Animal Jam Fun Facts!

Hey animals!  Today I was on Animal Jam and noticed something I've NEVER noticed before - Fun Facts!  There was a shining coin thing on the ground, so I clicked it and this is what I got:

...In fact, they are all beside these strange signs with pictures of animals on them!  The pictures match the facts!

Hmm... I wonder why these are here?  I ALSO found some other strange signs that say "World Animal Day" on them!

What are these signs here for?  Is there a party coming to Animal Jam?  Got any ideas?  Comment!

-TheSlidoo/Sir Loopymoon

New Room on Animal Jam!

Animal Jam has released a NEW ROOM!  It is called "Coral Canyons" and it's really cool!  Here it is on the map:

The room is HUGE and REALLY COOL!  There are a few mini games in the area, too!

What do you think?  I love it!

You can also access the Art Studio from there!  Just walk through this door:

Inside the Art Studio:
I love these new updates!  Do you?
-TheSlidoo/Sir Loopymoon

New Animal Jam Newspaper!

Animal Jam has released a new newspaper, here it is:
YAY!  Animal Jam is fully online!  Read my post below about Club Memberships!

-TheSlidoo/Sir Loopymoon

I Got A FREE Animal Jam Membership!

I got a free Animal Jam membership because I am a beta tester. YOU CANNOT BECOME A BETA TESTER. A beta tester is somebody who joined Animal Jam before it was fully released! What beta testers did was we tested out Animal Jam to tell the AJHQ about any glitches, so when they released the game, there wouldn't be any major problems. Animal Jam is no longer in beta stages and never will be again, therefore you cannot become a beta tester, and cannot get a free membership. There haven't been, and never will be any codes to get a free membership. Don't listen to people who tell you they can get you a free membership, they are lying!

I have been playing Animal Jam for a little while and I started when it was under BETA TESTING! 

The Animal Jam team has been awesome and they gave me a FREE membership for Animal Jam!  I think this is because I was a beta tester, and I think that ALL beta testers will have gotten this gift!  Take a look at what happened when I logged in...
I did NOT pay for this but I have it!  That's so cool!  Now, when I clicked See Features...
If you were NOT a beta tester, you can still buy Club Membership!  Thank you so much Animal Jam HQ for giving this to me and all the other betas!

-TheSlidoo/Sir Loopymoon

Animal Jam RELEASED!

Animal Jam is FULLY RELEASED!  You can buy membership now and MORE!  But when you try to log in...
They must have experienced problems while trying to get the game fully going because it is currently OFFLINE!  Hopefully Animal Jam will be back soon!

-Slidoo/TheSlidoo/Sir Loopymoon

Animal Jam - Changing Animals Without A New Account

This is a guide to change your animal TYPE and NAME, WITHOUT creating a new account!  You can EASILY switch back and forth between many animals!  First log into Animal Jam.  Now click on the "Switch Animals" button in the bottom left corner.
You will now see a screen like this:
Now make sure you have 500 gems, and then click "Buy a new animal!".
Click the "Buy" button.  Now you will see this screen where you will need to pick which animal you'd like and what his/her name should be:
Select the animal type and name you'd like for your animal, and then click "Next".  You can now turn back and forth between your other animals by clicking on the "Switch Animals" button!  Cool, huh?

-Slidoo/Sir Loopymoon

Hey There!

Hey there!  I am known as Slidoo on Club Penguin, and my Animal Jam username is TheSlidoo.  My panda's name on Animal Jam is Sir Loopymoon, and I'm here to help you with all sorts of things to do with the new, fun virtual world, Animal Jam!  This site will fully be open on September 12, 2010.

Don't have an Animal Jam account?  Get one FREE at

-TheSlidoo/Sir Loopymoon
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