Interesting things at the Summer Carnival

Today was our last day of swimming lessons for the year! Today we did some races and sharks and minnows it was super fun :D 
Also me and Nas fell face first into the pool and yelled "THUUUD!"
And I think 2 people actually copied us o,o XDD

In this booth you see the dreadlocks, orange sandals, a yellow tale, and a raccoon tail.
But in the store, there are no dreadlocks or raccoon tails! 
There are no all orange sandals 
There are also no all yellow stegosaurus tails! 

(Why am I getting so many buddy request all of a sudden o,o)

I always forget about this game o,o I even forgot to do it for my Saturday post o,o Sorry about that guys! Ya know what? I'm going to do that right now.

Whack a Phantom Challenge: Play 3 games without hitting a red phantom (3 attempts)

First Game:
First round: Clear!
Second round: I FAAAILED

Second Game:
First round: Failed ...

Third Game:
First round: Clear!
Second round: Clear!
Third round: Fail :C

Question, Why did we take Phantoms prisoner, put them in a game in a carnival, and have people hit them on the head with a hammer? 
I suddenly really hate this game. 
Also I wonder if 52 tickets actually come out of the dispenser, thingy.

I never noticed this was a diving phantom XD

Me and Gracie were looking at these a few days ago. XD 
Top middle box: Cotton Candy
Left bottom chest: Phantoms for a magic show?
Bottom middle bag: Hmmm it reminded me of  that little marshmallow guy on the cake boxes.  

This cute little guy! :D
I suddenly want a plushie XD

Right box: balloons I'm not sure what's on the top. 

You have candy in your chimney.

You have more plushies then just those 4. Why did you double them on the bottom?

These lamp post just seem, not, right.
Oh look at that Jelly Wings blinked when I took the picture ^.^

Are those Post It Notes? o,o

Was this path here last year?
Also, Why is there cotton candy just sitting out o,o (A thanks to Housemom418 for pointing
 this out!)

Someone here has very bad aim.

And that is all for now! :D
A chance I might do a part two!
But now I need to take Trum Trum out and tire him out so he hopefully won't bark till 10:00 ...
He sounds like a monkey in his crate when he's yodeling and woo wooing as some people call it. It's hilarious! Maybe I'll send a video of it sometime. XD
Have a goodnight.
Sleep tight.
Don't let the bed bugs bite.
Now I lay me down to sleep I prey the Lord my soul to keep ---
Peace love ninja's!

*Husky Ninja 

How You Can Watch The 2018 K-LOVE Fan Awards! (Yes, This Is A Music Post uh o)

Hey guys! So... This was another one of those weeks when I forgot I needed to post... I was on Animal Jam for like an hour, or an hour and a half, then like 30 minutes after I got off I realized I needed to post. 'How You Can Watch the 2018 K-LOVE Fan Awards! (Yes, This Is A Music Post uh o)' was the only good idea I had... Could of done another screenshot dump, but I did that two weeks ago... So... Uh... Anyways... Let's begin. XD


*Mind goes blank*
What day was that...?

Wait no
On Sunday K-LOVE Christian radio station held their 6th annual K-LOVE fan award show! I know some of you guys that read this blog listen to that station, so this might be something fun for you guys to do on Thursday night...

Thursday, on TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) the 2018 K-LOVE fan award show is going to be aired for the very first time!

The K-LOVE fan awards is, hence it's name, a fan-voted award show for Christian artists. At the K-LOVE fan award show, they give out those awards that the fans voted for, and there's a bunch of performances from popular Christian artists.

To see if you get TBN through your cable provider, click here, to watch the fan awards on your computer/phone, click here. The show starts at 5 PM PST, 6 PM MST, 7 PM CST, 8 PM EST. To find out what time zone you're in, try Googling "What time zone is ___" <--- Your state.

I haven't tried Googling that, but I guess it should come up? XDD

The winners of the fan awards were already announced, but watching different Christian artists preform will be a lot of fun! ^.^

So, who's watching TBN Thursday night? 🙋


Here's todays Bible verse!

Matthew 23:11

The greatest among you must be a servant.

Jesus was the ultimate example of being a servant. He's the best example we could ever follow. :)

God made you. Uniquely. Beautifully. Intentionally. Purposefully. Wonderfully.

Stay positive, be yourself, and spread God's Word everyday!

A Few Things Non Members Need..

Hello Jammers! Hope you're having a good Thursday! Today I'm going to be talking about a few things, I think non members should get. (I didn't just do this because I'm a non member guys, trust me XD I had this idea in my mind for a few days, but now that I AM a non member, I think its time.)

1. More Animal Slots
Okay, we need this. 
badly.  With non members recently gaining: Pigs, giraffes, and rhinos, I think enabling non members to have 2-10 (if not more) animal slots, considering members have one thousand?? 
Something's not right here AJHQ.. There are 11 non member animals, we'll get to that next. 

