I'm not entirely sure if the blog is up to date at the moment but if it's not, I understand.

The staff here are very busy and as you can probably tell, I haven't posted in maybe, almost 2 months. I apologize for this.

With school starting I wanted to make sure I focused on it but now that it's been going on and I'm able to manage my time better, I'm going to return soon.

However, I will not be available to post (starting at the end of October) at all on Mondays to Thursdays. I may be able to occasionally make shorter posts but not like last year.

I apologize for the inconvenience. I haven't quit, and I'll be more active starting soon.

Thanks for almost 300000 hits, by the way!


Barrel Sponge

  The Barrel Sponge has once again come back! It is at Sunken Treasures in Kani Cove.
This is either the third or fourth re-selling of this item. Maybe this is because AJHQ is busy working on something really awesome...

Also, happy 300th post!


Rare Item Monday: Rare Arctic Hood

Hello Jammers! What's up? Having a good RIM Monday? Me, too! Want to know the rare? Sure, here it is:
A Rare Arctic Hood! I love it! It goes along with last weeks rare, the Rare Arctic Coat. This item looks cute!! It can be found on the 2nd page of the Hot Cocoa Hut in Mt. Shiveer. It is 750 gems, members only, rare, and a clothing item. Would you buy it? Comment yes or no and why. Comment Jammers! Well, I have to go now! Have an EPICLY EPIC day!


Flower Glasses

  Today we have... uh... Flower Glasses. So if you want to look like a clown head over to Jam Mart Clothing and buy your very own genuine flower glasses.
Don't for get to add a flower bracelet that squirts water. ;)


Zios Mask

   Today's new item is a Zios Mask! It is in Epic Wonders for 3,000 gems.
It looks like something you would see in 2010. ^.^ Back then almost all items were simple and made of wood or rock.

There is also a new page of the Jamaa Journal:

These are T-Shirts from the sneak peak I found! So maybe the rest will come soon...

I see three new T-Shirts here, and, of course, the wolf key chain. Jam On!


New Lobster Claw

Heyo Jammers! What's up? Awesome, me too! There is a new item today. I can't get a picture, sadly. But, I will tell you about it! It is a Lobster Claw. It is a den item and a plant. Members only and found on the 1st page of the Sarepia Forest plant store. That's all for today Jammers! Have an EPICLY EPIC day!

Sea Turtle Submersible

Hello Jammers! Yes, I am starting off with a picture today, just because. Up above ^^. is the new item for today. The Sea Turtle Submersible. It is 1,200 gems, members only, underwater den item, and BRAND NEW! Yep, brand new! It can be found on the 1st page of Sunken Treasures in Kani Cove. What do you think of this new item? By the way, what are submersibles? Comment what they are. Well, I can't think of anything else to write, so... Have an EPICLY EPIC day!

Jamaa Journal 9/13/12

Hey Jammers! I am posting the new Jamaa Journal like I said in the last post. Here it is in order from page 1 to page 4:

It is Animal Jam's birthday!! Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to Animal Jam! They are now 2 years old! *Claps claps claps* The monthly member gift for September is a monkey pet. Be sure to become a Merry Member! (That's cool. :P) A new game called Hedge Hog. Awesome! I haven't played it yet, but as soon as I am done typing this, I'm playing. Haha. If you type in the code BIRTHDAYBASH when you log in you get a gift! Yeah! New print and plays in Tierney's Aquarium. NO!!! The Summer Carnival is ending September 26! Boo!! Well then, be sure to get as many items as you can! By next update, the new den from the den contest will be out! Yay Ya! Woah, I wrote a lot... Haha. The new den looks like a mushroom den. Mario!! Haha. For a sneak peak of the den go to Jammer Central. Also, go to Jammer Central to see the Costume Corner: Mythical Giraffe. Well, that's about it. Have an EPICLY EPIC day!

Firefly Necklace

Hi Jammers! Sorry for not posting in a while. I have been super duper busy! (Is that how you spell duper, haha. I guess it is because I just did spell check and it wasn't highlighted!!! Oh cool!) So, the new item for today:
Firefly Necklace. I don't see fireflies, more like Jar and Rope Necklace. Haha. What do you think? Epic or not? Haha. So, I feel like writing but I don't know what to write. Ooh! How about the new Jamaa Journal? I'll post it in the next post so this one isn't too long. :)  Have an EPICLY EPIC day!!


Graham Statue

Hey Jammers! Going to be a short post today. Here is the new item:
(Picture credit goes to: Snowyclaw)
A Graham Statue!! It is found in the Monkeys Only Party! Cool, an Alpha statue!! I love it! What do you think of it? Comment. Comment. Comment. That's all I have time for Jammers! Have an EPICLY EPIC day!!

Round Glasses

I know I haven't posted in... months. I just am not interested in updates anymore. Maybe I can be like a glitch/source code author or something. For now we have an odd item in Jam Mart Clothing:
Items like this aren't bad, but I feel like it's a waste. Very few people would be willing to wear these, and wouldn't everyone rather have a cool item, like the old ones when I started playing? I guess younger players like to make their avatar look funny, but there are a lot of older players out there too.


RIM: Rare King's Crown

Hey Jammers! Can't post a lot today, sorry. So the new item:
Rare King's Crown! Epic! Be sure to get your 800 gem, rare item, members only, clothing item before tomorrow because it is a Rare Item Monday! Found on the 7th page of Jam Mart Furniture. Have an EPICLY EPIC day!


Monkey Throne

Hello Jammers! The new item is in the Monkeys Only Party today. Kind of weird. It  looks like this:
A Monkey Throne! It looks like it has bamboo in it. I didn't know monkeys liked bamboo. Do they? Is it a mistake, or something Animal Jam thought you wouldn't notice? Or is it meant to be there? Comment your thoughts. Come on, comment! It is found on the 1st page of the Monkeys Only Shop in the Monkeys Only Party. That's about it. Have an EPICLY EPIC day!

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