Mummy Mask and Jammer Sundae #10

Greetings my fellow Jammers!

As you are well aware of by now (or at least I hope you are) today is Sunday, meaning Jammer Sundaes! Before we get to that however, we must cover the new (and wonderful?) item that has been given to us today. Let's begin shall we?

First, we have a returning item. Please welcome back the mummy mask! Whether you're out scaring your friends, sleeping in a pyramid for a thousand years, or just being amazing, this mask is great for any occasion! Except maybe dinner. Get this item for 250 gems! I actually think that is the cheapest Night of the Phantoms item we have had in a long time- buy this at Jam Mart Clothing!

And now, without further ado, I bring you today's Jammer Sundae!

First, we have a rather overexcited reptile:

Ahem. Excuse me sir, but happy as you may be, now is not the time to be jumping! We have a river tour going on, and I do not want you to scare the passengers! Crocodiles these days, sigh.

Next, a true and agreeable statement.

Hmmm. Why do some people do that? 

Continuing, what would happen if Aladdin was "more realistic"

No No NoNoNo!! You do not harm your fellow cast members? I repeat, no harming the cast! Do you understand?  And that, is sadly, how we lost our lead actor. Sigh, the fickleness of the industry!

Finally, have you ever thought about the poor pinatas? 

Stop the injustice!

Now I know that was the usual amount of Jammer Sundae, but I am feeling generous, so let's enjoy an extra two scoops!

I like bowls of soup, and I like cats. What happens when you combine that? Either weird grossness, or absolute cuteness!

In this case, it was the absolute cuteness!

And lastly, in the spirit of October:

Enjoyed today's Jammer Sundae? Tell me which one of these was your favourite!

And after the fun, time for the facts!

As requested by 5yoyo5, the word of the day is:

Miaoued - the characteristic sound a cat makes.

That is a word? Despite my extreme surprise, it is a word! Have fun "miaouing" to all your friends!

And the fact of the day, expressed in a picture:

Fascinating! And I always thought that white chickens lay white eggs and brown chickens lay brown eggs! Good smarts to you!

Adventure Awaits!
Something to say? Go ahead! Feel free to contact me at


  1. WHO SPEAKS THAT WAY I DO!!!in real life AND in books and typing I jus slimly like YELLING and have a loud voice. WOOO!!! ok so there is my "what I think about this post" comment I also take a break maybe work on my play maybe play aj a bit than do my "story" comment so we good?

  2. go to this blog...

    1. Cloud claws IS a great blogger. In fact I have followed her blog for a long time now!

    2. Cutepups522 (not signed in)October 27, 2014 at 11:25 PM

      Actually, I think those 2 are 2 different blogs. XD =/= (aka Cloudclaws' blog)

      And yes. I did check.

  3. Awesome post! XD

    @ Anonymous: I visited that blog you mentioned in your comment. It's a pretty nice blog. c: But I honestly don't really know how to answer those questions. Cx

  4. I love your blog, especially Jammer Sundaes!


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