2. Animals that members don't use. 

Such as these, I'm really sure non members would appreciate elephants for gag looks, and crocs actually are a pretty good animal if you do it right! And there are a few more,  all the underwater only animals. Maybe otters, possibly horses,  


We literally have the den called 'Small House' 
I think sense members have Cosmo's Treehosue, non members should have Cosmo's den, sense members have Greely's Volcano (Or fortress?) Non members should have the volcano den; the next one is more iffy, but because members have the Winter Palace, non members should have a snow fort. 

4. Free chat?  

5. 1,000 item spaces, for members 1,500 (And make it so items and pets dont move in your inventory)

All the new cotton candy! 

Claw: Normal cone(white), white, orange, yellow

Star: star cone, yellow

Sun: star cone, Yellow orange orange 

Phantom king:, Star cone plus normal phantom stuff 

Rainbow: Lightning cone, blue yellow pink 

Heart: Heart cone, pink, 

Drawing things with my eye closed


Hooowdy ya'll!
Trump is doing pretty good! :D
We're still working on him nipping and jumping on people. The biggest thing is the nipping though.
On Sunday, Me, Sarah, and Dad came home right as soon as Church was done And I do mean right after XD And we miss chips and cheese :C
Trum Trum was very very happy to see us, it was soooo cute.
Sunday was also Mine, Sarah, Tox, And Pob's piano recital!
I wasn't as nervous as I thought I would be and there were a lot of really cool songs played by other people ^.^ Yesterday when Trump was really tired we tried putting Fire next to him, she seemed to do ok, till Trump tried to sniff her paws then she hissed at him.
We haven't put Smokey with him yet, she's more scared of him them Fire.
Oh also last night Trum somehow got his claw caught on something, in his cage we think, and now a little bit of his claw is missing! D:
It was bleeding a little bit but he didn't seem to be in any pain I just hope it heals fast.
On Monday we watch The Death Cure, the third Maze Runner movie.
Cried again, but not as much as the first time, I was also shaking, and my hands were shaking afterwards to, it was frustrating to put on Trump's leash because of the shaking ...
Newt's letter is gonna get me every time no matter what ... :C 
Anyway, I'm going to stop with the depressing stuff and start the post. I AM SO SORRY TMR FANS 
I actually had this post idea yesterday morning before reading Gracie's post. XD
I wasn't even on AJ talking to her either, and I didn't tell Sarah either, or anyone. Gracie must have put something in my mind. XDD

Now, for my first beautiful picture, I shall draw. TRUM TRUM!
Who at the moment is tied to my chair and lying on his blanket, it's adorable XD

The head didn't turn out super super bad in my option 
Those circles are suppose to be his spots, he has four on his back XD 

Next I will draw, a headphones! 

Yikes I bet it's hard to hear out of those things. 
I forgot to change the brush size too. 

Now I will attempt the 2DS! 

The screen, and the power button, and charge light flew away. 

A block tower!

Seriously .....?
I couldn't even make my mouse go straight up. 

An Owl! 
Because I'm listening to Owl City right now XD

It's, a penguin, taking a walk, and it has squiggly toes.

A rope toy!

Weird, glasses??

A chair! 

Someone broke it. 
If I added a head on the bottom part, it'd almost look like a dog in my opinion XD

A computer! 

A lightsaber

It looks like a reeeeeealy long wine bottle 

The walls from The Maze Runner

Maybe, there's a really strong wind that blew the vines off the wall? 

And that is all I have for today!
How'd you like this post?
You Guys: .......

Me: :C 

*Husky Ninja 

Drawing With My Eyes Closed (Running Out Of Ideas)

Hey guys!

Again, it was another one of those days...

I completely forgot I needed to post.

I think I was talking to my friend about blog stuff or something, then it hit me...

It's Tuesday.
I need to post.


I had an idea for a blog post, but it's non-AJ related, so I think I'm going to save it for my blog, The Animal Jam Friendship Community, on Thursday. I'm completely running out of AJ related posting ideas...

Therefore, I present,

As I said, I'm running out of ideas. XD

So lets begin...

First, note that I'm drawing all of this with a trackpad.

I was hanging out with Housemom418, and she told me to draw her, a potato, and an ant. (: I started off with her,

I tried writing Housemom418 on the top...
This did not work. At all.

Onto the potato...

I... Don't know what I drew exactly?

I failed at the ant.

Not on purpose, but whatever...

I tried drawing my username... The G looks okay, but I'm not quite sure on everything else. XDD Plus, I did not mean to do white. Err silver. Errrrrr whatever I drew?

