Meeting "Sir Snowyscout", the Guide!

Hey!  I haven't noticed any updates since Animal Jam started loading on my computer again, which is why I haven't posted.  However, today, I met an Animal Jam guide!  A guide is one of the moderators who goes on Animal Jam.  It was really fun meeting him!

It was really cool!  He was answering our questions and being awesome!  The coolest part was, he said he had been to this website!  That's awesome! Thanks Sir Snowyscout!

If you meet a guide on Animal Jam, make sure you give them lots of space and don't spread lies or ask TOO many questions.  It gets annoying to them and if you lie a lot, they can remove you from the server or prevent you from talking!

Have you ever met a guide?

Three New Shops!

Animal Jam has released three more shops!

The first one is located in Coral Canyons.  To get there, go to the Coral Canyons and look for this:
Now click on it, and the new store will come up!
There is furniture in this shop!  There are also some NEW items!

Unfortunately Animal Jam will not load for me no matter what I do, so I can't post any more updates - I'll let you know when this is fixed!

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