Jamaa Journal VOL. 128

Hello Jammers! Mldriver here.

Today we have a HUGE update! Let's get started.

The new exclusive adventure, Bitter Sweet is open! Click the odd portal in Jamaa Township. This is what the TBA adventure was. I will make another post later today. 

Next Pandas are back from their journey! 

They also put a new mini book in the Chamber of Knowledge. And tarantulas are back... in the diamond shop. 

The Haunted Mansion den is back in the diamond shop. I remember when these were all for gems. The good days. 

Next the Phantom Vortex. You can get to one in Jamaa Township by going near the Horse Race game. And now, you can go to the Haunted Forest Party. This party is my favorite. I have at least 20 fog den items. 

Now you can learn how to draw a pet dog at the Art Studio. It looks adorable! And, they have a new shop called Marine Marvels. 


And finally, cheetahs will be leaving. On October 23rd, you can no longer get them in the Diamond Shop. 

And there is a new thing on the chat. If you say something, it will appear as:

It's kinda weird. 

That's it for today Jammers! How do you like the update? Be watching later today for a new post on the Bitter Sweet Adventure.

There is a new adventure called Bitter Sweets. Pandas have come back as well with the tarantulas. Haunted Mansion is in the Diamond Shop. Cheetahs will be leaving soon.  

Comment Call:
How do you like this week's update?

See you in Jamaa!
Contact me here: mldriver.jamaa@gmail.com


  1. Sorry this post was so rushed! It was a bigger update than what I thought. More on it later today.

    1. I understand. I tried the adventure myself. YOU GET CANDY DEN ITEMS AS PRIZES!!! :DDD


    2. Oh cool I was ecpecting den betas
      BTW this is TBA

    3. Ik! I totally understand...
      It's past my bedtime, so I also did a short post.
      I think you can edit it later, but it was great to me! :D

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This week's update is awesome. Really nice post!

      One question, not about the update. What happened with the September contest? No winner announced and the "Top Commenters" board is still active. I thought it was going to announce on October 1st.

    2. @Canned Cork
      Yeah! I am also wondering the same thing...
      Well, Voxel Punch is already winning! I am not commenting anymore because it has ended. I think Pumaa will announce the winners ASAP! :D

    3. @Canned Cork Yes! The update rocked! And I believe that Pumaa will post the results soon.

  3. O,O like love love love it!it is grat for polar bear role play!like seekers roleplay

    1. ???
      Well, I love Mldriver's new signature! It's so amazing! ^.^

    2. @Anonymous What's great?

      @Sweetpanda AJ
      Thank you! I needed a change. :)

  4. It was an amazing update! :DD
    I loved everything--except the Cheetahs leaving! DX
    Well, my favorite part was the new adventure! I really like the prizes! <3
    Happy Night of The Phantoms, guys!!! ^.^
    Trick-Or-Treat? Hehe! :P

    1. Let me not forget the most annoying part!
      I really can't tolerate all the '...' (dots) which appear before our typed bubbles appear each time! I am really frustrated with it! =.=
      I think we should complain to AJ about this! A lot of my buddies already did.
      P.S did you notice the font is now in a thicker version (it's bolded).

    2. Yes I did notice the bold text.

      And the "..." bothers me too! It takes way to long for my chat to get sent in, making my computer lag.


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