Jammer Journal VOL.130

Hey Jammers! Mldriver posting for you today.
If you hadn't remembered, today is update day! So let us get started...

Starting on the first page, Owls are back! You can get these in the diamond shop. 

I have to say, Animal Jam has been making really cute drawings lately, considering that it's Halloween.

100 more den spaces! However, it's only for the Animal Jam Members. How long ago since we had a non-member item? Now I need some space for clothing items...

There is a super sale all around Jamaa, with all the Night of the Phantoms items! And I am guessing Night of the Phantoms will be leaving next update. :(



I love these animals so much. Did you know that Polar Bear's fur is clear, not white? But, who knows, maybe it isn't a Polar Bear. Maybe it's something else...

Now, lets check out the new items!

Located: Epic Wonders
Price: 2,000 Gems
M or NM: Member

Located: Jam-Mart Furniture
Price: 250 Gems
M or NM: Non-Member

Located: Jam-Mart Clothing
Price: 300 Gems
M or NM: Member

Well, that's it for today Jammers! What do you all think of the update?

See you in Jamaa!
Contact me at mldriver.jamaa@gmail.com

1 comment:

  1. omg feather masks r back! i wonder when headdresses will return...


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