Skull Balloon, Rare Item Monday, and Hotdogs?

Greetings! We have two new items in Jamaa today, so let's get talking shall we?

First we have the Skull Balloon for all your adventuring. Enemies beware! This one actually kind of scares me. It's as if the eyes are staring into your soul O.o

Sold in Jam Mart Clothing

And next, we have today's rare. The Pumpkin Throne! Use this to show your regality and sit upon it with pride! Yes! I love this rare: finally something creative and unique, and naturish, the perfect rare for me!

Another reason why I am fond of this rare is that I am absolutely pumpkin obsessed... Moving on!\

I was out adventuring, when suddenly the most amazing thing happened. I began to hallucinate... And saw... A HOTDOG! DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!

No but seriously I saw a hotdog. Yes, the bullrush sprouted bread and mustard- it was hilarious, so I just had to take a picture to show you guys XD

Finally, I want to discuss something with you today. You know in bitter sweets, there is a mystery animal? You know, the person who tells you to get the candy from the phantoms? The one that is hiding in the bushes? Many people have wondered, who and what is it? Well I believe I know!

I think it might be Liza or her pet! In the TBA it was LIZA speaking right? Well maybe thats who it is! I wonder though...

Adventure Awaits!

Something to say? You can reach me at


  1. First
    I ran into the hotdog places before lol

    1. Lol. I first got scared when I saw the hotdog. Then I started to starve. XD

  2. first me too second sorry for all the wait for the story i promis ill get it in by monday


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