I decided to try draw a couple of hearts in random colors,

But AJ had different ideas when I got to the second and third heart.

One heart came out! I think this drawing is the best out of them all.
But I still got white somehow...

I attempted to draw the We Are Messengers logo, and I still got white?!

I tried drawing a to-go coffee cup.
It's okay but...
the lid isn't centered.
And there's squiggilys all over it...

I tried to draw, "God is Love", but when I opened my eyes, I saw that I accidentally refreshed the page?

I'm very talented. :D

Back to the art studio...

The "Is Love" part kinda got cut off... Oopsy.


Now, I challenge you to try and draw 5-10 different things in the art studio with your eyes closed! Be sure to tell me how it goes, and if you have a blog, you could post some pictures! Have fun!


Here's todays Bible verse!

Jeremiah 1:5

"I knew you before I formed you in your mother's womb. Before you were born I set you apart and appointed you as my prophet to the nations."

Isn't it incredible to know that God knew us, and had all the plans for our lives before we were even conceived in our mother's womb? Plus, he was the one that made us!

God made you. Uniquely. Beautifully. Intentionally. Purposefully. Wonderfully.

Stay positive, be yourself, and spread God's Word everyday!

Rare Item Monday!

Hey, Jammer's! CoolCat here with another post! How is everyone doing? I hope you all are doing well! I feel like I have been talking about the weather every week, but I wanted to ask how is the weather where you are? I have been having pretty much non stop rain for almost two weeks! How about you?

But without wasting anymore time, lets start todays post with todays Rare Item Monday!

Todays Rare Item Monday for Animal Jam is the Rare Soccer Ball Mask.

Thoughts: I love this weeks Rare Item Monday! I really like the color mixture of the black, pink, purple, and white! I actually think it would be fun if you could actually play soccer in the game! Hopefully AJHQ will consider something like that in the future.

Overall I rate this weeks Rare Item Monday a 10!

Todays Rare Item Monday for Play Wild is the Rare Flower Bracelet.

Thoughts: I also love this weeks Rare Item Monday as well! I think if I remember a few weeks ago I mentioned about hoping to see a flowery item, so I am very glad to see this!

Overall I rate this weeks Rare Item Monday a 9.5!

I hope you all enjoyed this weeks post! Comment down below which Rare Item Monday is your favorite. Personally my favorite is the soccer ball mask!

Here is todays verse.

"I appeal to you, brothers, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree with one another so that there may be no division among you and that you may be perfectly united in mind and thought." -1 Corinthians 1:10

As always, bye Jammer's! And ~Jam On!~

The life of a cookie

Tomorrow is my dad's birthday!
Birthday number 3 in May.
I got him an Imperial General's hat from Star Wars. He always said he thought they looked cool XD
My mom also got him The Scorch Trials and The Death Cure.
The second and third movie in The Maze Runner series! :D
Three and a half days till we get get Trump.
I hope we have sleeping pills for Friday night.
:hears mom and dad talking:
OK UM SCRATCH THAT. I need sleeping pills for tomorrow night.
I am so glad we're having people over in the morning and half of the afternoon.
Hopefully we watch The Death Cure tomorrow night. Then I can cry myself to sleep!
Speaking of which happy birthday Thomas Brodie Sangster! :D
And that's your weekly rambling


Ladies and gentlejammers. Today. I bring you a drama, written by the famous Ja983. 
It is a true classic, and pure poetry. 
I present to you, The life of a cookie. 
I hope you enjoy Enjoy

Bottom cookie: What? where am I? 
Top left cookie: I remember being taken out of something that was burning hot ...
Top right cookie: What are your names? Mine is Phill
Bottom Cookie: Jeremy 
Top left cookie: Mikey
Jeremy: How'd we get here and where are we? 
Mikey: Hey maybe those cookies know! 

Phill: Hey, psst, guys!
Other cookies: ........
Jeremy: Do you know where we are? Answer us! 
Other cookies: ..............
Mikey: I don't think their alive! They look just like us but they can't talk! 
Phill: What was that?
Mikey: I think that was the door, someone just came in! 
Phill: shhh! They might hear you!

Jeremy: What is he doing!
All 3 cookies: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
Jeremy: :barfs:
Mikey: Uh oh, someone else is here! 
Phill: WE'RE NEXT!

Phill: AHHHH
Jeremy: :muffled: Mikey your on my stalk! 

Mikey: What will become of us! 
Jeremy: We're gonna be eatin! 

10 minutes later 

Phill: I think I'm hyperventilating! 

Phill and Jeremy: MIKEEEY!
Mikey: HELP ME! 

Phill and Jeremy: STOP!
Phill and Jeremy: US DON'T EAT OUR FRIEND! 

Thus ends our story. I hope you've enjoyed our presentation. 

*Husky Ninja 
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