like it.
I finally managed to go to the Cruise Ship Party, and here are a few screenshots I took of it.

The Cruise Ship Party reminds me of Summer... and I'm grateful for that it is almost here. 
While visiting the Spring Cottage, I noticed a few unreleased items (or maybe they've been released; I have a bad memory sometimes). Here they are.

These are cool items. I think if the plants are released, they will be in Treetop Gardens. 
Lastly, here is the Daily Explorer update.
 Interesting. I like this new series AJHQ has released.
I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks a lot to everyone that will come to my party! Hopefully this post wasn't too long. But that's the end of this post, I'll see you guys next time.
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