Tiger Claw and Creature Mask

Greetings from Jamaa!

Today is a new day- and that means a new item! Now where could it be?  In Jam Mart Clothing? Yes! In the diamond shop? Yes! What?

Today we have two new items, the tiger claw and the creature mask.

D'aww look at all the cute plushies!

Shiverr... It looks like a creepy piranha more thhan just a creature... If I saw this coming out of the water, I would most definitely run for the hills!

Finally, our fact of the day!

Giant Pandas are on the brink of extinction. There are only a little over 1000 pandas left in the world.

Aww, that is so sad! I hope they can increase the number of pandas living, I would hate to have them go on the extinct animal list!
Adventure Awaits!

Something to say? You can reach me at arcticstarjamaa@gmail.com


  1. Hi Jammers!

    I would just like to notify you, that my account has been suspended (3 days) for an unknown reason. The post will be short tomorrow because of it. :(

  2. I forgot to post this comment on the TBA Mystery post, but I guess I'll post it here:
    TBA stands for:
    The Big Acorn
    The Bug Adventure
    THe Boiled Apple
    The Bellowing Actor
    The Bruised Alligator.
    List more below!
    ~feming, aka fem

    1. I like the acronym 'The Big Acorn' best. :D
      ~feming, aka fem

    2. umm
      The Beautiful Aquarium???
      The Boastful Angel….
      The Blue Anger……
      Um, running out of ideas...


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