Bubbling Cauldron, Coffin and, more!

Hey there Jammers! 

Some new items have arrived in stores, and they are pretty cool. 

The first one is my favorite, the Bubbling Cauldron:
Get this at Epic Wonders
The price (I think) is over, for this item. Sometimes I wonder why AJ makes us pay high prices for an item on a game. I have never understood why. 

We also have the Coffin in Outback Imports:
Get this at Outback Imports
Ok, I really don't like this item. To me, Halloween isn't really about death and candy. Well I guess it is a bit about death, (considering the ghost). Halloween is to dress up to scare evil spirits away. At least, that's what some people believed when they made it up.
Next, we have the Epic Dragon Wings:
Get this at Epic Wonders
Not much to say about this item, but's its cool.

And FINALLY, we have the Superhero Cape:
Get this at Bahari Bargains

This is a cute item to wear on Halloween. But, No one goes underwater anymore. :(

The Daily Explorer posted about Jammer Snaps:

Neato! Awesome dens! I really want to learn how to make these scrapbook gifs. 

Well, that's it for today! 
See you in Jamaa!


  1. What should I add to my posts? They are repetitive and bland to me. And I feel like the blog isn't growing because of it. Not many people are commenting as much. I don't know if it's just me, or not.

    1. maybe just add like .... those cartoons like in the "Diamond worker" thing. I LOVE those. They are SO funny!! XD

  2. I think it's good, but I can't really visit because of the theme now. I know, people don't really go underwater anymore, but I like the seas...

  3. The theme of Halloween--well, trick-or-treating--was originally a whole bunch of people going door to door, demanding furniture or clothing or stuff like that or they would put a "curse" on the household who didn't give them anything.


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